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William "Will" Robert Horton (formerly Roberts, originally Reed) is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, most recently portrayed by Guy Wilson. The character was a recurring child role until recast as a teen with Dylan Patton in 2009, and as a young adult with Chandler Massey in 2010. The character of Will was killed off (with murder) on October 9, 2015, a month before the show's 50th Anniversary, by new Headwriters Dena Higley and Josh Griffith. The role of Will Horton was originally played by child actors Shawn and Taylor Carpenter from 1995 until 2002. Following his second Emmy win in 2013, Massey revealed that after his current contract expired, he would vacate the role to return to college.
On September 12, 2013, it was announced that actor Guy Wilson was cast in the role of Will.
Darian Weiss, Christopher Gerse, and Dylan Patton, were all nominated for Young Artist Awards for their portrayal of Will.
Days of Our Lives won the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Daily Drama in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, in recognition of the characters and stories of Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis and related characters.
It was originally reported that Will would be coupled with Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith), who is a gay character. In August 2011, Massey told Jacobs that he did not know if the series were going to proceed with a gay storyline for Will. Rick Nelson of the Star Tribune said that Will's coming out storyline was addictive viewing. Joachim Ohnona from Pure People said that it took the serial more than ten thousand episodes to air their first gay kiss. Will Horton's romance with Sonny Kiriakis has been generally well received by critics and the audience.
Former Days writer Kola Boof, tweeted "I think the killing of Will Horton is one of the biggest dumbest mistakes in Days history. Fans expressed outrage via social media and article comment threads and letters to Soap Opera Digest. A fan tweeted thanks to Alison Sweeney (who plays Will's mother, Sami Brady) for sharing her reaction to the killing of Will. Will is born on November 16, 1995 (later retconned to 1992) to Sami and Austin via Caesarean section. Lucas moves back in with Will and Sami after Carrie has an affair with Austin and they leave town.
Will (now Dylan Patton) returns to Salem to live with Sami in February 2009, meeting and eventually dating Mia McCormick (Taylor Spreitler). In 2010, Will (now Chandler Massey) hates EJ, and encourages Sami to date the respectable Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) instead, even moving in with Kate and Stefano to avoid EJ.
Eugene Bradford is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives portrayed by John De Lancie From 1982-86, and again in 1989. In 1985 Eugene and Calliope Jones became engaged, however their engagement hit a roadblock. In 1986, shortly after their marriage, Eugene disappeared along with a time machine he was working on. This week, when Jordan’s mysterious brother Ben meets Abby, he’ll be smitten with the young Ms. Will Abby and Ben find romance this Spring in Salem, and if so, how will EJ react to Abigail’s new relationship with the handsome Ben? If Abby sleeps with Ben, and then later finds out she is pregnant, there could be a paternity crisis on the horizon for Salem. This entry was posted in Characters, Latest News, Spoilers and tagged Abby Deveraux, Ben Ridgeway, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Days of Our Lives spoilers. Theresa tries to tell Daniel, but he lashes out on her, telling her to stay away from Brady. Eric is about to tell Nicole about his concerns for their relationship, but Marlena interrupts them. This entry was posted in Latest News, Recaps and tagged Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Days of Our Lives recap. The actress wasn’t shocked by Sheryl’s exit, as the role was always intended to only last for 4 months. Jade’s departure from “Days of Our Lives” comes just after fans have gotten used to her being Lucas’ romantic interest. This means that Lucas is single again, just as EJ and Sami’s wedding is coming up, and EJ’s affair with Abby possibly being uncovered for all. This entry was posted in Cast, Characters, Comings and Goings, Latest News and tagged comings and goings, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Jade Harlow, Sheryl Connors. The Phoenix Rudolpho Meradi Serge Anatol (as conductor) Mrs Lafferty (disguised) Joseph M. Stefano DiMera (alias the Phoenix) is a fictional character, a villain on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives, played by Joseph Mascolo (1982-85, 1988, 1993-2001, 2007-08, 2008-16). It was a celebration of the death of Stefano, but also, a fitting farewell to, Joe Mascolo, the gifted actor who portrayed him for 32 years!!
Stefano first appears on-screen in January 1982 with his son Tony surveying the citizens of Salem Stefano travels to Salem shortly after being introduced as the friend of Lee DuMonde and it is soon revealed he is the father of Lee's daughter, Renee DuMonde, which adds complications to her relationship with Tony.
