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Designing your Facebook Wedding Page so it is easy to use and a special place to share your wedding news is simple. Facebook Groups are great for promoting interests and hobbies, but they do not have the same resources and customizable options offered with a Facebook Page.
Some of the Facebook features you already know, love, and use all the time are also great tools to take your Facebook Wedding Page to the next level. If a picture is worth a thousand words, your Facebook Wedding Photos probably contain the equivalent of War and Peace twice over (with a happier ending of course). Upload images and video to your Facebook Wedding Page is the same as uploading images and video to your personal profile. Note: You can also upload your pictures from your Flickr account using the Flickr application, but since Flickr is an external application, the image quality doesn't look as polished compared to the standard Facebook photo album. Using the Facebook Edit Page menu (the first option under your profile picture), find the Event box and select "Edit." Similar to setting up an event with a personal profile, you will input an event title, location, date and time.
You can choose to make the event public on your Facebook Wedding Page Wall, or make it a secret gathering for all your closest friends.
Note: Every blog update will automatically appear on your friends', fans', and likes' Facebook News Feed.
Note: One of our favorite wedding bloggers, Bridezilla, is a great addition to this Facebook Wedding Page. All of your boxes will show up in the Boxes tab in the Facebook Wedding Page's top navigation bar, as well as to the left of your Wall if you choose to display it there as well.
Note: If you plan on creating a custom box for your Wall page, we recommend only using images 180 pixels wide and under. We made a box for Invite Right: The Complete Guide to Wedding Stationary Wording and Etiquette located to the left of the wall. Under the Facebook Edit Page menu, find the FBML Box and click "Edit." Next, add a title to your FBML Box and insert the code you developed for the content in the box.
Unlike a personal Facebook profile page, where the tabs are limited to Wall, Info, Photos, and some applications, your Facebook Wedding Page can have customized tabs.
Just like creating a box, you can create a new tab by selecting "Edit" inside the FBML Box from the Facebook Edit Page menu. Remember: If you've already create a tab or a box, you will need to select "Edit" from your previous FBML project, then select "Add another FBML Box" at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Facebook Pages also allow the option of creating a default landing tab for all of your friends who are new to your Facebook Wedding Page. Discover the possibilities of a Facebook Wedding Page with Facebook Applications that allow you and your friends to interact with you page. To use the Wishpot app, add Wishpot to your Facebook Wedding Page, find the Wishpot box in your Edit menu and click "Edit." Wishpot will send you to a registration page where you will create a profile or link to your existing Wishpot account. You can create your own poll with the fully customizable Poll application: just search for Poll in the Facebook search bar. We're using the Google Calendar application, which pulls from a personal Google Calendar into the calendar tab of the Facebook Wedding Page. In the Google Calendar tab, select "Add a Calendar." You will need to copy and paste your Google Calendar code link into the Facebook application. If only there was a place on Facebook where you could find wedding vendors, view the latest wedding trends and chat it up with tech savvy brides like yourself. How are you going to ask your friends for music advice if they've never heard the song before? Using Page Maps, you can add a mini map in a box that links to a larger map with Google Map directions. Link your personal Twitter handle or a special wedding Twitter account to your Facebook Wedding Page by clicking on the top information bar.
Wedding etiquette guides recommend avoiding total wedding preparations on the web for a reason. Do you know of a page that describes what fields and applications are available for each category and subcategory. NewsletterSubscribe to our newsletter and receive social media and website tips for your business.
Although if you’re up to building a great looking Facebook Page yourself, simply bare with during the following four steps and you will have your personal  Facebook page up and running in no time!
To publish content pages on your Facebook page you need to create a so called Facebook Application. You will be prompted to enter some letters of a captcha image and then you’re almost done. As always, if you want to tap into a huge market place like Facebook, you should keep up to date and be aware of what happens on Facebook as well as in the internet marketing strategies scene.
As a Newbie, I am permanently searching online for articles that can be of assistance to me on how to create a great facebook page. Hi there,I love going through your weblog, I want to to leave a little comment to support you and wish you an excellent continuation.
Please feel free to use parts of my text and images on how to create Facebook Pages, as long as you ad a link with some credit back to my site. Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!
If you have facebook page and your own site, you can easily integrate fan box in your site.
Just follow the following steps and you are done with creating Facebook Fan Box for your Blog or Website. Get all Blogging Tips & Tricks, ideas, Wordpress Hacks & Tricks, Social media optimization, SEO, Online money.
