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Combine multiple text animators in After Effects to create overshoot for a great-looking organic animation! Next, you’ll want to twirl down the text settings, click on the “Animate” arrow, and select “Enable Per-character 3d”. We’re going to be adjusting the X Rotation, but if you try to change the rotation now, you’ll notice that the anchor point is mid-letter. Now that our anchor point is set correctly, we’ll change the X Rotation so that the text rotates away from the camera by about 90?. We also want the text to fade in so you don’t see it before it flips down, so we’ll click on the “Add” arrow under the text animator and select “Opacity”, then set that to 0%.
Now that all of our options are set, all we need to do is keyframe the Offset from –100% to 100% and you’ll see something like the below.
We need to change the Range Selector for this text animator to “Lines” like the first one, but we’re going to set the Shape to “Round”, which will make it go from the start value to the value indicated below, then back.
We’ll add two keyframe to change the second text animator’s offset from –100% to 100%, just like the first animator, and there you go!
The second animator give it a nice little overshoot, which adds a bit of organic motion to the movement.

In this series of After Effects tutorials, we learn how to add depth to a 2D image using masking, camera, and compositing tricks.
In this tutorial, Taha Dalal will teach you how to create some fantastic looking 3D lower thirds in After Effects without using any 3rd party plugins. They allow you to have great, complex text animations while being able to make easy modifications to the text’s content. This lets After Effect’s text animators see each letter as a separate 3D object for animation purposes.
Click the animate arrow again, and select “Rotation” to add a text animator with a rotation property. That’s not particularly helpful for our animation, where we want the text to flip down from above. Twirl that down and you’ll see the two values that will let us change where the rotation is anchored to: Anchor Point Grouping and Grouping Alignment. It’s fun to experiment with multiple text animators, instead of trying to cram everything into one. Here’s how to make one of my favorite quick animations: 3D flip down text with some overshoot.

We’ll change Anchor Point grouping to “line” so that the anchor point is the same for each line, and we’ll move the Grouping alignment so that the mark (shown below – you  may want to click the image to enlarge) is just above the line of text. We’ll set the animation to be based on “Lines” instead of “Characters”, change the Shape to “Ramp Up”, and set both Ease High and Ease Low to 100%. Overshoot is when the animation goes past it’s end point, then settles back to where it should end. After masking our layers to split them up, we give them some Z-depth and animate a camera to bring our scene to life. From there, we add elements like birds and particles that add to our depth and help sell realism in our scene. By the end of the training, we will have gone from a completely still image to a scene that feels alive.

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creating 3d video in after effects

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