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A people directory can be useful if you want to list all the people in an organisation without users having to enter a search query. Especially when the organisation only contains a few hundred people this can help users discover people in the organisation without necessarily knowing their names. Assuming you have an enterprise search center set up the first step to create the people directory is to enable the people search page layout so we can create a people search results page. The next step is to navigate to the pages library and select New Document > Page from the ribbon.
On the create page screen select the Search People page layout to create a page that contains the people search results web parts. We now have a list of people that will be displayed as soon as the user navigates to our custom people results page.
Ensure that the managed property you want to sort by has the Sortable option enabled in the search schema. You should now be able to sort by first or last name in alphabetical order either A-Z or Z-A. Another option for the people directory is to use a table based layout with column headers for properties.
The next step is to edit the search core results web part and in the Display Template section set the Results Control Display Template to ‘Table Result’ and the Item Display Template to ‘People Table Item’. If you have worked with previous versions of SharePoint you can see that in SharePoint 2013 the search features are much richer and easier to work with. Thanks Ari, so does this mean that i cant delete it directly from the created people directory site ??, how would u suggest i go about deleting users ?this is because if i delete a user from active directory ,the user profile is still present in the people directory. Like Chad commented, even I cannot see more details like Job Title, department, Phone number etc. I am using the simplified version of the UserProfile service where it imports AD information.
The link above that is supposed to reference Hover panel display template doesn’t really have anything any more.

This is exactly what i need – however my site is setup and we did not select the enterprise search center set template so when i go to create a new page i am not prompted to select the layout.
Thank you for the detailed post – it helped me create a very useful SP employee directory. Because like most of you I need to create a Directory site for my company I decided to get use of this experience but unfortunately I’m quite stuck at beginning.
As the guide, I succeed to create a SharePoint site based on Enterprise Search template and I succeed to mofify properly the properties as described. All of our users have uploaded profile photos via Outlook or the Office 365 portal so I have added the users photo to the to the staff directory table using some of the suggestions in the comments above and I found that most of the users photos are not showing up or are showing. Instructors for undergraduate courses often require that the course name, instructor name, and date of submission be included on the cover page.
Check with your instructor or graduate school to clarify any differences between their specific requirements and those of Standard APA Format for cover pages (as described above). We cannot always create the playbook of our lives, but we can certainly change how we decide to view and feel about the plays we see.
Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. The process is slightly different in SharePoint 2013 due to the substantial changes in the search functionality so the updated steps are shown in this post. Users can then narrow down the list using filters such as Department or Job Title to narrow the results. To get all people to show up by default we need to modify the query used by the People Search Core Results web part. By default we also have some refinements that appear if matching metadata is found within the result set. There are also a number of new features such as query rules and extensibility options such as customising the hover panel that enhance the end user search experience. You can, however, filter using the refiners and sort using the drop down as shown in the article.
I was wondering if it’s possible to display only employees from certain AD Security group?

Like many others we have implemented this in Office 365, there are a few things to watch out for. I uploaded the 2 files to the folder and published them but when I modified the Search Core Results web part, neither the Table Result nor the People Table Item was available.
I have a question, How to send an email to a group of employees by using Employee Directory? This is really easy to set up using the default SharePoint 2013 search web parts and doesn’t require writing a single line of code. This can be done by clicking the ‘Change Query’ button in the web part properties and adding a property filter that returns all people. In this case we need to use two display templates – a control template for the table header, and a item template for each search result item. Quick Question – Is the table based layout is just a table display or the columns are sortable or filterable like any SharePoint list view?
You should then be able to follow the instructions to create a page using the People Search Results page layout.
To do this we can select the property ‘contentclass’ and enter the manual value ‘spspeople’. We can change these to show other metadata properties that are defined in our search centre by selecting the ‘Choose refiners’ option on the refinement web part. I haven’t tested this so would recommend trying things on a non-production site first to ensure there are no unintended side effects. Note that the managed property must have the ‘Refinable’ option selected in the search schema for it to be available in this list.

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