Stefano returns in 1984 with his nephew, Andre, who has gotten plastic surgery to look like Tony. Stefano resurfaces in 1988 to claim his son Benjy, who is about to be adopted by Kayla Brady her husband Steve Johnson as well as to attempt to "reprogram" Roman, whom he had brainwashed in 1984–85, to serve as one of his assassins (Stefano actually got the idea about brainwashing his "agents" from former daughter-in-law Anna DiMera who had hypnotized her own daughter Carrie into acting out against Roman as part of a plot to discredit him in the eyes of polite society). Stefano retreats to his New Orleans estate, Maison Blanche where he kidnaps Marlena and John. In 2006, an ill Stefano sends his son Elvis, now known as EJ to impregnate Sami Brady, so they can use the fetus's stem cells to improve Stefano's health. In 2008, the origins of the feud are known and it is revealed that Stefano's father, Santo DiMera, had an affair, and fathered a child with Colleen Brady. In 2009, Tony dies during a fight with Philip Kiriakis, and Stefano has Philip shot in retaliation. Having angered many of his enemies, Stefano is shot and presumably killed in early June 2012. Stefano remained absent from Salem for a few months, and was often seen talking to Kristen on the phone. Silvan Hodak 1983 Attempted to kill Roman Brady at his wedding to Marlena in 1983 (he was a tailor at the tuxedo shop). Domingo Salazar The Tale of Two Romans (1991) Guided John and Marlena through San Christabel Held Roman and John at gunpoint in Mexico Was taken to the ISA headquarter and later sent to prison.
Curtis Reed (Brown) Hired by Peter Blake to kill John Black, but failed and blackmailed Kristen Blake for money Killed by Stefano. Celeste Perrault Maison Blanche (1994) Held John prisoner at Maison Blanche helped keep Hope at Maison Blanche Still living in Salem.
Peter Blake Temporary "Insanity": Peter poisons Laura into insanity (1994) Arranged to medicate Laura Horton to make her think she was going insane again Peter is currently serving a sentence of unknown length in an out of state prison to which Stefano had him transferred.
This list includes times Stefano faked his death, was presumed dead, or was reported dead by others.
Again, in 1996, he was blown up and buried under collapsing tunnel during confrontation with Rachel Blake.
In 2002, Andre DiMera (posing as Tony) claimed that his uncle had died from injuries sustained from a car crash in Monte Carlo. In 2004, when Marlena and the presumed dead Salem Stalker victims found a blackened, unrecognizable corpse on Melaswen, Andre (posing as Tony) claimed it was Stefano. Did not give Bo Brady proper treatment for his brain tumor while he was being held captive resulting in his death (Nov 2015). The son of Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo), the character first appeared on November 16, 1995.
After a 2011 announcement that Will would be involved in a gay storyline, the character kisses another man in 2012.
Various LGBT news sources have criticized the slow pace of Will's coming out storyline, while others noted that Days of Our Lives was one of the last shows to portray gay characters. This generated "major" fan backlash, and criticism in the soap press, as well as accusations that Days of Our Lives were pandering to anti-gay sentiment in their audience base. Darian Weiss played the character until 2003, until Christopher Gerse was cast in the role. His mother Sami (Alison Sweeney) has lied about his paternity, attempting to pass him off as Austin's (Austin Peck) son.
Chandler Massey (playing Will) said that the two characters share a bond; Will sees Austin as a "father figure" and Austin often feels paternal. However, Smith later revealed that Sonny could become involved with a new character and not Will.
When Days of Our Lives employed two new producers and a head writer, it cast uncertainty over the storyline. Massey told Robert Waldron of Soap Opera Digest that Will had been keeping his "self-loathing and disgust" over his sexuality to himself, which results in him becoming "tightly wound". He added that it was "better late than never" and opined that some would call it a "non-event" for the soap opera. TV Guide said that "while it took 45 years for the show to introduce its first openly gay character (Sonny) and another year and a half to have him find a male partner (Will), the wait was well worth it. Tony S did too, writing "Will was just as fit as any other Salem heartthrob, but was so discombobulated by a toss to the fridge that he couldn't fight back.
It is later revealed that Sami forged hospital records to conceal the fact that Lucas is Will's biological father.
The new relationship is complicated by Mia's past with Chad DiMera (Casey Deidrick), with whom she secretly had a daughter who was then illegally adopted by Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker). Will begins dating Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) and befriends Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith), who Will is surprised to learn is gay.
Will is negotiating a joint custody agreement with Gabi and Nick in May 2014 when Nick is shot and killed. Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) asks Will to be his best man in his upcoming wedding to Will's cousin, Abigail Deveraux (Kate Mansi). Eugene's grandfather had recently died in Haiti, and since Eugene was the next in line he inherited the curse. In order for Eugene to collect his inheritance he had to marry a rich and high class woman. While the doctor told her that she wasn’t pregnant with EJ’s baby, it seems that could have been a lie since the doc was on Stefano’s payroll.
