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The design of the handset is befitting a high end, flagship device with matte finish back panel and glossy front. The display of the handset happens to be the highlight of the handset owing to its sheer size and brilliant resolution. The user experience of the Gionee Elife E8 happens to all but glorious and smooth to the hilt.
It seems that the handset maker was intending to design a performance oriented handset while designing the Elife E8.
Gionee Elife E8 happens to be one of the most powerful smartphone in the market when it comes to photography. It seems that Gionee has checked all the right tickboxes in terms of connectivity in Elife E8 smartphone.
Gionee has placed the handset in sub-INR 40,000 price segment and as such it takes a lot of heat from a number of flagship devices. The Elife E8 is a heavyweight as far as specs go and there is little to dissuade one from opting for this smartphone.
Who We Are & What We DoWe have gathered together a bunch of peerless minds with a dream and mission to devise a platform which will work as an instant solution provider to a layman. Moreover, our website also acts as a repository of handset-identification related information so that in the unfortunate scenario of your mobile phone getting lost, our advanced system will help you retrieve it. Police Department can verify the devices collected in a raid etc and hand over the gadgets to the actual owners (owners can be from any city of India considering devices stolen cross borders). My Journey to Create the Most Usable Keyword Research Tool, Long Tail Pro, and a special discount on it for you! Learn the Best Subreddits that allowed us to get 10,000 pageviews in less than 2 weeks from Reddit!
A couple of weeks ago, I revealed that I would be pursuing 2 case studies this year and sharing the details on my blog.  One of those case studies is to create a software product outside of the internet marketing or SEO niche.
I was happy to hear all the positive feedback that many of you shared in the comments of my last blog post.  Owning a software business can be highly profitable, and many of you are interested in learning the steps to create a software business without any programming skills. Well, today is the kickoff of that case study!  Below you will find what Perrin and I have already done to start our software business, and what our plans will be to market and sell the product.
Yes, I know that software is not a one time cost, it requires updates and maintenance and customer support; but its very different than a physical product that has variable costs based on number of orders.
Vylo came from looking for pain points in a strong, familiar market, which is where lots of good business ideas come from.
If you’re a gamer, you can probably list all the current voice chat solutions off the top of your head.
We didn’t have much capital (we were looking to spend around $700-$2,000), but what we did have was constantly tied up in escrow because we just could not find a developer who could do the job and do it right; heck, we even had a hard time finding a developer who would respond to our emails. So, if the idea is Perrin’s and he has been working on it for a few months already, why am I involved?
Well, Perrin has an excellent idea, but he has never created a software business before and he didn’t have the funds he needed to get the product off the ground. As it turns out, I have created a successful software business (Long Tail Pro) and I had a few dollars (we definitely needed more than the $2k Perrin was hoping to spend) that I was willing to invest. One major reason that I was interested in joining up on the Vylo project was because of some of the initial marketing success that Perrin had already accomplished.  Before he ever spent a dime on creating a product or doing much of anything, he was able to build an email list of over 6,000 interested users! And because this is a case study, I’m going to show you the live example of how Perrin was able to build up that email list so quickly! As you can see, its a very simple landing page with a video explaining the major benefits of the software.  So, with almost no money invested, Perrin was able to very quickly throw his idea out there and quickly learn that the target market is VERY INTERESTED in the idea!
In fact, within just a few days, Perrin was able to build an email list of over 6,300 people!  Nearly all of these people came from Reddit, and are interested in checking out the software once it launches.
You can be sure that we will leverage this email list once the product is ready for testing and goes live.  But perhaps even more importantly, it shows us that there is an eager and active audience for this type of product. The fact that Perrin was able to show me this landing page, and the huge email list (he had over 6,000 subscribers before I ever knew about the idea), was the primary reason that I was interested in joining up with him and investing in the business.
Once you have a business idea, and you’ve tested the market, the next step is to create the product! I had a couple of programmers that I knew, and we emailed them to let them know about the project.  Part of these early emails were to see what type of programming skills we would need and discover any programming concerns before we hired someone. There are so many different types of programming languages and platform choices, that it doesn’t hurt to ask a few questions before you even think about hiring anyone. I want to emphasize, that you can garner a lot of very valuable information once you post a job on Elance.  Before you hire anyone, do as much due diligence as possible!  You can get a good feel for how you would interact with potential contract employees.
The ones that usually ask the tough questions or the ones that see potential problems (and solutions) with your project, are most likely the ones that will be the best.  Unfortunately, this is also usually the ones that are the most expensive.
