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Handling the media in a crisis takes skill. The media pack can descend on you and your response is critical.
Learn from examples of good and bad reactions to crisis situations – the first rule being that “no comment” just isn’t going to cut it. Designed to warn delegates about the potential dangers of getting it wrong, our crisis management training ensures you think before you speak and have a plan in place should the worst appear to happen. A high level media training course aimed at chief executives, senior executives and other senior personnel.
Delegates will leave with an increased confidence in handling the media in a crisis situation, along with a sound understanding of the concept of crisis management. Due to the sensitive nature of the topics covered, our crisis management course is only offered as a bespoke course and will be individually tailored to meet your requirements. Karen Ainley is a former BBC TV and radio newsreader and reporter with a background in newspaper journalism. John Whyte-Venables is a professional journalist and trainer with 30 years in the media.  As a former BBC radio, television and online reporter there isn't much John doesn't know about how the press and broadcasters work, and he is never happier than when passing his knowledge on. The 2013 Crisis Management Training Seminar, presented by the American Bus Association and hosted by C&J Bus Lines was a hit! Knudson and Ronan stressed the importance of having a crisis-management plan in place, and the folly of trying to handle a situation without coordinating with outside organizations. While it’s not something anyone likes to think about, the way your business handles a crisis will speak volumes about the way you operate as a whole.
This suite of training has been developed by the Office of Emergency Management, Risk Management Services. Training supports the development of risk management through effective, engaging, relevant training with real-life applications and critical thinking skills. Additional Courses: ICS 200 and 300 are also available for CMT members in supervisory roles. Every company will test its fire alarm to make sure it works.  But how many test their crisis management plan to make sure it does the job?
Fantastic day today spent with Bill & Andrew, a difference-making day indeed and delighted to have won a Pink Elephant trophy! Brilliant , very valuable (and highly enjoyable) training course at Pink Elephant studios last week.
Excellent, highly professional interview and feedback process tailored very well to Britannia.

Working in the crisis environment when pressure is high, information often limited and the unfamiliar creates an extremely different set of challenges and problems to the normal business setting. Our extensive range of training courses are therefore aimed to help you plan for before, during and after a crisis. In a crisis, it is your leaders in your company who will experience the brunt of the problem. We can train you to implement a Crisis Management Plan that sets out the framework and structures for the composition and then the activation of your crisis teams.
Having these clear templates and checklists assures you that whatever crisis that may happen, you and your team will know what to do in what circumstances. As such, this approach will increase the changes of a successful outcome while minimising any financial loss, loss of reputation and minimising of the stress on your people. Speak to our expert crisis management consultants today to learn how we can improve the organisational operation of your business with professional Crisis Management Training. ABOUT CRISIS MANAGEMENTAs Singapore’s Number 1 Crisis Management Company, we develop and improve organisational and business resilience in times of crisis and emergency. WHY CRISIS MANAGEMENTHere at Singapore Crisis Management we can help you identify potential crises, prevent crises from occuring, manage crisis situations and help your busness recover effectively from a crisis. If you don’t say enough you cause wild speculation, say too much and you may regret the consequences. Gain an insight into what journalists are looking for and what procedures should be considered in a crisis management plan.
Any spokesperson likely to be called upon to have to deliver a response to a crisis in the media. The course will enable participants to create a workable and realistic crisis management strategy for their organisation and will provide good and bad examples of crisis management.
She started Mosaic Media Training in 2000 after leaving the BBC and has helped thousands of individuals improve their skills over the years.
He is a past National President of the Round Table organisation and has been passing on his media training and presentation skills for over a decade. As hard as we work to prevent them, we simply cannot control all the factors that might contribute to an incident. The NTSB and ABA have resources in place for crisis communication, media outreach and messaging, and transportation organizations should work together to use them, according to Knudson.

C&J Bus Lines is proud to have facilitated these important discussions and we heartily thank all of our attendees.
Your staff deserve to be prepared for difficult times and business crisis and we provide a full range of Crisis Management training services to equip your employees with the necessary skills that are required during a crisis.
Our aim is to make individuals become desensitised to the stress of an actual crisis so they can respond and control rapidly. While our business continuity and recovery workshops are aimed for your CEO and board members, we integrate everything we offer with advanced leadership training options. This ensures your staff will gain maximum value from the training and your investment.Our crisis management training courses are delivered on-site at a location of your choice.
Having this clear process sets out the procedures for control and co-ordination of the response at the strategic, tactical and operational levels in clear terms. As such, we will provide you with a clear road map of activation and response, the competencies and skills for implementation, and any crisis tools for support teams. Our crisis management course will introduce you to the media and equip you with the skills and confidence to develop a proactive and positive relationship with journalists, even when handling a crisis. With a BA (Hons) in Publishing and Computing and now an MSc in Digital Marketing Communications, Karen loves all things techie, and has leapt from the world of 'traditional' media into the hugely diverse digital arena, where she has a keen interest in how businesses use the internet to promote themselves to their target audiences. The 2013 Crisis Management Training Seminar addressed how transportation companies can work with the media, customers, and safety officials during and directly following a transportation-related crisis.
Our trainers facilitate and motivate through real case studies, experience in the field, and depth of understanding across incident, emergency and crisis management. We take the time to get to know your businss and what factors may affect you, as such our training courses can be tailored to your specific needs. As such, we should be your only option in making your business stronger and more secure than ever before. She was one of the UK's first podcast trainers, when few people knew what a podcast was, and loves working with organisations of all sizes to help them raise their own strategic game.
Finally, we'd like to thank lunch sponsor DataRisk for some great food and their words on industry risk-management.

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