He had a nephew (later retconned to be his son), Andre DiMera, who through plastic surgery became identical in appearance to Antony.
Throughout the years, he has become more gothic, especially through his firm belief that he will never die. Stefano succumbed to gunshot wounds, inflicted by Hope Brady, because she thought he was responsible for the kidnapping, and death of her longtime love, Bo Brady. Stefano attempts to help Tony win back his wife, Liz Chandler while Stuart Whyland begins blackmailing him and Stefano kills him.

Together they plan to frame Roman for a string of murders; meanwhile Stefano discovers another daughter, Megan Hathaway.
He traps several of Salem's citizens on his island but his plans for revenge are foiled and he escapes. Stefano is later struck by lightning and becomes so obsessed with Marlena that he bribes the judge presiding over John's murder trial to issue the death penalty. EJ shoots John, and they steal his kidney, so Stefano has enough strength to make a full return.
Stefano is diagnosed with diabetes, and Victor kidnaps him, and tries to force EJ to hand over the DiMera empire.
In 2011, Stefano helps EJ kidnap Sami's husband, Rafe Hernandez imprison him in the DiMera basement while putting a lookalike in his place. Suspicion for the murder quickly falls upon EJ, who continuously professes his innocence, but no one, save for Will or Sami, seems to believe him. Chad laments about his tumultuous relationship with Stefano and admits that Stefano was the most terrifying person he has ever met but that EJ and Andre were a close second. He is serving time for kidnapping (Jennifer), attempted murder (Hope, Jasper, Jennifer, Jack, everyone at St. Andre said he had killed Stefano by draining his blood so Andre could cure his own blood disease. In the storyline, Sami gives birth to Lucas' baby but pretends that Austin Reed (Austin Peck) is the father so that he will marry her. Massey said that he hoped his storyline would challenge people's views on homosexuality and promote tolerance. Patton and Massey both received Daytime Emmy Award nominations for their portrayal of Will. Gerse told Janet Di Lauro of Soap Opera Digest that he had previously auditioned for Will, and then another part, but had not landed either role. Coinciding with the exit of Alison Sweeney from the series, Wilson took a brief hiatus on October 30, 2014 as Will accompanies Sami out of town.
In 2010, Patton received a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series, and the next year (2011), Chandler Massey was nominated.
It is eventually revealed that Austin's brother Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is Will's biological father. In November 2011, Lynette Rice of Entertainment Weekly announced that the serial were going ahead with Will's gay storyline.
Massey said that while he was not told whether or not they would proceed, he played Will "with his sexuality in mind". Will drinks alcohol to make himself feel "less awkward", in turn this makes him do something he wouldn't when he is of a sober mind. Dan Avery of Queerty said that the serial "made television history yesterday when it became the absolutely last show to show two men kissing".
Alllll riiiggghhhttt", and "he had a child and husband to live for – to fight for – yet the writers seemed like he couldn't die fast enough." Several commentators criticized the lack of repercussions in the story. On October 9, fan "Mistress Euclid" tweeted Days of Our Lives, saying "Will Horton was a beacon in the face of bullying and persecution. I felt betrayed and hurt", and "this particular story point is something that I just don't agree with and I didn't from the moment they told me. After a baby switch, and the child's death, the secret is revealed, and Will ends things with Mia rather than remaining in a triangle with Chad. While waiting for Ben at his apartment, Will leaves Sonny a hopeful voice message, admitting his fault in their breakup, and expressing his love.
One prism was in the belly of an alligator, another in a necklace owned by Daphne DiMera which fell into Calliope Jones' hands, and the third in Russia. Eugene had traveled into the future and built an android version of Calliope, which he brought back to the present. According to Stefano, he is like a Phoenix, and he will always rise from the ashes to his former glory and power.
Her adoptive father, Maxwell, had access to the "Three Prisms" that could cure Stefano's brain tumor.
Stefano sneaks into her apartment every night and opens her soul, which leads to Marlena becoming possessed by a demon. In August 1996 Stefano's plans to frame John are soon revealed and he skips town with Marlena to Paris, where he is shot by his former lover Rachel Blake. Stefano convinces Lexie to adopt a child, and then switches Hope's son with another, leaving the child with Lexie and Abe. It is also during this time that Tony is revealed to be Andre, and the real Tony is brought back to Salem. EJ has Philip's fiancee, Stephanie Johnson kidnapped, and both are eventually returned safety. In 2012, the DiMera empire begins to crumble when Stefano learns EJ isn't really his son and Lexie is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor caused by exposure to toxic gasses when Stefano had Andre kidnap her. After a series of explosions rock Salem in early August 2012, EJ flees with Sami in tow, and is subsequently abducted by Ian McAllister, who professes that he framed EJ for Stefano's murder.
