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The future of Indigenous communities and cultures depends on the creation of real economies in Indigenous communities and on Indigenous people participating in the real economy. A real economy is one that that relies on commerce and private enterprise – not government activities – to survive and where people have real jobs. Too many of Indigenous people don’t participate in the real economy today and have become conditioned to look for government for everything. The first thing that comes to mind when people talk about “Indigenous business” is businesses owned by Indigenous people. It’s important for Indigenous people to be participating in all aspects of commerce and private enterprise – as employees, as business owners, as investors and as profit makers. Initiatives that assist Indigenous businesses need to be very careful they don’t restrict Indigenous people from the normal business cycle and the opportunities it brings for growth and profit, such as selling or growing their businesses. Free trade agreements, the focus on Northern development, deregulation and economic reform create substantial opportunities for the undeveloped parts of our country, particularly in the pastoral, mining and agricultural industries and the secondary industries that flow from these developments. Australia has great unlocked potential with vast tracts of undeveloped land and sea positioned right on the doorstep of the fastest growing region in the world. New developments in remote and regional areas will need local populations that are job ready and educated. Indigenous communities are also younger and growing faster than the rest of the Australian population. The Federal Government’s initiatives to reduce red tape and simplify regulation needs to extend to Indigenous communities too. Engaging with traditional owners and Indigenous communities is riddled with unpredictability and uncertainty. Governments should also fast-track settlement of native title claims by agreements with each of the traditional nations and dispensing with the requirement for those nations to establish a continuous connection to land. Increasingly communities want to take charge of their own futures and  they understand that their community needs to be sustainable and not reliant on government and government activity to survive. We often hear that these problems will be solved if Indigenous communities can control programs and government spend.
Too bad there is no civil legal help for indigenous with ideas and corporates take everything you’ve built. I totally agree with Warren, but are the governments prepared to accept the Andrew Forrest report where the report high lights major obstacles and barriers and listen to our people from remote areas.
We love the enjoyment of helping a family to realize their dreams of having a home they can call their own.
Denis is a real estate investor who has been involved in the Winnipeg market for over 26 years. After many years in the real estate market, Denis decided to use his knowledge, experience and background to help others navigate through the bumpy and frustrating world of banking and credit issues that often face our clients. Today, Denis continues to invest in the Winnipeg market, a market that is growing stronger with solid fundamentals and long term potential. One of the guiding principals that I aspire to, is that as I travel through life, it is important that the wake I leave behind is positive to others. Your future can be whatever you choose it to be - so why not choose it to be one of happiness and prosperity? The cosworth ecu has fairly basic fault diagnostic features built into its software which will detect an obvious out of range input and then output the relevant fault code from the diagnostic pin and try and keep the engine running if possible by substituting the faulty input with a typical value.
By linking pin 8 of the ecu to ground the ecu will output any fault codes from pin 27.(These pins are also brought up to a connector in the dash next to the ecu on the cosworth for ease of access). The level 8 ecu also has the ability to display the closed loop running conditions through the fault light by toggling the input line in the correct sequence. Taking math education into the 21st century, and bringing students and visionary teachers along for the ride! Car forums are fucking classic, as it's generally a large population of people who typically use the Internet primarily for porn, and are now forced into a speaking role. I am putting my research data here and hope that others will undertaking this project or contribute information to this thread for the benefit to others.

