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The standard method to create a series of worksheets with custom names is to add them and then rename them one by one. If you already have a list of the names for the worksheets then you can use this list to quickly have all the worksheets created and named properly in one go. Or just type the list of names in the cells (which is faster than renaming the sheets tabs) and then have the sheets automatically inserted and named at once. We've originally developed this utility when we needed to create workbooks to log working hours and have a worksheet for every week. One template with the proper information, formatting and page setup was created and then it was copied 52 times. Is it possible to insert 100 new worksheets in one go or do I have to click on 'insert','worksheet' 100 times?

We have to insert 30 worksheets that each have a different name into an existing Excel Workbook - is there a quick way of doing this? I have an excel worksheet, which I want to make 42 copies of, and rename each copy with the initials of the person to whom it belongs. In Excel, when I right click a tab in a workbook and get the option of 'move or copy' is it possible to 'copy' a worksheet multiple times all at once? Do you have a workaround for the "The sheet you are copying has cells that contain more than 255 characters.
This is a quicker solution than manually copying or adding and then re-naming the worksheets of the default method in Excel. In case you don't have ASAP Utilities yet, you can download the free Home&Student edition (for home projects, schoolwork and use by charitable organizations) or the fully functional 90-day Business trial.

When you copy the entire sheet, only the first 255 characters in each cell are copied." error I get in Excel? However, the actual time saved depends on how much you use Excel, the amount of sheets you're working with and how often you use this particular tool.

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creating multiple sheets in excel sas

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