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Every music studio needs a website these days, and My Music Staff makes it easy to get one. Sites built using My Music Staff are automatically mobile friendly, so they look great on a PC, tablet or phone! Ready To Join?Create your 30-day free trial account today and get started with My Music Staff instantly! Choose a template, paste in your text and drag ‘n drop your pages however you want – My Music Staff will do the rest!

You can also upload files – lesson materials, pictures, songs, movies and even use your own custom domain name. Posts that are created and sent to your studio blog can also be sent to the Student Portal and Teacher Portal (in multi-teacher studios) to be sure no one misses any important announcements or news. If you already have your own website hosted somewhere else, you can keep using it and still take advantage of all the other features and benefits that My Music Staff has to offer. My Music Staff is the easiest way to create a great looking website for your studio without having to be a tech whiz!

You can also use the student portal by adding the My Music Staff login widget to your existing site.

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create my own website absolutely free

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