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In business, cross cultural communication plays a critical role in successfully carrying out business with teams and stakeholders in other areas of the globe.
Every culture has a different set of values, business ethics, accepted behavior and decoruma?’ even different facial expressions and gestures.
Believe it or not, culture influences how people in different countries prefer to receive information. The key with any group of listeners from another culture is to do your homework, and dona€™t rely on your personal frame of reference when addressing an audience of another culture. In our next post, wea€™ll offer you some guidance for communicating effectively in meetings with cross-cultural teams. Would you like to improve your international communication and avoid cultural clashes?A  Cross-Cultural Competence could be a short-cut to better communication and better business.A  Language competence must include cultural competence to equip you for your business communication.

Cross Cultural training could be an efficient way to practice your Swedish language skills, through dialogues and talks. Cohen has developed significant expertise in import-export operations and compliance, foreign market entry, intellectual property, international negotiations, and cross-cultural communication. Cohen has been asked to teach courses in international business and international law at universities in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Near East.He is the author of numerous publications on import-export regulation, international negotiations, intellectual property protection, and cross-cultural communications.
When the communication is effective, everyone benefits from increased bandwidth, institutional knowledge, and competitive advantage. Although English is regarded as the common international language of business, not every business globally uses English on a regular basis. For example, how interactive you should make your presentation depends on the culture to which you present.
By focusing on their own frames of reference, you acknowledge their customs and perspective, which goes far towards winning them over.

Ineffective communication however, can offend, confuse or send a misconstrued message which could lead to broken relations with customers, partners, vendors, and employees. For example, in the United States it is common for the speaker to share personal anecdotes to build audience rapport, but in other countries this is considered tiresome. However, Eastern Europeans are accustomed to presentations that are formal, high detailed and with few interruptions. Canadians, like Americans, enjoy a brisk pace; and Latin American audiences prefer a speech with a high level of emotional appeal.

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crosscultural communication skills resume

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