Wondering what we posted on Elance?  Here is an image of the exact post we placed on Elance! As you can see the job posting is quick and to the point.  As you can imagine, there was a lot of back and forth with bidders through private messages and emails that answered questions and fleshed out additional details. After finding the programmer or our choice, we officially got started building the software on Nov. And in case you are wondering how to pay a programmer.  We did a fixed bid job, with half the funds paid up front, and then the final 50% will be paid upon completion of the software. We certainly have thought of a few others ideas, but these are currently the core of what we want to pursue when we initially launch the software. Overall, because its a chat software, if it performs well and is easy to use, other gamers will be exposed to it as their friends invite them to play.  We hope this has a viral effect in the gaming community. As you may have gathered from this post, Vylo is going to be a free chat software for gamers.  However, we have some ideas for premium features or perhaps ad based revenue ideas that will make Vylo a real business (money in the door). We are very excited to get the product ready to go and let the market tell us what they think!  We’ve already received early indication on Reddit that gamers are very interested in this software solution, so we are encouraged with the initial results. We’ve also been planning how we can market the software once it launches, and we are think there is some great potential here.

Overall, this is only post #1 in the Vylo case study!  So, now that you have been introduced to case study #1, I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts below. As long as you can get the right people to the project’s url, then you should be fine.
You write pretty well, so getting to convince people with your words should be a simple task IMO.
I have plans in future in pursuing software development by approaching coders so I think this whole case study is really going to be an invaluable resource for me and many others for sure! This will be very cool to follow along with guys, lots of different skills involved and will be a really valuable case study. Being a gamer myself I know this has potential to be HUGE, I know Steam voice chat can be limited compared to say TeamSpeak or Ventrilo.
We love hearing from gamers like you John…the reaction has been really positive so far.
This seems good so far, but I don’t know how you guys will be able to monetize such a thing, since gamers basically want everything for free.
One monetisation method from the advertising angle you may or may not have thought of is using your background webpage space. Though we have considered using the background space, we hadn’t looked at it in that way. This has already been done but doesn’t mean there isn’t room for other competitors to enter into the market!
Alot of gamers are very picky when it comes to other apps running in the background when they play. The only way I would (could) use if I was gaming would be to create separate profile with just that app running, which would be sort of a pain initially and turn me off. It sounds like the features you want include area present in all of them and lacking many many many others.
Our primary competitors are independent developers who’ve already created similar programs. Just to add to Perrin’s response, server costs were definitely something we were initially very concerned with.
This is why Perrin says that our major competitors are going to be people who are trying to enter the space in the next year or so. Just one thing, the logo looks cool and professional but it’s so similar to Buffer’s logo, actually, only the color is different!
This isn’t going to be a project for an entry level or even mid level software engineer.
You’re going to need either one of those people who love to program just for the enjoyment of it and are a little off their rocker, or someone that has been in the industry for a while. One of the most challenging aspects of my dissertation is figuring out how to analyze the development of four different park systems (Pennsylvania, Idaho, Ontario, and Alberta) over a period of about one hundred years.
I chose Pennsylvania as my trial park system because it is the park system for which I have the most background knowledge. For some parks the category under which it fell was easy to figure out, however, for others it was not as clear and several categories might be suitable for one park. After I plotted all of the parks based on their year of creation, I was pleasantly surprised at the results and the potential of the timeline to aid my research. In the above timespan, 1920-1940, one can see that the parks created during this time were almost exclusively created on post-timber (dark green) and post-industrial land (blue). Fast forward to the 1950s, we can see the flurry of park activity during these three decades. If one then looks at park creation post-1980, below, two main points of observation stand out. And, just like all other Chinese brands, Gionne has also managed to impress the one and all with its budget-friendly devices that are also high on specifications. Moreover, with a sleek and slim design, the whole aesthetics of the handset is accentuated by a notch. We say this because the handset comes with the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop update installed in it out of the box.
The handset has been equipped with a powerful Octa-core processor that has been clocked at 2 GHz for an outstanding performance.
We say this, as it boasts of a powerful 24 Megapixel snapper on its rear panel, which is definitely the most powerful snapper available in the smartphone market as of now. The handset will be facing competition from the likes of Samsung Galaxy S6, Motorola Moto Turbo, Google Nexus 6 and Apple iPhone 6.
I know this post is going to be a monster, but I wanted to chime in and tell you a bit about where the idea came from and a little bit about what we’ve done so far. In a way, we (my best friend and I) knew what market we wanted to enter before we ever knew what kind of product we were going to make.
