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I'm off to speak at Russell Viers' Yearbook Extravaganza this week in Germany (that's not the real name, but I can't remember it off the top of my head), and so I have yearbooks on my brain.
One of the downsides to gridify, however, is that it really only works with one page at a time. But InDesign has an awesome built-in method to create grids of hundreds or thousands of items, and it's not hard to set up: Data Merge. Next, we need a list of all those files, and it would be super helpful if we could get it in a CSV file, ready to be used by Data Merge. If you're looking closely, you'll notice that there's some text inside the frames you see in the image above.
To place the tags into the empty frames on your page, just select the frame and then click the tag in the panel. Try turning on the Preview checkbox to see if it's importing the image and caption properly.
Next, switch to the Multiple Record Layout tab in this dialog box and set up margins and amount of space between columns and rows. The "disappear" character style is set to .1 pt, None color, so it just makes that text vanish! Note that these grep styles probably won't work for you because your file names will be different! Of course, you don't want to change this paragraph style in the document you just built (the one with all the images and captions in it)!
In order to have maximum flexibility with your files, you should create at least a couple of object styles -- one for the caption text frame and one for the graphic frame.
The cool thing about master pages and object styles is that it's super easy to change them later if the design changes. One thing: to do automatic layout for a yearbook, one of the challenges is to get the image filenames sorted alphabetically by last name in the CSV file.

First, change the csv file to a txt (just change the name extension) and then place the txt file into InDesign.
Now export this as a txt file (file > export, choose Text Only), and change the file name back to CSV. I would have done almost the same thing as this post with the exception of using the GREPs to fix the captions, but instead would have made a live caption and run a bridge script on the folder of pics to put the names into the document title filed, sans the file extension. The CSV Script does not work if the file extension is .tiff (like the Acrobat export generates it). The files I was given for a layout like this are named by Last name then first name (for example bacon grace.jpg) but I need the text under each photo to be first name then last name (Grace Bacon).
Thank you for the tutorial, there is no need for script to make the CSV file (at least on Mac, not sure about PC) just open the folder containing the images, select the images you want to add, copy and paste into an excel or numbers sheet and save as csv, and it works on all files as well. Cristina, your question is probably better suited for the forums, as it doesn’t relate to this article at all.
The design of a website's contact page is often neglected – slap together a contact form, address and Google Maps image, and voila!
Provide Help in the Contact FormYour goal is to make it super-easy for a user to fill out the form.
More specifically, the number one problem every yearbook or photographer has: How to take hundreds (or thousands) of images and lay them out your page -- in a grid -- automatically. But for now -- assuming that the image and caption are importing properly -- let's turn off Preview and go ahead and actually merge the file.
The "change to space" character style is similar: it sets the color to None, but changes the horizontal scaling to about 70%. It is an element to create modals, check the provided link to learn more about the element, reveal. One way is to provide "ghost text" in the fields which hints at the format and information.

Whether it's a yearbook page or a contact sheet, this simple task seems devilishly difficult in InDesign.
The Problem with Indesign CC after doing all the steps and adjusting the margins in the frame. For map, I just copied a random location from Google map, add the below code above footer to complete the contact page. But in fact the contact page is the perfect opportunity to show users that you care about hearing from them: Statistics show that the contact page typically has a high visitation rate.
The user feels more comfortable knowing they're filling out the form correctly and thus are more likely to complete it and submit.Make it clear which fields are mandatory (if any), so the user isn't confused or confronted by an error message when the form won't submit.
Choose "Select Data Source" from the Data Merge panel menu and point it to the csv file you just made. Go back to the original template you were working on and apply the grep styles there, then save your template.
Let's take a look at how you can make that page work for you.Tweak Your MessageInstead of merely having "Contact Us" as your text on that page, be inventive and create some unique, user-friendly copy. Here's a chance to show your company's personality, as well as to reiterate some of your services.Streamline the Contact FormLook at your form – can you delete unnecessary fields? Repeating them on this page make sense; it's all about communication, whether they retweet you, like your Facebook company page, share your blog post, or connect with Google+ or LinkedIn. Recent HubSpot research showed that reducing four form fields to three can increase conversion by almost 50%.

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