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Privacy statement:Only Malaria Consortium has access to the information that you have provided above. Kabagenyi Scovia visits village health club member, Aramanazani Grace, who has eight young grandchildren that live with her. The club has started a credit and savings initiative where each member makes a voluntary contribution of 1,500 shillings three times per month.
Bamukuraki Joyce borrowed 50,000 shillings to buy fish from the local fishermen to smoke and sell at the market. As a village health club non-member, she paid back the loan with interest (10,000 shillings) after one week.

Village health club meetings provide a forum where community health workers and community members can work together to identify child health challenges. It will be used to help us understand how our publications are used and any personal details will not shared with any third party. So far, 170,000 shillings have been saved up from which non-members can borrow with interest, and club members get interest free loans and assistance. Her condition was too severe for the local health centre to treat, and she was referred to Hoima Hospital, which is about 70km away. The clubs put community assets - such as village networks, personal experience, local knowledge and creativity - at the centre of local efforts to improve child health.

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database management training in nigeria jobs

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