So, our strategy became to create a solution that was as easy, quick and simple as possible. Vylo is (or, will be) a voice chat platform that works inside your browser and does not require you to create an account. While it’s still a relatively un-competitive space, there are several programs out there that essentially do exactly what we’re trying to do.
Mostly this would be very much useful to those who have a limited-bandwidth broadband connection , as already pointed out, ingame chat clients as well as other third party chat clients use more bandwidth and are clunky. Before WebRTC, we would have had to buy flash servers, which basically cost $1 per visitor — which is crazy expensive. The resources of the browser and running app within must be extremely low or many gamers just wont do it.
We’re offering a very different product from them, even though they are in roughly the same space. Although we will need servers to ensure 100% reliability as we scale up, we can start without servers (as WebRTC is primarily a p2p network).

After asking the #twitterstorian community for timeline software suggestions, I settled on tiki-toki-com. The main question that I want the timeline to help answer is: How did the type of land on which parks were created change over time? For instance, many of the post-timber parks also have man-made lakes originally created for the timber industry. I plan to continue to tweak the categories as I learn more about the parks. This is significant because this is land that was basically abandoned, deemed useless, and thus acquired by the state for little to no money.
One can also see that a vast majority of the parks are associated with dam-creation (pink). For instance, the platform allows me to attach photos, videos, and descriptions to each park.
The Elife E series of smartphones are its flagship series, which offers high-end features to the power users in India. However, what pricks our eyes is the notable bezels above and below the display with capacitive touchscreen buttons on lower bezel. And, with a Quad HD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, it offers a visual experience like no other handset. The operating system is already known for its visually appealing material design and performance enhancements. Moreover, the processor has been coupled with a massive 3 GB of RAM to provide ample memory for multitasking and other performance related tasks. The snapper is loaded with features like optical image stabilization and phase detection autofocus. If you can deal with the unwieldy part, the Elife E8 is a strong proposition for you to consider. Most successful digital products (outside of Indie games) take millions of dollars to make, and most successful physical product markets are dominated by big third-party companies. A few newcomers have tried to break in, and a few have even been pretty successful, like Xfire. Instead of taking 30 minutes to set up a voice chat room with your friends, we wanted to create a solution that allowed people to do it in 30 seconds.
You can hop on the site, create a temporary voice chat room for free, share the URL with your teammates, and BAM! So, it wouldn’t be too much of a monetary investment, but it would definitely be a big time investment. People from your mailing list and thousands of people from reddit that will be interested in putting some money upfront. Since you already know he is a good one that would take out alot of work for those that aspire one day to have a software created. I am a visual learner, and about a month ago I realized that I needed to figure out a way to visualize the changes in park systems through time.
As the timeline stands, it is based on my first impressions of the historical accounts available to me. My case study, Cook Forest State Park, is the red dot before 1930, one of the lone instances of conservation. Either the parkland was purchased and a lake was created, or a lake was created for utilitarian purposes (often by the Army Corps of Engineers) and an adjoining park was established. Secondly, it is not until the 1980s that conservation starts to play a main role in state park creation. I hope to give updates as I finesse the Pennsylvania state park timeline and try my hand at temporally mapping the park systems of Idaho, Ontario, and Alberta. Working on dissertation analyzing the comparative history of provincial and state park development in Canada and the United States. Gionee Elife E8 is the next big thing coming from the Chinese brand, which is expected to make its debut this month.
The size and resolution of the display results in a pixel density of 490 ppi, which is quite impressive and will appeal to multimedia junkies. Now throw in the proprietary Amigo UI 3.1 interface and the whole package gets a lot better than it already is.
This handset comes with a 3520 mAh battery that can last a considerable duration of time on a single charge.
So the gaming market was our natural first choice when we started seriously pursuing entrepreneurship. Like your app this doesn’t need to take up much space on the page but they use the background as a huge advertising space. I figured I could try one timeline and then decide whether I wanted to pay for the monthly subscription. Cook Forest was created to save the largest track of old-growth forest east of the Mississippi, yet it took almost twenty years and a public donation campaign to save it. One can also see how small a role conservation continued to play in the creation of parks in Pennsylvania through the mid-1970s. Goddard, who served as the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters from 1955-1970 and the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Resources (Pennsylvania) from 1970-1979, is largely responsible for the significant upswing in Pennsylvania park creation during the 1960s and 1970s. The back panel of the handset also houses a fingerprint sensor apart from camera and dual-tone LED flash module. One thing I have noticed is that they tend to always use really high quality images in the adverts which I think makes part of their brand.
Why pay a lot of money for a stand of big trees when other land is being acquired for park purposes for a fraction of the cost?

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