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The Blake Project offers a highly impactful and interactive brand strategy workshop that pairs the insights of customers and brand stakeholders for a day-long collaborative session where a unique, customer-valued and brand-centric customer experience is co-created.
Facilitated by the seasoned brand experts of The Blake Project, the workshop’s day begins with an opening “Discovery” session and then moves into “Co-Creation” experience design.
The Customer Experience Workshop is the logical next step after brand positioning, brand storytelling, brand voice and customer touchpoint design. DISCOVERY: Guided imagery storytelling will help customers articulate what the current category experience looks like for them. CO-CREATION:  Utilizing agreed upon touchpoints and the sponsoring brand’s essence, promise and personality as a guideline for development, participants collaborate to co-create new, energized and valuable customer experiences. CONSENSUS:  The day will end with a strategic session prioritizing and expanding on the ideas that offer the highest levels of user satisfaction and brand differentiation.
Ideal For:  Those marketers within the company responsible for brand management and brand experience, design and implementation.
Participants:  Ideally, 6-12 brand team participants and 10-16 customers attend The Customer Experience Workshop. Shared buy-in and agreement on the brand experience ideas and concepts that will form the basis for a market-differentiating brand experience for the sponsoring brand. An energized sense of purpose and direction that will add speed, precision and power to the implementation of the brand experience. The Blake Project is a leading brand consultancy with a history of helping brands overcome high-stakes marketing challenges, create new value and build an advantage in the minds of those most important to your brands future.

Please email me, Derrick Daye for more about how The Customer Experience Workshop can benefit your brand.
If you find our thought pieces on brand strategy and brand management insightful and would like a deeper understanding for yourself, your marketing teams or leadership teams we can develop a tailored learning solution for you. Brand Education is a core competency of The Blake Project, the brand consultancy behind Branding Strategy Insider. Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. Subscribe to Branding Strategy Insider Now and get regular updates and two FREE Chapters of Brad VanAuken's best selling book Brand Aid direct to your inbox. For the first time in paperback, a revised edition of the book that launched the term "customer evangelism" and inspired the creation of an industry. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Working, imagining and creating together, customers interact with their company ‘peers’ to create the template for an enhanced experience that will build equity and value for both the brand and its customers. The day concludes with a “Consensus” session where top ideas are prioritized and expanded on.
Staying brand neutral, touch-points are confirmed and insight is built around the pain points and frustrations as well as the unmet customer needs, expectations and desires that are the core drivers of satisfaction. As practitioners and educators we deliver interactive brand education workshops and keynote speeches designed to align individuals and organizations on essential concepts in brand management and empower them to release the full potential of their brands.

Army and Wyndham Worldwide are some of the organizations that have turned to The Blake Project for help in meeting learning objectives.
We focus on sharing thought provoking expertise that promotes an elevated conversation on brand strategy and brand management and fosters community among marketers. Updated with new statistics and figures, this landmark book has shown countless companies how to harness the power of evangelism marketing and increase customer loyalty, sales, and profitability. The sponsoring brand is then introduced and creative visualization techniques help customers articulate the sponsoring brand’s experience and compare it to the overall category experience.
BSI is a service of The Blake Project, a leading brand consultancy based in the United States, serving marketers around the world.
When customers are truly thrilled about their experience with a product or service, they become outspoken "evangelists" for a company.
Creating a culture of not only loyalty but belief is the formula for creating authentic and powerful word of mouth.

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creating customer journey maps

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