Once you log in and authorize Statigram, select the Promote tab on the homepage and scroll down to the Promote on Facebook section. You’ll find yourself back on Facebook, where you need to select the page on which to install Statigram and give the app access to your pages. Thing is, as more and more Facebook features change, so does the process of setting up a Page. The following presentation provides a visual tutorial to help you get your Page up in no time (you can also read the transcription below).
Facebook should automatically walk you through the following four basic sections to complete the fundamental aspects of your Page.
This is also where you can select your unique domain (that, as mentioned above, can only be changed once).

Every individual Facebook user has a vertical navigation bar to the left of their News Feed. Notifications: This section allows you to customize when and how you'd like to receive Page alerts. Page Roles: Whether or not you'll be the main manager of the Page, there may be others at your organization who need access to your Facebook Page. Now it's time to actually publish content to your Page and then invite users to be a part of your growing community.
Now that there's content on the Page, we can start strategically inviting users to Like it. With content published and users invited, you can go to the "Activity" tab in your Page's top navigation to monitor how people are engaging with your Page and content. Finally, we need to measure our efforts to ensure we're making valuable marketing decisions on Facebook. And if you really want to spend time perfecting your Facebook content strategy, watch this brief tutorial on how to analyze exactly that. Editor's note: This post was originally published in 2010, and it's since been completely updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Some of it should be familiar; it's similar to how you set up your personal Facebook profile. Facebook Markup Language uses many of the same rules as HTML, allowing you to upload your own content like pictures, maps and widgets to tabs and boxes on your Facebook Page. For each piece of content you create after your first project in FBML, select "Edit" from the previous FBML project, then select "Add another FBML box" at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.
Create albums and galleries documenting each step of the wedding planning process, all the pre-wedding events, and the ceremony itself.
While Facebook will allow you and other administrators to tag friends from a personal account, non-administrator fans are unable to upload pictures or videos to the photo gallery. Give your brilliant blog posts a wider audience by feeding your blog into your Wedding Facebook Page. Under the Note's Settings, click "Import a Blog" and copy and paste the blog URL into the web URL Box.
Create one tab for the bridesmaids and one for the groomsmen so they know exactly where to go to get the info on fitting dates and bachelor(ette) party details.
You can change the location of the FBML content from a box to a tab using the Applications Setting button inside the FBML Box. Wishpot is a great application to create wedding registries (or other wish lists of thing you like to share with your friends) and find fantastic deals. Should you choose "At Last" by Etta James or "It's a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong for your first dance?
That means everything from RSVPing on time to writing down the correct date for bridesmaid dress fittings on a calendar. With the Facebook Music Player app, you can create a whole playlist of your favorite tunes and play them whenever you want. These days, if you can't plug in a starting point and destination and click "Go" it's probably a waste of time, energy, money and paper. Using the image source code from your image-hosting site, create the HTML code for your image and link to the search query for your destination. It can take away the special touch of a mailed invitation or card with pictures of the bride and groom, and not everyone has access to the internet.
If you have any questions or updates to add to this tutorial, please add them to the comments here. Well, Facebook has modified the setup (again!) — so I have included the revised instructions below. The steps are slightly different depending on whether you already have a Facebook profile setup or not.
See what category they chose and then you can see what fields they have available on their page too. Facebook is the biggest marketplace in the world and it is still growing in an enormous speed. Let us know what your business is about, show us your website and let us know what special wishes you have in mind.
The next thing you’ll have do do, is to upload a picture to decorate your Facebook page. The Facebook Apps is where it get’s a bit tricky, but just bare with me a bit longer, as I will explain it to you step by step. Please note that from October 1st 2011, Facebook requires all outbound links from Facebook pages to be secured in SSL!
Then go to your new Facebook page and check on the left sidebar if you can see the newly created tab. Right now we are confronted with the fact that Facebook requires all outgoing links from Facebook Pages to be secured through an SSL (Secure Server Layer) certificate. This is the page you want to add a large call to action to get visitors to hit the like button on top of your page.
You can also embed java script code into your Facebook pages which makes the use of it pretty unlimited!
To install Fan Box in your site first you must have a page for your website on Facebook then there you can get easily this code. This will show u some Code, just copy the Code and Paste it in your Blogger Blog or WordPress Blog. Whether you’re using the app for contests or to shed some light on your company culture, adding your filtered photo feed to Facebook is a great way to make your Instagram presence known.
To tweak the appearance, click Edit Page > Manager Permissions from your brand page and find the Apps option within this menu.
After selecting our desired classification, we'll be asked for an official name for our Business Page.
