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Try clicking on each of the shapes and you'll see that each shape has its own link, bringing up its own JavaScript message! So, each image map is given a name (map-name), and one or more area tags to specify the hot spots in the image. You can specify a nohref attribute instead, in which case the hot spot will not link to anything.
As an alternative to defining the whole image map in HTML for the browser to read, you can use server-side image maps. Then, when you click on the image, the browser sends the (x,y) coordinate of the point that you clicked on to the server-side script, which can then interpret these (x,y) values and take an appropriate action. For example, if you wanted the user to choose a country from a world map image, you could use the server-side script to calculate which country was clicked on, and then display information about that country.
It's best to use a server-side map whenever the map has many areas, or where the areas are not easily defined by simple shapes such as circles, rectangles and polygons. If you're using a Web page editor such as Macromedia's Dreamweaver you can draw image maps straight onto your images and let the editor work out the coordinates, but what if you're editing your page by hand? Then, as you roll the mouse over the image, you should see the coordinates appear after the "?" in the status bar of your browser!

If you can't get that working, another technique is to open your image in a graphics package such as Adobe Photoshop. The Create Mind Map will help you uncover your own unique creative ideas and encourage positive change. You'll learn how to create client-side image maps, and we'll touch on server-side image maps too.
This means that, rather than having the whole image behave as one link, you can have lots of different links within the one image. Well, to associate an image map with an image, simply add the usemap attribute to the img tag for the image. In this definition, you tell the browser where the hot spots are in the image, and what the hot spots need to link to. When the mouse is rolled over this hot spot, the browser will usually pop up a tool tip displaying this title. With this type of map, the browser simply sends the (x,y) coordinates of the point clicked on to a server-side script (such as a CGI script). You can then move the mouse over the image and see the mouse coordinates in the Info Palette.

I'd like to hover over California and also make a box around Hawaii show as highlighted, along with California. If you're using JavaScript then you could attach your JavaScript onmouseover handler to both poly areas, so that both are highlighted when either is rolled over. Just what I needed to know about image maps, especially the part about viewing the coordinates in the browser status bar.thanks! Also available for purchase is my Idea Creation E-Book – never be stuck for an idea again!
The Create Mind Map breaks down what it means to create and how to be original in your idea generation.

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creating image maps in photoshop cs3

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