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When it comes to meeting new people, nothing is more annoying than constantly having to repeat yourself. For this third session, the Dale Carnegie instructors have taken on the enormous task of helping us achieve this mental state. Some people scarcely even talk, opting for a curt, non-expressive nod of the head when acknowledging a cashier at the pharmacy, a barista at the coffee shop, even coworkers. A man enduring an interminably long wait in an airport had just been informed that his flight was indefinitely delayed.
Lessons in how to win friends and influence people, chronicled by a student of Dale Carnegie Training. There are probably very few people in the business world who have not heard of Dale Carnegiea€™s famous book a€?How To Win Friends and Influence People,a€? which was published in 1936.
Dale Carnegie first started bringing his self-improvement methods to the world in 1912 and turned his ideas into a global performance-based training company with 200 offices in 86 countries. However, recognizing that Facebook, Twitter, and other social media have changed the workplace, Dale Carnegie recently released a€?How To Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Eraa€? and also released the original book as an e-book.
In terms of materials that we use, what we teach, and the principles, they are the same in every one of the 86 countries where we are. But having said that, each country has different ways of doing things and different cultures. One of the Dale Carnegie principles is to smile because a smile communicates something positive. The principles have stood the test of time and are timeless because they are based on human nature and human nature does not change, even in the digital age.
What we are also seeing in many markets is that when we have a class, the class members will form a group on Facebook and keep in touch with each well after they have ended the class. One of the best parts of my job is to meet executives from all kinds of different companies.
I read Dale Carnegiea€™s book when I was in high school and I have taken the Dale Carnegie program. It is important to surround yourself with really good people and give them the leeway to do their jobs. Since you are constantly traveling, do you ever get to see much of the city you are visiting? Often, I am so busy on my trips that I dona€™t get the chance to see much, so I rely on my wife to tell me what the place was like. If your corporation sends you to Dale Carnegies, you are on the way to a corporate senior management team. This past weekend, the Dale Carnegie training team of NE Ohio held their yearly training refresher. For training, the topic came up of how to engage a group when performing a webinar, an important topic for any trainer in this age of online video and ubiquitous webcams. As the webinar leader, it’s up to us to make sure our participants are engaged and not thinking about how to clean up their email, unless, of course, our webinar is about how they can clean up their email inbox.

We discussed some options to increase engagement, such as conducting a quick poll or doing some preliminary house cleaning. I recall another spirited discussion surrounding technology, in particular PowerPoint, and if it added or detracted from our events. My impression is that most people don’t know how to use PowerPoint beyond knowing how to position it, turning it off when not needed, and not having the image display across our faces like one of those cheap science fiction movies. Every PowerPoint presentation I have seen typically contains a series of bullet points on every slide with the corporate logo in the background.
If you are in the Ohio area, the next instructor refresher will be in the Columbus area on April 20, 2013.
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When you are around such a person, their seamless storytelling skills aren’t consciously registered.
Even when we are physically still, we are stumbling through the careening corridors of the mind. Ever observant, he noticed the swarm of irate, dissatisfied customers haggling a poor woman working at the service counter.
Nonetheless, a remarkably large part of all interactions involves a subtle competition for attention. Die Urheberrechte liegen bei der DCA Training GmbH, Wien und bleiben auch in vollem Umfang bestehen, wenn sie elektronisch oder hA¤ndisch in ein Archiv A?bernommen werden.
The company works in 30 languages throughout the world and includes as its clients 400 of the Fortune 500 companies.
There is a real need in Japan for the kind of training that we do, whether it is communications skills, training leaders within companies or team-building.
They have a very open attitude toward training and really want to do as much training as they possibly can.
We train women there and we are unusual in that sense because most companies only train men. We think it is very important that their heart and soul is in what they do, rather than just punching a clock at the beginning and end of the day. I dona€™t think you can understand the world Dale Carnegie operates in only by the Internet. Laura Nortz led us on a spirited journey of discovery through some of the conditions that impeded engagement in the classroom and in the workplace.  Supplementing our discussions were the usual battery of exercises involving us creating sessions that addressed active engagement in the work place while getting our audience, the other instructors, actively engaged in the training environment.
When a participant arrives early in one of our classroom sessions, it usually means that they are looking for something – looking for help in a talk, looking for help in applying the Dale Carnegie principles in a work situation, or looking for new ideas on getting ahead in their career.
When a person signs on early, they are typically greeted with music and maybe a few PowerPoint slides flashing on the screen. One technique I’ve seen used by LinkedIn expert Lewis Howes is to ask people where they are from and to type their responses into the question box. The argument against PowerPoint was that it represented a tremendous temptation for presenters to use it as a crutch.

As instructors, sales people, and managers, it’s up to us to use the appropriate technology to support the environment our users live in and achieve the desired outcome.  Remember, you are the message.
Too many problems, too much noise, we cannot help but to be caught in the vicious whirlwind.
DafA?r bitten wir jedoch bei Printmedien um ein Belegexemplar und bei Film und elektronischen Medien um eine kurze Benachrichtigung.
The principles of being genuinely interested in other people, being a good listener and winning others to your way of thinking are just as relevant today, says Handal who has been president and CEO of the company since 2000. This year so far, we are happy to have done the same business as we did last year, considering the March 11 disaster. We have 2,700 trainers around the world and if you went into a Dale Carnegie class in Johannesburg, or Tunis, or Sweden, it would be the same interactive methodology. I learned a long time ago that the most successful people are not necessarily the brightest ones with the highest IQs. I learned that when you deal with your staff, you should begin in a friendly way and that encourages staff to listen.
Ita€™s fun to see the consistency around the world, and that consistency is an important reason for our success. When they arrive, whatever time that happens to be, we have to stop what we are doing and get them engaged. That leaves the participants free to check their email, finish up some other errands, or engage in a quick session of Angry Birds.
Use this time to set the tone, establish the hashtag, and let people broadcast that they are about to get on one of the best webinars this year. However, the argument for PowerPoint was that it maintains the presenter’s credibility and shows our participants that we are fluent with all of the latest technologies. All of the tech at our disposal simply allows us to get our message to a larger audience faster.
Upon talking with this woman, he noticed that she was (understandably) quite impatient and edgy. If you are the CEO of a Chinese company and youa€™re looking at growth of up to 25% a year, you wonder where you are going to get your managers and leaders from.
There was one woman in the class and the Muslim man absolutely refused to throw the ball toward her because that would have been offensive in their culture.
But our afternoon exercises involved a series of 2-minute talks and coaching centered on activity that reflected our business acumen. Maintaining interaction (and maintaining a relationship) requires that both parties’ need for attention is met. They can communicate with others, understand people, be a good listener and know how to build teams.

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