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A Business Objects Program Object can be used to execute a batch file, a shell script, or a binary executable.
Another couple points, when I create program objects I like to log in to CMC while logged in to the server since often I have created a driving batch file that calls other batch files on the server. You are welcome to experiment with the other tabs and sub-tabs, but please share you findings if you do.
Can you please give a real-life example of a program you use (or would use) through Business Objects? How to run that scripts , when ever i run then it throws me an error ie “The Program Object reported an error while running, but no error code was provided. I received that error the other day and I finally determined that the Program Job Server on that machine was corrupt.
Now the Java program is configured on a one of the cluster so I have created a Server Group and placed the ProgramJobServer of that node in the server group so that when the above schedule executes, it should get executed only on the node. I have make sure the shared drive folder where the java program will keep the output files have is actually shared with the domain user which runs the program job server. The questions i have, how should I export this .jar file as, Executable or Java or Script?? Just to give you an idea, i have created a package which contains a program and program is pointing to the batch file.
Is it possible to view only few of the report in pdf or excel format when we are refreshing. Our user want to refresh the report in webi and the report output format should be in excel or pdf in infoview.
Now, I manage the console, but I am learning on the job and I do not have admin rights to the servers.
I am testing below two batch scripts and program object scheduling is working fine only for first batch script. It’s a good idea to use a batch script in this way to delete a trigger file if you use file events in webi. I have been trying to find a answer for my query regarding SAP BO Object package and posted in BOBJ forum, but there is no reply.
Increase efficiency with this rich compilation of best functions, syntax, tips, operators, more.

Web ServerWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. When you are building a software solution to solve a particular problem, you need to be focused on solving the problem and solving it well. With Creately's pre-drawn flowchart templates, smart flowchart symbols, 1-Click Create-N-Connect feature and the powerful interface make flowcharting is a breeze on Creately.
The question how to Write a Funeral Program Obituary has been asked 2533 times by our users. Sample Funeral Obituary This is a sample of funeral obituary outline that you may need to write. Learning how to write a funeral program is not hard, but you will be under stress if are planning funeral. Sample obituary formats and free templates to help you write your loved one's or resolution funeral obituary. March 5, 2013If you like it, please share it!With wedding season fast approaching, I wanted to share another one of my DIYs from my daughter’s wedding. Since the wedding ceremony was being held outdoors in August, we knew there was a good chance that it could be hot, so we thought a fan-type program would be a good idea. As you can see in the photo above, I was still playing around with the wording and spacing. For the back of the program, I used their initial monogram and added the bride and groom’s message to their guests. Using the Print and Cut feature of the Silhouette Cameo (love that!), I turned off the cut line on the background shape and printed and printed and printed, 120 of them! My second batch script is working fine on manual execution but not through program object scheduling even though instance is sucessful.
There is literally very little help on how to configure the Program Objects in Business Objects XI.
If I copy them into an object package, will the event settings be retained when copied into an Object package and reports be executed sequentially ? I have exported rpeorts using the view option which comes once i right-click the report, however, this view option does not appear for a Program.
Making a decision implies choosing one course of action that has the highest probability of success from several alternative choices.

Here at Creately, we chose to use a third party solution to complete a product that we were working on.
As flowcharting is considered to be a proven method in documenting processes, we adopted this to brainstorm, evaluate and identify the best alternative possible. Great, check Creately for free now to see how Creately works out to be the best alternative in drawing quick flowcharts online.
Write an Obituary a Eulogy Poems - Readings Programs and Stationery Blog Contact Us Sample Obituary. As it turned out, it wasn’t too hot, but the fan programs added a pretty, personalized touch! After the wording and spacing was finished, I filled the shapes and letters with the wedding colors. After they were all printed, all I had to do was turn the cut setting off for everything inside the shape and turn the cut lines back on for the background and send them through the Cameo to be cut. I don’t know what it would have cost to have custom made programs, but I’m sure I saved a ton by making them! A simpler shape may be easier to cut by hand than what I used….especially 120 of them!
No, we didn’t have any problems keeping the card stock in the stick and they held up very well.
The most difficult task in decision making involves picking the desired alternative by keeping the level of uncertainty low.
In the excitement of getting the product out, we signed up with a 3rd party service without brainstorming on the list of other available alternatives. But, very few decisions are made with absolute certainty because complete knowledge about the alternatives is hardly available. I sized it to fit on a 8 x 10 sheet of card stock with the registration marks turned on and then typed the contents. Thus, decision making involves risk taking, but the degree of risk involved varies between alternatives.

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