The '97 Altima uses a three-wire heated O2 sensor while the '95 240SX uses a single-wire 'unheated' O2 sensor.
Tech tip: This is similar to what was said for the section about the rear 02 heater control. The Thermal Control Amplifier sends the ON and OFF signal for the AC on pin 21 of the '97 Altima ECU.
Tech tip: This can be accomplished by cutting both pin 9 and pin 12 from the INSIDE OF THE S14 ECU. So as you can see, you will end up having to add in too many engine components just to get the '96 S14 ECU to be quite happy. The '97 and '99 Altimas has a lot of ECU changes and the S14 '95 ECU is too far a downgrade for you. Instead, you should be looking into the S14 240SX '96 ECU which is very similar to the '99 Altima.
A better description of Indigenous business is Indigenous people participating in the real economy through private sector business. It’s very important that the steps we take to create economies and promote Indigenous business, we don’t fall back into the trap of imposing more limitations that work against commercial activity. The population pyramid for Australia looks like most developing countries, with an aging population and largest distribution of population in the 30 to 55 aged groups.
There are multiple different statutory bodies with authority in Indigenous communities many of which have substantial and sometimes overlapping “gatekeeper” power over traditional lands and cultural rights.
Only members of a nation should be involved in its governance system using an objective and transparent test for identifying them based around descent. But as  long as government is paying the bills it will be in control, regardless of what notional controls are handed to community.
In a 2013 article The Economist observed that “the biggest poverty-reduction measure of all is liberalising markets to let poor people get richer. He currently owns residential and commercial property in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.
He has worked in construction, well drilling, plumbing, framing, roofing, heating, tiling, flooring and painting to name a few.
I have created a unique business to assist families to succeed in purchasing there homes through integrity and honesty, always striving for a win win situation. Obviously a fault with the crank sensor, being the main engine position input to the ecu, will result in a non running engine. There is a five second delay after power on for the ecu to settle but then, if everything is ok, the output pin will just be pulsing rapidly at about 4Hz. This could be caused by one of the four lugs on the crank pulley being damaged or the distributor not being set to the correct position causing the crank and phase pulses to overlap. The physical interconnect between both ECU are the same so therefore they have similar electrical pinouts.
That means that the Altima brings the O2 sensor to operating temperature much quicker than the 240SX. Since this sensor is far away from the exhaust manifold gases, and because there is a cooling effect on the gases as it travels down the tube, it will take a long time for the sensor to reach operating temperature. Locate pin 108 on the inside of the S14 ECU and solder in a jumper wire from pin 108 to pin 110.
The '97 Altima has a direct electrical connection to the AC relay while in the S14 it has to first go through the triple-pressue switch. Locate pin 63 on the inside of the S14 ECU and solder in a jumper wire from pin 63 to pin 28. This will leave pin 9 with two halves; one half of pin 9 will be connected to the ECU circuit board - lets call this circuit board connection side B, and another half of pin 9 will be connected to the ECU harness backplane - lets call this harness backplane connection side A.
So that when the Altima AC triple-pressure switch activates on pin 9A, it will be sent down pin 12B for processing.

The '96 S14 ECU has a lot of extra engine components that is not included with the '97 Altima.
While the 240SX has split that solenoid control into two parts; EGRC Solenoid Valve and EVAP Canister Purge Control Solenoid Valve. The Indigenous population pyramid is shaped like the population pyramid of developing countries like Ghana or India – wide at the bottom (younger age groups) and tapering off at the top (older age groups). There are also multiple systems of Indigenous land recognition and can be competing claims under different legal avenues. This creates confusion.
What government gives, government can take away. Indigenous communities need real sustainable economies that are no more tied to government than the rest of Australia. That means freeing trade between countries … and within them…” For Indigenous businesses to thrive in the Australian and global economies, our communities and systems also have to liberalise both within our own communities and in our dealings with others. The phase sensor is also critical as the engine has no idea which of the crank pulses is TDC without it.
If there are any faults present then the rapid pulsing will be interrupted by low frequency flash codes which can be seen on an analogue meter or a lamp. Any difference in height of the lugs may also cause an error when the engine is cranking at low rpm causing it to miss one but see the others. The 240SX, like all single-wire O2 sensor, relies on the exhaust gas and manifold temperature to bring the O2 to operating temperature.
That is where the heater inside the sensor comes into play, it allows the sensor to reach operational temperature in a couple of seconds. So that when the S14 goes to control pin 108 for the rear 02 heater, it will also flow down pin 110 and hit the U13 wiring for the rear 02 heater.
So that when the U13 senses the IAT on pin 28, it will also flow down pin 63 of the S14 ECU.
You need to rewire the S14 pin 12 so that it picks up the signal from pin 9 of the '97 Altima harness.
If calum is able to chip a 95-96 ecu I'll more than likely go that route instead of the S14 route. While the '95 S14 ECU has everything that the '97 Altima has, although there are some minor reconfiguration to be done.
Note - If pin 8 is not connected to ground then the fault pin will pulse at 4Hz normally and stay low when a fault is present. Since both platforms sends the sensor's signal over to the ECU via pin 46 there is no need to rewire this circuit.
Commercial negotiations become protracted or disintegrate with arguments as to who speaks for the nation and who speaks for others.
The MAP, ECT, ACT and TPS sensor inputs will only show an error if they are totally open circuit or closed circuit.
So, and if I am thinking correctly, you should be able to leave your Altima front heated O2 sensor in place, and when it gets heated by the exhaust system, the S14 ECU will process the O2 signal as normal. A sensor can be a long way from its correct output and the ecu will continue to believe it to be a valid input which can result in a mixture which is way too rich, or lean, resulting in poor running or a melted engine.
The rapid flashing will then repeat for a few seconds before repeating the same fault code or displaying the next one if more than one is present. The ECT and ACT sensors, when faulty, are just substituted with those of a warm engine (40'C for ECT and 15'C for ACT). A MAP sensor fault on a level 1 or 6 will result in a non running engine but the level 8 will try and create a useable value by calculating engine airflow from the throttle opening and engine rpm. If the engine is running and a sensor fails then the ecu will go into a limp home mode and limit maximum boost pressure to the base level of 0.3 bar by keeping the amal valve closed.

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