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In the New Document dialogue box (CS6), clicking the Primary Text Frame box creates a text frame that appears on the master page of your document.
If you make any changes to this frame from the master page, those changes are automatically published to any page that the master is applied to.
In the Pages palette, click on the right-hand master page icon and edit the primary text frame.
The primary text frame created by checking the Primary Text Frame checkbox is automatically threaded together on the all regular pages the master is applied to. Applying the B-Master to pages 4-5 changed the shape of the threaded text boxes on just those pages. You can place a text document ([control] + [d]) in the primary text frame and InDesign will automatically create new pages to accomodate it. In this post we will discuss how we will create master page using design manager in SharePoint 2013. For Example:- I have made a basic layout through HTML as shown in below figure, which will be used in every pages of the site in Sharepoint 2013. In this post we will discuss about various search syntax supported by SharePoint 2013 for building search queries. In this article we will discuss about how we can embed a word document to a SharePoint page.
We will discuss how we can provide item level permission to list or document library items in SharePoint 2013.
Chart of Depreciation :- Asset accounting customization will be done for chart of depreciation and must be assigned to each company code that is defined in Asset Accounting.
After copying you wil get a message chart of depreciation ORM copy to ADAR and press enter. The following training tutorials guides you how to define source symbols in SAP step by step. Step 2: – On the source symbol cash management overview screen, click on “New entries” to define source symbols as per your organization requirements. Source: – Enter the identifies of source symbol, where the source symbols are the highest level of hierarchy and can forecast the organization position and status of liquidity.
The following SAP training tutorials guides you how to define lockbox posting data in SAP step by step. Step 2: – On the posting data overview screen, click on “new entries” button to create new lockbox posting data as per organization requirements.

Account ID: – Update the account id that you have created, after updating account id automatically company code and house bank gets updated. Bank posting document type: –Update the document type that posting debits the deposit account and credits the bank clearing account.
Customer posting document type: – Update the customer document type that credits customer and debits the bank clearing account. After maintaining the details click on save button to save the configured lockbox posting data. The following SAP training tutorials guides you how to define lockboxes accounts at house banks in SAP step by step. Step 2: – In the lockboxes for our house bank overview screen, list of configured lockboxes are displayed. After entering all the details click on save button or address button to maintain the address. This lockbox address is used in remit to information that the system creates, so the customers know where to send the payments. House bank of a company code is represented by a bank id through which you can process  payment transactions. Each house bank in SAP system is associated with a country key representing the country where the bank is located.
House banks can have more than one bank account id, account ID is unique for a specific bank ID and company code. Click on save icon to save the configured data. Successfully you have created house bank in SAP.
After updating all the data, click on save icon to save the configured data, successfully you have created Bank key. Step 4: Click on dunning levels button  and select check box always dun for all the four levels.
Select dunning texts and update the Form that Specifies which is to be displayed for the dunning level. After updating mandatory fields as per your business requirements, click on save button to save the configured customer master data. Payment terms: If the payment is made with in 14 days – 5% discount, or with in 20 days – 2% discount, net due 30 days.
Vendor: Select this option if the payment term to be used for Vendor accounts (accounts receivable).

Block key: If Select appropriate block key to block certain activities like payment block, payment clearing etc.
No of Days: Enter the no of days from base line date for which the discount percentage rate is valid. Fixed rate: If you don’t want to use base line date, enter the days of month that the discount ends. Unlike a regular text frame placed on a master page, you can select and type in this frame from any regular page that the master is applied to without having to override it first. It automatically conforms to the margin dimensions you set in the New Document dialogue box. Any changes you make there are published to all the regular pages that have that master applied.
Text placed in one text box automatically overflows to the other text boxes on the following pages.
While holding down the [command] key, click on the little box that’s almost in the lower right corner of the text frame. In our previous training tutorials we have learnt how to define lockboxes and lockbox posting data. In our previous training tutorials we have learnt how to define lockboxes for house bank in SAP.
Lockbox configuration enables as a reference for customer master accounts and customers know where to send there payments.
After maintaining all the address details press enter and click on save button to save the data. Each house bank ID is unique within a company code and a company code can have multiple house banks.
You can create customer master data by using the reference customer data or creating new customer account. These default charts of depreciation also serves  as a reference charts for which your own charts of depreciation, after copying you may delete depreciation area you do not need, deletion must be done before creating of any assets.

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