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The breadcrumb on the top left we can use SharePoint’s breadcrumb trail and we will embed the newsletter subscription into the page layout because we don’t want this to be explicitly defined into the layout. If you preview your page layout, you will see it doesn’t look like much – we need to update the HTML around the field controls to properly format the layout. This will publish both the HTML and ASPX files, now making them available to create a page based on your layout. You can fill in your content either by typing it in or copying and pasting it from either your existing web site or from office documents such as Word.  The copy and paste has improved dramatically over previous versions!
Our content is there, but the layout doesn’t reflect what we want…so now edit the HTML to update our layout.
All the content within the main page area is fully managed by SharePoint can be easily changed by a content author.
It has a reasonably good HTML editor built it and you can use it to go in and directly edit Master Pages and Page Layouts.

Is is necessary to create the masterpage (the one you created) before creating the pagelayout?
Wiki pages – this type of pages is usually used to present content that do not require approval. Publishing pages – this type of pages is used when you need to store content that requires approval. Type the preferred text and then enter two square brackets to show the list of available pages. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike unless otherwise noted.
Do you have any tips for HTML editing now that we cannot use all the nice visual SP Designer features?
You can store a freeform data there like company description, policies or company main objectives, different tables, links, images and app content.

A Wiki page is easy in creating and managing, it gives you a flexibility to place any type of information and change page layout according to your needs.
Publishing pages are created using special templates – page layouts which can be changed later. They contain a number of web part zones where you can place web parts, mange them, drag and drop between different zones to arrange them according to you needs. When you create new Team site, it by default contains Site Pages library where all site`s pages are stored and new pages can be created. Wiki Pages can be modified only by users who have contribute permissions at the SharePoint site.

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creating pages in sharepoint 2013 youtube

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