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Many states require a bill of sale for vehicle transactions, in addition to a transfer of title. A bill of sale can also be used as a simple loan contract to protect the seller if the buyer defaults on payments. The more information you can include on a bill of sale, the more likely it will be upheld in court if a dispute arises. The fastest and easiest way to create a bill of sale is to find free printable forms online that have been specifically written for your state and type of transaction. FormSwift offers free printable bill of sale forms for vehicle, boat and standard use, specifically written for each state. A bill of sale is a legal document used to officially recognize the transfer of property from one party to another.

To protect your interests when selling something, create a bill of sale that describes the item, details its condition and lists all pertinent information about the transaction.
When using a bill of sale for this purpose, include the amounts and due dates of expected payments and any agreement about late fees and interest rates. In this case, you would simply describe the item being received as payment and state that you both consider it an even trade. Every state has different legal requirements for a bill of sale, so you should always check with your state’s official website before proceeding. The privately run website offers free printable vehicle bill of sale forms specifically written for each state that requires one. To find out, visit your state or county’s official website, or search online for bill of sale with the name of your state or county.

Coin collections, furniture, antiques, art, tools and even livestock and pets are a few examples of property that can be sold.
Even if you are bartering goods and services, you can use a bill of sale as an agreement to avoid confusion. For instance, if one person is offering to do upholstery work in exchange for carpentry, a bill of sale could be customized to show that the upholstery service is the item being sold, and the carpentry is the price being paid.

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create a will in georgia

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