This will serve as the main visual icon of your page, appearing in search results and alongside any comments you publish.
This section will also unveil different fields based on the classification you chose in Step 1.
Fortunately, Facebook has embedded in some decently helpful metrics for us to take advantage of. If you notice spikes on a specific day, try cross-checking what you posted that day to see if you can replicate that reach.

You can see the difference in visits on Facebook Timelines, your information tab, reviews, and others. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. Late additions from your honeymoon are the perfect "epilogue" to your Facebook Wedding story.
Now, there are probably 1,000 wedding etiquette books that say you should by no means whatsoever rely on the internet to get an accurate ceremony guest list.
After you click "Start Importing" you will see a preview page of your blog, where you need to click "Confirm Import" to finish the process. Using the edit menu, click on "Wall Settings" and change the default landing tab to the tab of your choice.
You can elect to post the poll results on your wall, and even display the pictures your friends who participated. Keep one master schedule available to everyone with a calendar app, which pulls your personal calendar into your Facebook Wedding Page. The Wedding app has all the bases covered, allowing you to publish your latest wedding planning masterpiece to your Facebook Wedding Page or your personal profile. The double-whammy ensures no one will forget to RSVP, and you get convenience coupled with sentimental value. Feel free to visit the Wedding Example Page on Facebook for more tips and tricks on how to Facebook your wedding. NOTE: You won’t be able to change your category or sub-category after you create your page! NOTE: You won’t be able to change your category or sub-category after you create your page! The reason to select exactly this category and sub category, and not any other category that might fit your business, is that for some reasons that I don’t want to go into details here, Facebook is less likely to take your page away from you and commercialize it for themselves if you place it in this category. I recommend to use your company logo or something that reflects the purpose of your Facebook page at the first glance. There are many free tools and toys to make your new Facebook page look great and give it functionality, allowing you to directly interact with your visitors. On this page you have to insert the url of the page on your website that you wish to reflect on your Facebook page.
Also you will have to create a separate App for each content page or tab, you want to show on your Facebook page.
Non of the largest web hosting companies I talked to, had an idea of what is coming, even though they are the once that will benefit greatly from this change. Using the Facebook Tab Manager plugin you can easily create new content for your Facebook pages right out of any given WordPress installation!
But want to remark on few general things, The site style is great, the articles is really great. With FBML, you can upload your custom project as a tab or a box and show it off to your friends. This includes, but is not limited to, the ex, the former best friend who is not invited, the members of your church, people in New Zealand. Every time someone clicks the like button on your page, it will automatically be posted on their Facebook profile wall for all their friends to see. The next step would be to invite your friends or import email addresses from a file, to send them an invitation to your newly created Facebook page… but hold on, did you already create a page now? Many of these processes can be automated and require little, if at all, attention once they have been setup and tested. Share your opinions about this article in the comment box, also subscribe to our latest RSS feeds. Select Instagram feed for your fan pages to get a dialogue box asking about tab name and image.
Although Facebook allows you to change your name and URL once, it's a difficult and tedious process. Also ensure that this information differentiates your brand, making your page even more appealing to potential followers. This activity will appear in News Feeds of those you're connected to personally to on Facebook.
But for the smaller events, like the bachelorette party, where you know everyone has access to Facebook, go ahead and do the inviting, planning and RSVP coordination on your Facebook Wedding Page.
The finalized menu (including vegetarian option!) can be on display, along with links to your wedding registry websites. For invitation inspiration, check out the totally customizable selections of bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations and more at Storkie.
Facebook can take your page away from you at any given time, for no particular reason, and all your work and effort and also the the fan community and the revenue your page created, and use it for their own purposes! The best way is to buy a certificate directly from your web hosting company and let them install the certificate. We found that Statigram doesn’t have the prettiest of logos set as default, so you can go ahead and swap this out for a cleaner Instagram logo (or whatever you see fit). Without any content on the Page, we want to save that organic Timeline story for when you're really ready for people to view the Page. Pages also have different setup options than profiles, allowing you to include business-specific information. If your business website is built on WordPress, you can simply install a plugin and start publishing “tabs” on your Facebook Fan Page!
What you also need to make an SSL certificate work on your website is a dedicated IP address for your website. In step 3 we enter the business website url and a short sentence about your goals, your product or your service. Please be aware though, if you run multiple domains on one webhosting account you can only get an SSL certificate for your primary domain!
Here is a step by step guide to create a successful Facebook page that will seriously boost your business, regardless what kind of business you’re running.

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