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Considering buying an Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL)-approved collapsible ladder to escape from upper story windows. Gas and charcoal grills cause 900 structure fires and 3,500 outdoor fires in or on home properties each year. Gas grills have a higher fire risk than charcoal grills; leaks and breaks are the leading cause, accounting for nearly half of gas grill fires. Placing combustibles too close to heat, and leaving cooking unattended, are the two leading causes for charcoal grill home fires. Half of all gas grill and charcoal grill home fires begin on an exterior balcony or unenclosed porch. Today, Leiann Bonnet, Byrnes Communications Senior Account Manager and former high tech PR professional, is blogging from Boise, Idaho. If you have a customer reference program, then you know that having a customer willing to provide a positive reference—be that a case study, quote, or personal phone call— with other potential customers is invaluable. However, what is often overlooked is the link between customer reference marketing and public relations (PR). PR channels offer an exceptional opportunity to reward customers for participating as references. Access to executive-level customers eases the reporter’s burden of identifying and chasing press-ready spokespeople. The link between PR and reference marketing may seem fairly straightforward, yet it is a coordination exercise that is sometimes overlooked, or sabotaged by business unit silos within marketing organizations. Despite stiff competition from wood decks, the concrete patio is gaining in popularity as an essential element in today's backyards.
In addition to serving as a gathering zone for lounging and entertaining, concrete patios allow homeowners to seamlessly blend interior and exterior living spaces. As an investment, concrete patios typically cost less than patios made of brick or natural stone because they are less labor-intensive to install. Upgrading your backyard with a decorative concrete patio is also an investment that will provide many years of enjoyment while improving the look of your landscape.
Here, we offer tips for designing and sizing a concrete patio, give you an overview of the various concrete patio finish options, and tell you about ways you can accessorize and enhance your patio.

Browse our collection of concrete patio pictures for inspiration and ideas for your backyard, or other outdoor entertaining spaces. Get free patio plans, research concrete textures and colors, learn about creating focal points, decide which patio size is right for you, and much more.
Get design ideas and professional tips on how to give small patios greater visual appeal and functionality with concrete. Browse hundreds of patio pictures from across the country to get ideas for your own decorative treatment. Download these design sheets for concrete patio ideas in modern, old-world, or traditional design schemes.
Watch 7 videos with expert design ideas for creating beautiful patios and outdoor living areas. Your sales force can leverage other happy customers as firsthand proof of the value and potential returns from using your solutions and services. The customer gets great visibility because they can be positioned as leaders in their fields. They want to hear candid and balanced accounts from customers who have used the vendor’s products.
Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is an example of a publicity service that connects reporters and bloggers, news sources, and businesses to tell their stories, promote their brands, and sell their products and services.
For instance, a customer success story can easily be transformed into a first-person account that is published under the customer’s byline. This can be a gold mine of opportunity and a way to create a win-win situation for customers willing to spend some of their precious time participating in your reference program. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders in 2012, concrete is the most popular patio material in the country. They are the perfect decorative flooring surface for outdoor kitchens and living rooms, complete with cozy seating areas, fireplaces and water features.
The lower price tag combined with the wide array of patterns and colors available make concrete an economical choice for most budgets.
For people with existing concrete patios, we also tell you about ways to give your old patio a decorative makeover by resurfacing, staining or engraving.

PR specialists can be out conducting press tours, managing product reviews, and pitching the press while reference pros are qualifying customers as references, generating customer content and nurturing customer-to-customer relationships to advance sales initiatives.
The secondary message is that adoption of your cutting-edge products and services helped them achieve their goals.
Bringing customers into the PR picture is necessary to inject authenticity and trust into the process. With HARO, reporters and bloggers post queries and vendors have the opportunity to respond with relevant content, spokespeople, or other sources to aid that reporter with their story.
This provides visibility for the customer, and is a subtle way to promote your products and services. In seven of nine geographical regions identified in the study, poured concrete is the most commonly used outdoor surface material in luxury-home construction coming in ahead of concrete pavers and natural stone.
Unlike paving stones, you won't have joints between units where grass and weeds can sprout. Pitching a relevant customer in response to a specific press query can be an effective and credible way to have customers tell your company’s story, as well as strengthen your relationship with the press. Considering many publications are resource-strapped, this is a great way to assist the press with welcome content, without making them do the heavy lifting. With more decorative options than ever before, concrete patios are attracting homeowners who want an outdoor surface that offers the ultimate in design versatility.
When enhanced by stains and integral colors, concrete patios can be color coordinated to match a home's exterior or landscape.
They can also be stamped or engraved in patterns that mimic other popular paving materials, such as brick, flagstone, slate and tile.

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