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ADVANCE PAID collects and aggregates faculty recruitment data that are transportable not only across the 10 UC campuses, but potentially across broader subsets of universities or disciplines.
You are about to be taken to our payment provider site to update your account information, Continue? The culture-specific problems on which we will start working are not yet defined; in fact, this is the first taks of the project. Expected results: Large open repository of musical data (using Creative Commons licenses when possible) using an RDF data model.
Profiles involved: Musicologists and musicians from each musical culture plus music information management researchers from the MTG. Target: Carry out musicological and cultural studies to understand the chosen repertories within their cultural context.
Expected results: Musicological and cognitive theories of the non-Western music studied with a multi-cultural perspective.
Profiles involved: Musicologists from each musical culture plus researchers specialized in computational musicology from the MTG.
Expected results: Contributions to the Music Ontology Specification to support the musical cultures selected. Profiles involved: Musicologists, musicians and linguists from each selected culture plus music information management researchers from the MTG.
Target: Develop signal analysis techniques and machine learning approaches to describe the music collections chosen, using the audio recording plus all the information gathered in Task 1.
Expected results: Data models and metadata to include as descriptions of the music and to be added in the database created in Task 1.

Profiles involved: Researchers specialized in audio signal processing and machine learning from the MTG, plus experts from the different musical cultures.
Target: Characterization of users and communities, modelling their musical preferences and behaviours. Expected results: Preference and behaviour representations, which will include audio descriptors, and music ontologies knowledge, personality information, general cultural context, and short-term behavioural context, appropriate to a specific cultural context. Profiles involved: Researchers from the MTG specialized in human-computer interaction with the contributions by experts and non-expert users from the selected musical cultures.
Profiles involved: Researchers from the MTG with the contributions by experts from the selected musical cultures. Project managers use stakeholder analysis to identity the key stakeholder and to assess interests, positions, alliances, and importance given to the project by such stakeholders. The project will be able to change its direction depending on the intermediate results obtained and on the new ideas that might come up. We have defined the main transversal tasks and research approaches that we will use to tackle our ambitious aims. We focus on the issues of similarity, music categorization, and context of usage of the music.
Month 36: Results in techniques specific for analyzing Turkish and Indian music repertoires.
Month 36: Identify relevant social network sites of the musical cultures selected with which to carry computational studies.
Develop techniques to allow the system to evolve with the user, with the context, and with the availability of new information.

Gundecha Brothers, who are among the most active exponents of Dhrupad music, visited Barcelona for a lecture demonstration and a concert.
Data is analyzed and used to pinpoint roadblocks to recruitment of women and under-represented minority applicants in STEM, and to shape recruitment practices that overcome such roadblocks. Such knowledge allows project managers to interact more effectively with stakeholders and to increase support for a given policy, program, or project. Open notation systems, like Humdrum, will be used to integrate information and perform multidimensional analysis through user-defined musicological criteria. Month 60: Comparative musicological studies of Turkish, Indian, Andalusi and Chinese musics. Develop analysis techniques that take into account non-Western tuning systems, performance styles, and musical instruments. Identification of limitations of current audio analysis techniques for analyzing Chinese and Andalusi repertoires. Conducting such an analysis before project implementation allows project managers to detect and take measures to avoid misunderstandings and potential opposition to the project.
Month 54: Availability of extended repertoire of Ottoman and Indian (Hindustani, Carnatic) music.

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data gathering and analysis in software project management pdf

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