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Since mountains is the feature I have the greatest difficulty getting just right, I've made a page to describe how I do them. If you want to make changes, you can draw with a black painbrush tool to make corrections after erasing the faulty lines.
Mapmaking 101Karl Musser hosts a page where Arthur describes the principles in fantasy mapmaking. When you load you DEM or outlet file, you can create a new point shapefile using the Shapefile editor. For the next DEM you do the same, except you don't create a new shapefile but open the previously created one.
Off course, you will be able to use the method for other purposes also, but why spend time doing anything, which isn't related to roleplaying:-)To see what a map done according to my advice might look like, here is one of the maps I did (180kB).
If you want to do a World Scale map, you might consider doing maps on different sections with more details later on.

I recommend Adobe Photoshop, but you could probably also use Paint Shop Pro and get the same results.
If you think my mountains look silly, send me a JPG or GIF showing the mountains, you think look cool. Hopefully, your drawing program will have function, which allows you to keep each text bit separate.
I use MapWindow to extract drainage networks of river basins from their digital elevation models (DEMs). When you've filled in some values for each point you can color them by going to the properties of the shapefile and select the Categories tab. Look in an Atlas, to find out how our world looks and copy whatever you find to be nice looking.
If it is perfect, get a felt pen with a moderately thick end and start drawing the outline of the coast again.

Load the 1-pixel contracted selection, but remember to "subtract" the newly loaded selection.
I am wondering if it is possible for me to create a US map displaying my study basins using MapWindow (?).
I generally prefer a format, which can be reduced to "light" grayscale to avoid sucking my printer dry.
The rivers generally flow from the mountains towards the sea, so you have to do mountains first, keeping in mind the rivers.

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