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All I have to say is this work is stunningly creative and hats off to the ARTIST who realized this beautiful creation. I love the concept but, like Rae, I find it sad to see books treated like simple pieces of origami paper.
Have you ever been lured to purchase a book, merely because the cover was so well-designed? However, the book cover design is not the most important factor to guarantee the greatest selling point.
Pop-up Everything You Need To Create - Children Pop-Up Books Children Pop-Up BooksYou and your kids will love these wonderful pop-up books. The bold futurist and bestselling author explores the limitless potential of reverse-engineering the human brain. In How to Create a Mind, Kurzweil presents a provocative exploration of the most important project in human-machine civilization — reverse engineering the brain to understand precisely how it works and using that knowledge to create even more intelligent machines. Kurzweil discusses how the brain functions, how the mind emerges from the brain, and the implications of vastly increasing the powers of our intelligence in addressing the world’s problems.

He thoughtfully examines emotional and moral intelligence and the origins of consciousness and envisions the radical possibilities of our merging with the intelligent technology we are creating.
Certain to be one of the most widely discussed and debated science books of the year, How to Create a Mind is sure to take its place alongside Kurzweil’s previous classics. Visit the official book website for more information, and to purchase print, e-book, and audiobook versions of How to Create a Mind. The Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence newsletter concisely covers relevant major science and technology breakthroughs (daily or weekly) via e-mail. As many copies of the sh***y twighligt books there are out there this guy could make them something at least nice to look at. I love books and yes, it would have been a bit better to have used Journals with useless jibberish written in them for this particular project. Then choose the right one that go well with the story inside as well as make the greatest impact. All elements in book design (title, cover, font choice, editing, pages layout & grids, format proportions, sequence, paper choice) are important.

Are you seriously overlooking the immense skill, talent and creativity it would take to pull something like this off?
That is the point of books when you just want to read something, oops i carved it into little pieces.
There are thousands and thousands of books all over the world, not to mention the numbers of copies per book, so why complain about A few books?
Maybe you should pay a little more attention to detail instead of rushing to the comments and yelling OMG YOU RUIND THE BOOKS. As many people as there are that THROW AWAY books this is a very creative way to recycle them!! So to all you whiners, pull that stick out of your ass and see the forest through the trees.

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create book of shadows

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