When Stefano finally returned to Salem, he was annoyed that Rafe had slept with Kate and ordered Joseph Bernardi, a corrupt cop that worked for him at the Salem PD, to cut off Rafe's privates. While he is gone, Sami and Kate team up to take the DiMera empire away from Stefano and EJ.
Chad is suspicious of Stefano's motives because his father is really pushing him to be with her. The ruse is ultimately revealed, and Will subsequently endures a "turbulent upbringing" due to his mother's complicated love life and endless machinations.
Will later becomes romantically involved with Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith), with the pair becoming the show's first same-sex supercouple (commonly referred to by the portmanteau "WilSon").
In 2012, Massey won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series, never before won for a gay character. Massey went on to win the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series—never before won for a gay character —three years in a row, in 2012, 2013, and 2014. Sami and Lucas have an on and off relationship over the years, which has a negative effect on Will. When Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) ends her relationship with Will, he becomes slightly unhinged. Massey added that being caught by Sonny is "one of those moments when Will wishes he could turn invisible". Avery felt it took too long to show the gay kiss and quipped "he’ll get some bed scenes by 2016".
He's not just a legacy character & LGBT icon, this crazy hot mess was storytelling gold. In addition, he is caught up in the bitter feud between Sami and Lucas' mother Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow). Angry after catching Sami cheating on Rafe with EJ, Will goes to a party with Sonny, gets drunk and kisses a man named Neil (Jesse Kristofferson). On June 2, 2014, Gabi admits to killing Nick, who she felt was a threat to her and Arianna. Will discovers a red necktie in Ben's trash can, and is aware of the serial killer currently at large in town who has murdered two women by strangling them with such a necktie, which is left with the body. Eugene's apartment walls were covered with newspaper clippings about the strangling's and pictures of Marlena. Eugene and Calliope were finally reunited, but men from the future came seeking Eugene's Calliope android and inadvertently took the real Calliope captive by mistake. He is the seventh son of the seventh son; as a 300 year-old DiMera family legend dictates, such a son will never die. In November 1984, in his quest to obtain one of the prisms, Stefano apparently kills Roman after pushing him off a cliff. Stefano returns to Salem in 1993 and he is taken hostage by Curtis Reed in his weakened state; Curtis's attempt to extort money from Stefano's adopted daughter, Kristen DiMera is foiled after Stefano kills him. Under possession, Marlena pushes Stefano out of a window; after the demon is exorcised, a guilt-ridden Marlena helps Stefano recover.
Later, his longtime confidante, Celeste Perrault, reveals that he fathered her daughter, Lexie Carver, the wife of Salem's police commissioner.
Stefano learns EJ is not the father of Sami's child, but Sami later gives birth to twins; one is Lucas Horton's, and the other is EJ's. Stefano reveals to EJ's second wife, Nicole, he knows she switched another baby with Sami's at birth, but agreed to help her keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Kate has an affair with Ian McAllister, a past lover, and Stefano files for divorce, taking everything from her.
Ian then pulls back a curtain, revealing a very much alive Stefano, who is unconscious, bound in a chair and wearing a mask. Stefano and EJ Are furious, but EJ reconciles with Sami, so Stefano sends Chad back to Salem. He reveals a plot to obtain Abigail's Irish inheritance through Chad but it is quickly foiled by Chad out of love for Abigail.
Chad admits that although he rejected the type of man Stefano was, he always wanted to make Stefano proud and feels like a pale imitation of Stefano.
I've always wanted to have a recurring part on a TV show." Gerse left the series in 2007 and made a brief return in 2008. In September 2015, it was announced that Wilson was let go from the show and that the role would not be recast. His "turbulent upbringing" makes him "moody and suspicious" and he holds hope that he could have a family just "like other kids".
Days of Our Lives Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng told Rice that "we are excited to have the encouragement and support from both NBC and Sony to tell the inspiring story of a young man learning who he is as he defines and creates his relationships with others." Massey said that he was "thrilled" to play Will in an "empowering way that will show his struggle to accept who he is". Massey told a reporter from Gay Star News that the scenes were fun to film, but a "challenge to do them convincingly".
