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I want to extend my thanks to Jonathan Style for creating the skin and panel elements for this instrument.
I really should comment AFTER attempting to program it some more, but this seems to be gold throughout! This is a really gorgeous instrument -- so flexible to program, a beguiling sonic quality, an intriguing way to make beautiful sound. I have uploaded an alternative skin to the forum for this instrument that will make the font clear. I can still chnage that, would it be enough to make it brighter, or is it really the font type that is the problem. While speaking with customers at IT Nation 2013, we found that most of our customers wanted help setting up and learning how to better use QuoteWerks.
In this video we introduce you to creating Service Tickets within ConnectWise via QuoteWerks.
From within QuoteWerks, you can enter a new lead in the quote and simply click on a button to create that company and contact in ConnectWise.
QuoteWerks has a built-in print layout designer that allows you to customize the look of your quote.

I noticed this makes very interesting sounds when the course knob under Mode Harmonics is swept up or down. We also found that most of our customers didn't know about the solutions we've released over the last two years. We have other videos on our website that discuss placing online orders, tracking your orders, Purchasing Sourcing, and other features of the purchasing window. Every year, we are told "I wish I could attend your IT Nation pre-day event" (because it was full) or "I can't make it to Orlando for IT Nation". This way we can educate those going to IT Nation and those that are not able to make the trek to Orlando. When you are in ConnectWise, you will see the sales opportunities and their sale amounts for each quote you have created for this contact. This is great for creating a service ticket for a site survey or to initiate any processes needed when creating a new quote or saving changes to an existing quote. Sales Orders in ConnectWise enable you to process, receive, enter and track your client orders with visibility and control. The same concept applies even if the opportunity is created using regular ConnectWise instead of Mobile.

This is helpful when using outside solutions like Labtech or JoomConnect that create Opportunities in ConnectWise. Customer profiles can be used by QuoteWerks to determine the appropriate pricing a particular customer should receive. The sound is organic enough that it sits naturally in a mix alongside physical instruments. The first ticket is created during the quoting process for the Accounting department to negotiate better rates with a distributor.
In the ConnectWise Opportunity, you will see the bundle header and the corresponding products that make up that bundle. After the quote it won in QuoteWerks, we then create a ticket for service and a ticket for all of the products which we then create an invoice for within ConnectWise.

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creating grouped products in magento

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