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Microsoft Office Word has a feature that inserts citations into your paper and formats your bibliography. Any errors that you make in entering the bibliographic information will be passed into your citations.
Make sure that you select the right Type of source for the source that you're working with, since the fields to be filled in will be different, depending on the kind of source. When you've finished entering your source information, click OK to save the information about the source.
You can insert citations as you compose your paper or after you're done writing--the procedure is the same. Some citation styles require that you include a page number, and there may be other things you want to change about this citation.

Note that you can also use the Edit Citation dialog box to suppress the inclusion of the author, the year of publication or the title of the work, if they have appeared in your citation and are unwelcome.
Word keeps all the information about your sources that you've entered, a handy feature if you write several papers that cite some of the same sources. If you have all the information about all of your sources entered, you can create a bibliography or works cited page at the end of your paper. What if you think that you have finished your paper, only to look at your professor's instructions for format and discover that you have completed your paper in the wrong style? This feature is not a full-fledged bibliographic management system like Zotero, but it will allow you to store bibliographic information, use that information to create in-text citations (or footnotes or endnotes) in your paper, and create a bibliography in a variety of styles. Watch your spelling and punctuation, and make sure that you have entered the right information in the right places.

This information can now be used to create in-text citations, bibliographic footnotes and endnotes, and bibliographies and works cited pages.
In order to make changes in your bibliography or works cited, you will have to convert your works cited to static text and then edit them.

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create bibliography word 2003

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