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If you’re like most Facebook users, there has been a time where you’ve gotten an invite to like a business page you knew nothing about. Aside from inviting new fans from within Facebook, use your website to drive traffic to your Facebook page.
One your page has been up and running for a few weeks, it’s time to take a look at the Insights Facebook offers. Another Insight offering is one that shows your what types of content perform best on your page and reach the most people. I was scrolling down my news feed, hunting for any interesting news, when I saw this article about a girl who’s Facebook cover photos are just fantastic – and I naturally had to check it out!
You also must have seen some cool combinations of cover photos and profile pictures, where the entire design looks like one continuous graphic, whether it was on individual profiles or business pages.
I spent more than an hour going trough various business pages, trying to find any design integrations where the profile picture would be smoothly overlaid on the cover photo.
Other than being a boring design, the profile picture is also slightly larger than it’s supposed to be. At first sight looks perfect, but you can see the design doesn’t match if you click on the cover photo.
And kudos to Johnnie Walker Lithuania for an impeccable cover photo and profile picture design.
So after a lot of trial an error, I created my own Facebook cover photo template that you can use for your designs too (woop!).
As the measurements are the same, you can use it for both individual profiles and Facebook business pages.
Before anything else, let’s have a look at why it can be difficult to incorporate the profile picture into your cover photo.
As you might already now, the dimensions of a Facebook cover photo are 851x315px (that is, 851 pixels in width by 315 pixels in height). This is exactly why the cover photo template I created is twice as wide than recommended by Facebook, 1702px in width, leaving the cropped out profile picture a 320x320px image. If you followed the steps correctly, you will now have two files: one profile picture (320x320px) and one cover photo (851x315px).
Talking about alignment, I got obsessed with it and, after a few modifications, managed to get it as close as technically possible. I’ve been wanting to do this with my Facebook Page for a while now, and this works really well. Yeah it is a shame, but I guess there’s no easy way to keep that consistency, especially when mobile devices have very different resolutions and layout.
Yes, the photo has to be slightly bigger than the blue area, so that it also covers the bottom of the profile picture to make it look seamless. So you would start by adding some image into the template and move it around, so that entire profile picture and cover photo spaces are filled.
Create Photo Collages Using Pictures of your Facebook Friends Tech Guides About Us Work 10 Feb 2012 Create Collages with your Facebook Photos Create beautiful photo collages with your own Facebook photo albums or using pictures of your friends. However, constantly changing the name of your page can be confusing for your customers and cause you to lose fans, so you want to make sure you get it right the first time.
At the bottom of each page of your website, include a link to your Facebook page with the suggestion to become a fan.
Insights are Facebook’s analytics that tell you more about your fans and post activity. Naturally, you might think that all the biggest brands would be eager to create something as epic as the example above, right?

And even from those few that I found, the majority couldn’t get the exact layout just right. By the end of it you will know exactly how to create a stunning cover photo that blends seamlessly with the profile picture. However, the profile picture has to be uploaded as at least a 180x180px image that will then be shrunk to 160x160px. Use the frame as a guideline on how it will appear on your Facebook page and adjust the photo the way you like it. Press and hold the CTRL button (or Command on Mac) and click on the shape to load the selection of the profile picture (more precise than just using the crop tool). Before saving the cover photo you just need to edit the image size and that will solve the issue! Does my cover photo need to be higher than the blue area so it can cover the bottom line of the profile pic? You would then cut out the profile picture (the black area) and the cover photo (the blue are). You need Adobe Photoshop to edit the document (or some other software that can read .psd files). However it would seem that Facebook has changed either the dimensions or the way it displays the profile picture on the cover photo, so it no longer aligns properly. While Facebook does provide default functionality to select or upload photo, which adjusts automatically to display as cover photo. Your Facebook page needs to be built in the right way to attract fans that turn into customers or rewards current customers. Inviting people to like your page to boost your numbers seems like a good idea, but if these people aren’t interested in your business, does this really make sense? Facebook and many website offer a Facebook icon that you can easily add to your website and hyperlink. While Insights offers tons of information, one thing you should look at first is when people are on your fan page.
Did you make sure that you applied the transformation changes by clicking on the check-mark in the menu bar and made a selection of the area first? I tried to check if it is also disabled from the time I opened my PhotoShop, so I closed PS and re-opened, then I realized that Crop has been disabled even before I re-opened your file.
If I replace only the blue area with my content, then I will end up with a black line on the bottom of the profile pic. Finally, the cover photo will have to be shrinked to 851x315px to match the exact dimensions.
I am working on a banner for a client and will post the link if he decides for the seamless version. Adding the image can be as simple as dragging and dropping it to the worksheet form your folder.
I will try again because I know it’s something I am doing but am not seeing what it is.
It appears the cover image shows as darker than the profile pic image now too so it would be very difficult to match them anyway.
Would it be possible to update the tutorial and the template to match the current FB display methods? Go through your friends list and identify who would benefit from your business or be most likely to share your page and your good work. Another way to get people thinking about Facebook while on your website is to enable commenting through Facebook on your blog.

Using free online tool you can create custom profile photo and even collage photo containing images of your best Facebook friends.Make custom Facebook profile cover photoYou can easily create customized profile photo for new timeline layout using free online tool at myfbcovers website. Invite these people to fan your page and if possible send them a note explaining why they should like your page. The business page I am trying to do this for does not have a logo that fits the FB dimensions, so there is not much else we can do with that space.
It allows you to create customized profile photo which you can resize, flip or rotate easily. This format should be “First Last Business Affiliate.” This is important because people interested in your business might not have a direct link to your Facebook page.
This helps to build the right relationship and give others the information they need to decide if being a fan is right for them.
This allows commenters to engage with your website without having to create a new username and also shows you who they are on Facebook, allowing you to easily reach out to them and invite them to like your page to connect in a new way. If this time is when you’re at work or when you can’t post, simply schedule posts for that time. When they type things they know about you, like your name and business name, this will ensure your page comes up in search results.
Scheduling posts for when the majority of your fans are online helps to drive organic reach and get your content seen by more people.
Open myfbcovers website and you can click through either of Cover creator or Photo collage cover options. Cover creator provide more user friendly online editor to select area of photo that looks best of your profile page in timeline format.2. You need to login into your Facebook account and authorize use of this application by clicking Allow button. Just be sure to fill out your location information and people will be able to find the business they are looking for. Lets use proceed with more creative Photo Collage Cover which can be used as profile photo in timeline layout.3.
Loupe generates a relatively small image of your collage that will probably look good only on a mobile screen. You need to click and select upto 24 friends whose photos will appear in the final collage.4. Photo Collages and Facebook Privacy Any photo collage that you create with Loupe is public and currently there’s no option to change the visibility to private. Thus, if you have any private photos on Facebook that you don’t want the world to see, it may not be a good idea to turn them into collages because others may then find them through search engines. If you like it, few clicks will make it your current profile photo in timeline format on Facebook.
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