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Yes, as a real man you have the obligation to create your own lifestyle.A real man lives his life consciously.
From the diagram you can see that knowledge is acquired when truths and beliefs are overlapped. As just mentioned truths are equivalent to evidence, they also mean action.When you learn a knowledge and believe in it, you will change your behavior to align with it.
So now about how to create your own lifestyle.You need to have the beliefs about who you will gonna be.What is your life purpose?
The point that we want to acquire a knowledge is we want to gain the values from knowledge.
To give you a more clear vision on what does the value of knowledge mean, I drew a diagram. The fact is people change their internal world (aka belief system) and mental state of believing from time to time.Which means that the knowledge you acquired today may not serve for you several months or years later. RIO YEERio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity. These Are 10 Popular Reasons People Quit Being An Entrepreneur Sep 17, 15 04:54 AMSome people think that being an entrepreneur is great.
The Secret To Getting Unstoppable Motivation To Work Sep 10, 15 06:33 AMLacking motivation to work? Life Experiences Are The Foundation of Every Success Sep 06, 15 02:38 PMGo and get life experiences if you want to be successful because they are the foundation of every success in your life. The One Question To Take It To The Next Level Sep 05, 15 10:43 PMWant to take something to the next level?
The 5 Keys to Success In Life (You Don't Need More Than These) Aug 26, 15 10:16 AMWhat are the keys to success in life? Entrepreneur, passionate about dating & relationships, blogger, student, coffee fanatic, food advocate, thinker, falls down a lot. He chooses his own life path instead of letting others choose for him.Honestly, this article has another headline - Why should you believe that I can help you?The idea of this article actually was stimulated by one of my university tutors in a Business Ethics tutorial class. First, you will know the big picture of knowledge so you have the ability to always improve yourself.

In other words, when a belief is justified as a truth it can be considered as knowledge.But you can see that not all overlapped regions are knowledge.
It will form you a belief.The sources of knowledge have many, not only can get from beliefs + evidence.
They have money, they have talents, they have anything that needs to be successful.But why they fail to defeat their competitors?They do have knowledge, they do have evidence and experience, they do know the truths of success.
You need to ask yourself one question, this one question will give you the answer to taking it to the next level.
Only the yellow circle region can be considered as knowledge.How about the purple (poorly justified beliefs) region? But they still have things uncontrollable, the purple region is where these things located at.In my free ebook success made certain I explained that everything is connected everything.
So I told him money is important to sustain a person's lifestyle.After that he loudly replied to my answer impolitely that he disagreed with me. I will say about it later.When I did the research I found there are many branches or 'tendencies' within epistemology. One thing that's seemingly unrelated can have a relation to another thing.For example, the experience of traveling to poor countries can ignite the heart of being empathy. Two most popular branches are they believe knowledge is either gaining by experience or by the internal world. Travel is unrelated to empathy on the surface, and no knowledge or science can prove they are certainly connected.This phenomena is also called as causal chain. Why you need to be successful?My BIG WHY to learn dating and relationships is because I want to stop failing with women.
Or maybe he thought he could live a lifestyle that doesn't need any money.However, that's not the end. My website isn't an ideology.Even though in the Homepage I said I would offer the step-by-step guides to help you succeed in life. He claimed that he is a highly educated person, I don't need to tell him that money can sustain a person's lifestyle. That's why people are making the same mistakes all the time.Now let's talk about the purple region.

In other words, even if your belief is true and justified, there's still exception.For example, you know how to build a successful business, there's a step-by-step method for you to copy, but the outcome is not certain. Because there are different conditions to everyone such as different people, personalities and situations will influence the outcome here and there.
The value will always be the same.My concern is giving the values that you and I as a man craves for.
There's a different term that most people more familiar with - luck.So you should ingrain empowering beliefs and eliminate limiting ones, learn the correct knowledge, and guide your behavior. We want to build a successful business, we want to succeed with women, we want to be an alpha male, so and so on.I use my own experience and knowledge to teach you the beliefs that you should develop.
But does it really represent that if I tell something general to an educated person means I'm uneducated?He further told me that what I said was only an opinion, but not a knowledge. He kept repeating he is knowledgeable so he must always right.Then later I thought about my website. Even if I have taught an ideology, that would derived from my philosophy.Every man has his taste. How can I teach things on my website without holding any certificate to prove that I'm educated on the topics?And you are educated. Why should you believe what I say?Why should you believe that I can help you?At this moment, a philosophy topic kicks into my mind - what knowledge actually is? I may change my thoughts on something I was deeply believed in.Therefore, I welcome criticism. You will have a unique life path you create for yourself.This article is my confession how could I help you and you could believe in me.
I don't brainwash you like many other self-help gurus just to sell you the products they create.I want you to live a wealthy love life.

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