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This entry was posted in Books, Calling, Culture, Current Affairs, equipping church, Faith, Jesus, Leadership, Los Angeles, Missional church, practicing church, theology and tagged Book, Creating a Missional Culture, Endorsements, JR Woodward, Linda Bergquist, Michael Frost. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A detailed step-by-step description of the first steps I'm taking in the process of writing my first book. I’m so excited about this first-time adventure that I decided to push up my target launch date from January to November 19th (exactly 15 weeks from today). Before I do anything, I need to give some serious thought about why I want to write a book. One thing I feel I need to improve is my ability to make decisions about the (long-term) things I get myself into. Writing a book was one of those things that I had always kind of had in the back of my mind as something I could see myself doing someday. With my reasons for writing a book determined, now it’s time to figure out what I’m going to write about! I could do a deep dive and come up with more than 30,000 words on the subject (there are lots of subjects that make for a great blog article, but far fewer that can become a book). The topic is in line with where I want to focus my work and my business now and the forseeable future. But really, I think that when it comes to writing a book, it’s really more of a gut thing. Of the 5 potential topics I came up with, one was a very clear favorite so I moved forward with that. The key idea here is to make all of the strategic planning decisions in the beginning, rather than let them throw you off-course later. Now that I decided to cut my book-writing timeline in half, from 6 months to 3, my plan better be bulletproof.
I chose to write down this 15-week to-do list in my notebook, rather than use Trello or another computer-based tool for a few reasons.

As soon as I settled on the topic for my book, all sorts of ideas and things started popping up on my radar. Like my notes for capturing ideas, I started by making a rough list of topics I know I’ll need to include in the outline.
Like the planning stage I mentioned above, the key takeaway about creating an outline is to plan as much of the content as possible up-front. You might be wondering why putting up the landing page wasn’t step number 1, before I went ahead ahead with writing the book outline. Now that the book outline is in place, I have a crystal clear vision of how this book will shape up.
Designing the landing page is really the first step in the marketing plan for this book launch, which has it’s own set of steps to get the ball rolling.
As you can see, this is still mostly based on my own knowledge and general feel of the space that I’m working in. I second that – am using Scrivener for my outline, my research, and fleshing out the whole thing.
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When I got older I started asking more questions about who my ancestors were, and where they came from. A family tree is a diagram showing the relationships between people in several generations of a family. To download our Kid's Family Tree or our other printables from our Family History eBook, purchase our Family History eBook "here".
My StoryMaker® lets you control characters and objects — and it creates sentences for you! Storybird is a wonderful new web tool that allows you and your students to create great looking digital storybooks that can be worked on in groups and shared with the world. My Mother loves family history and has written several books filled with stories of my extended family.

It was thrilling to realize that years later my efforts in family history were recognized and appreciated by my daughter! Users can easily create cover pages, add text, upload drawings or photos to illustrate their story, and can use the StoryJumper clipart gallery, too. It is a very easy to use site with a ton of great images that you can use in creating your story. When finished, your class’s story becomes a real published book, where every student’s name is included as a participating author! Things get done much more efficiently when you don’t need to make critical decisions during the process. It is so fun to read how some of them lived in a dugout when they moved into the Salt Lake Valley. When they finish, the stories can be viewed online or ordered as a professionally published hardback book! My mother added the names of my siblings, grandparents, and great grandparents to this beautiful drawing. I am thankful to my ancestors for all they have done on my behalf, and I want my kids to get to know them as well.
I remember looking at our family tree often and liked seeing that I was part of something bigger than just my own immediate family. Her interests include camping, motorcycling, boating, photography, reading, cooking, and traveling.

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