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Figure 2: Drainage and venting openings in the cladding – window head with direct-fixed cladding. The junctions between aluminium window or door flanges and the cladding represent potential leakage paths that can allow water to enter the wall assembly and also the frame cavity. The tape is installed over the wall underlay, which must be turned into the framed opening around all sides of the opening. This tape will protect the vulnerable timber frame from any water that may leak around the window frame and into the wall assembly. For pressure moderation to occur, the air entering must be restricted from going through the trim cavity into the lower pressure building interior – this is done by installing an expanding foam seal against a solid foam rod to the trim cavity around the perimeter of the window or door. As the window extrusion is located out over the cavity, any water leaking through the window frame itself will be picked up by the cavity.

Aluminium window and door units can leak (through the corner mitres or glass seals), and the framing must be protected by flexible flashing tape at the corners and across the sill.
The ends of the flashing must be upturned to form a stop-end that will prevent wind driving water over the ends of the flashing. The sill flashing must be located to allow a gap of 5 mm between the face of the flashing downturn and the back of the bottom window flange – this gap will allow water to drain and air to enter. This seal works in conjunction with the plasterboard interior lining to form an air barrier that allows the air in the trim and frame cavity to be moderated to the level of the higher pressure exterior air. A drainage and ventilation gap of 5 mm must be left between the bottom of the cladding above the flashing and the top of the sloped flashing (see Figure 2). Check that windows are not pulled back tight to the cladding at the sill to maintain this 5 mm opening.

The head flashing upstand must be sealed to the face of the wall underlay with flexible flashing tape or a layer of wall underlay dropped from above to create a gravity drainage path out over the flashing. An air seal around penetrations, in conjunction with the plasterboard lining, restricts air within the wall assembly from moving into the building interior. This pressure moderation negates the higher pressure exterior driving force that can drive air and water into cladding assemblies.

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create online seal stamp

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