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So what is homogeneity? Homogeneity refers to keeping things identical or non differentiable from one another on purpose.
From the dawn of greatest of ancient civilizations, battles were fought and won by ambitious generals relying on the strength of their strategies and ability to quickly adapt their tactics to changing battlefield situations. While each Century served as an individual unit in battle and had autonomy of movement under the command of a centurion. Under the watchful eye of a skilled and experienced commander, the Roman Legion was a force to be reckoned with, but this ultimately relied on the abilities of each individual unit to be deployed rapidly in battle and  to act reliably in performing their role.
Southwest Airlines has reached great commercial success in part to its strategy of operating a homogenous fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft.
Probably one of the most classic examples of enhanced operational efficiency derived from developing a homogenous product, this iconic fast-food provider was founded on the principles of consistency, homogeneity and ease of preparation. In this article, we explored how the fundamental Cloud Architecture principle of homogenization could provide agility to the Roman Legions, operating efficiencies to Southwest Airlines, standardization to MacDonald’s restaurants and cost savings and improved ROI for major automotive manufacturers. RoadChimp is a published author and trainer who travels globally, writing and speaking about technology and how we can lend paradigms from other industries in order to build upon our understanding of a rapidly emerging technologies.
Origins: The money manager emerged from the combination of my budget planner, monthly budget, and checkbook register templates. As a preliminary caution, you should be comfortable using a spreadsheet and understand that spreadsheets are fairly error-prone. Download the Vertex42® Money Manager - a free Money Management Template for Excel that lets you track expenses and manage your budget! I will be the first to admit that the most complicated part of using the Vertex42® Money Manager is customizing the budget categories.
What you need to watch out for: If you assign a transaction to a category that is not included in the Budget or Report worksheets, the expense won't show up in your reports and you'll think you have more money than you really do. I've tried very hard to include a comprehensive set of income and expense categories, so if customizing the categories is too scary, just try to use the default list. The second most difficult part of using the money management template is learning to enter transactions into the Transaction worksheet correctly and efficiently. After a while, you may find that entering transactions with the spreadsheet is faster than using Quicken because of how easy it is to copy and paste, using older transactions as "templates" for new transactions. A very important part of good money management is keeping track of how your current spending compares to your budget. Use the Report worksheet to compare your budget to your actual spending throughout the month.
Disclaimer: This spreadsheet and the information on this page is for illustrative and educational purposes only. For example, Cloud Service Providers create homogenous infrastructure on a massive scale by deploying commodity hardware in their datacenters, thus enjoying lower incremental costs which they pass on to the consumer via lower prices.

The conquering Romans provide a fascinating study on the implementation of homogeneity and standardization at the fundamental unit level. The Romans dominated the battlefield, besting even the famed Greek Phalanx due to the agility by which the Legion could change formations in the heat of battle. The utilization of a single build of aircraft greatly enhances operational efficiencies in terms of technical support, training, holding spare parts and even route planning, since passenger and baggage loads are fairly consistent across each plane. For example, the Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute are all built on the same chassis and share a large proportion of their components. The fact is, examples abound in the world to showcase the rational concepts behind building applications in the Cloud and for this very reason, the Cloud is an exciting and fundamentally compelling evolution of computing for our generation because it makes sense! It has long been my goal to create a simple, macro-free, money management spreadsheet that provides the same functionality as basic budgeting and money management software. By that I mean that even if the spreadsheet is completely free of errors at FIRST, there is no guarantee that you won't accidentally introduce errors yourself.
Include your Credit Card account(s), Checking account(s), Savings account(s), and even an account to represent your Cash, Purse, or Wallet. Use the reconcile (R) column in the table to enter cleared "c" and reconciled "R" transactions.
I've added conditional formatting to help prevent these types of mistakes, but the spreadsheet is definitely not error-proof. For now, you can learn about creating a budget in almost any personal finance book, reading online blog articles on budgeting, etc. If you have a good understanding of how to copy, insert, and delete rows, it should be piece of cake. You might check your budget status on a weekly or even daily basis, but you should at least manage your money on a monthly basis. You can change the month by simply entering the month number (1 for January, 2 for February, etc).
Technology architects can similarly design their applications and services to run over these homogenous computing nodes or building blocks, facilitating horizontal scaling capabilities commonly referred to as elastic computing. In this article, we will explore how homogeneity has been in use long before the era of modern technology and also derive meaningful takeaways from each particular adaptation of homogeneity.
A Roman Legion was subdivided into 10 units or cohorts, with each cohort further subdivided into six centuries,  numbering 80 men on average. Each formation presented a different pattern of deploying military units, optimized for various scenarios and terrains, including troop movement and battle formations depending on the relative strength of one’s army and that of opposing forces. Our takeaway here is that homogeneous building blocks provide scalability and flexibility in response to rapidly changing situations.
It’s also less complicated to plan for fleet growth and to allocate resources in anticipation of future demand with a homogenous unit. The differences in these cars tend more to be aesthetic in nature, since they’re designed to appeal to different consumer segments, nevertheless the financial benefits to the automobile manufacturer are far more tangible.

A simple spreadsheet will never do everything that dedicated software can do, but the new Vertex42® Money Management Template comes amazingly close. Essentially, you just need to make sure that the categories are exactly the same in all worksheets.
It is very important that you always copy entire rows (instead of inserting blank rows) so that you preserve the formatting, data validation, and formulas that are both visible and contained in hidden columns. If you know how to define "Lists" or "Tables", go for it, but make sure you know what you are doing. For example, the Wedge formation highlighted below, drew the strongest elements of the force into the center that could be used to drive forward through opposing forces. The task of staffing employees for flights is also greatly simplified, since aircrews are trained to operate one type of aircraft across several variants and the task of scheduling crews to support multiple routes along Southwest’s Point-to-Point system becomes a much simpler endeavor. By getting design teams across various brands to collaborate at an early stage in a car’s development, manufacturers can assemble  a common design platform, of which elements can be later customized to fulfill individual brand attributes. Use the built-in Excel autofiltering to display transactions for a single account or all accounts. If you know how to use Autofiltering, you may find it convenient to use the filtering to display transactions for a single Account at a time when you are reconciling. I also have no plans in the future to add the ability to automatically import transactions from your bank or other financial institution. Southwest Chairman Gary Kelly announced plans in April 2012 to acquire 74 Boeing 737-800s by 2013 in order to augment their existing fleet of 737-700s.
The results are that  manufacturers are able to reap huge benefits from doubling or in some cases tripling their economies of scale as well as accelerating returns on their R&D investment dollars. This expansion represents an incremental upgrade to their existing fleet capacity, in response to greater demand across Southwest’s expanding network and also to capture greater economy amidst rising fuel costs. Our takeaway here is that common components or build elements can be identified and jointly developed as shared resources to prevent duplication of effort and wastage of resources. If you want that kind of functionality, you may want to use some other dedicated budget software. An important takeaway from Southwest Airlines is that homogenization leads to operational efficiencies and also drives competitive advantage especially in highly price sensitive markets.
Service Oriented Architectures that subscribe to a shared services model are a great example of this philosophy in action.

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