Dattilo told Michael Logan of TV Guide that his character, Lucas is "in shock when he sees Will flirting with another guy". Entertainment Weekly's Lynette Rice branded the storyline as "Project Get-Fans-Talking" and "the latest effort to remain relevant at a time when soaps are desperately losing their luster". Impossible parents!), but its real success lies in the fresh, easy charm of these two young men." TV Source Magazine named Will and Sonny Best Couple of 2012 in the Days of Our Lives series, saying "One of the most refreshing things about Will and Sonny’s relationship is it's portrayed just as any heterosexual couple would be.
A young Will later rebels against his parents, whom he hopes will get back together permanently, but Sami usually manages to somehow sour their repeated reunions. Will talks about the kiss with his grandmother Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), who promises her support and tells him that she always knew he might be gay. Gabi accepts a plea deal and goes to prison, leaving Arianna in the care of Will and Sonny. Eugene was sure that the Bradford Curse was behind the mysterious killings, and he and Trista went to Haiti to find out what was going on. If his mother was discovered she could face a jail sentence, so in order to help her Eugene married the wealthy Madeline Rutherford, and also took a job at the paper Salem Today writing a Dear-Abby-like column under the name Bettina Lovelorn.
In February 1985, Hope Brady is framed for Megan's murder and Stefano vows revenge on the entire family.

He then convinces Tony and Kristen to marry but the marriage is ruined when Stefano is revealed as the murderer.
Stefano brings Kristen's lookalike, Susan Banks, to Salem, impregnates her (dressed as Elvis Presley]]) and plans to pass the baby off as Kristen's baby, which she actually miscarried; Susan gives birth in February 1997 to Elvis flees after discovering Stefano's plan.
When Tony returns in 2003, he claims Stefano died in a car accident, but is seen talking to him on the phone many times. Stefano's favouritism towards EJ leads Andre to go rogue, and he eventually ends up dying after falling off a roof and turning off his life support.
EJ is furious when he learns the truth and he kidnaps his daughter, Sydney, and fakes her death, leaving peveryone devastated, including Stefano. Stefano also turns John and Hope back into the Pawn and Princess Gina after revealing they are married; he forces them to retrieve a precious coin from Alamainia for him. Ian also confesses to falsifying Alice's letter, as well as the blood test that stated EJ wasn't Stefano's son. Sami was arrested, and EJ made his big move on Stefano, ousting him from DiMera Enterprises and the DiMera mansion, but he is soon forced to relinquish everything back to Stefano when finds out Stefano can clear Sami's name. EJ is killed in 2014, and Kristen is presumed dead after falling out of a window during a fight with Marlena in 2016. Stefano soon suffers a crippling stroke and is left wheelchair bound which ushers the return of Andre DiMera, who is revealed to be alive and his biological son not nephew. It is not known if he is serving time for any of his previous crimes (gas lighting Laura, killing Jude St. Massey expressed that he would support a recast, saying "If they decide to bring someone else to play Will, I won't be upset and bitter. Will looks up to and respects him because he has encountered hate in Salem but remains confident and comfortable with who he is. He said that he was proud of the writing, which he opined "stayed true to Lucas" as he is a "very loving and accepting guy".
He said that it was "hard to believe" that the scenes took one year air following their announcement and that "many wondered if the moment would actually come". Will confides in Sonny that he is not ready to come out as gay, and has a one-night stand with Gabi that results in a pregnancy. In October 2014, Will leaves Salem temporarily with Sami, who is mourning EJ's death, but returns in December 2014.
While in Haiti Trista and Eugene were married, but soon after Trista was found dead, a long with a raven feather. On the way to Haiti Andre DiMera surprisingly popped up, and when he threatened the pilot to change his course the pilot died of a heart attack, and the plane crashed on a remote island. He kidnaps Roman's twins, Sami, and Eric, and Roman's widow Marlena Evans shoots him, apparently killing him. In an attempt to avoid capture, Stefano speeds away as John shoots out his tires and Stefano's car explodes. Stefano proposes that Sami and EJ marry and raise the child together so they can end the feud between the families. He reestablishes himself as head of the DiMera family, and forms a bond with his grandchildren.
Stefano learns from Tony's widow, Anna DiMera EJ paid her to care for Sydney while everyone believed she was dead; he uses the information to rebuild his relationship with EJ.
Several other schemes continue to backfire on Stefano, including his attempt to sabotage EJ's mayoral campaign and him blackmailing Will Horton. Stefano suddenly resurfaces in Europe and convinces his daughter Kristen come home and bring the family back together. Stefano tries to have Marlena killed, but Chad emotionally blackmails him into not going through with it. Andre takes over the running of the family (and all their ongoing schemes) while Stefano advises him. Stefano tells Chad he thought his crimes and schemes were all a game but now he is paying for it in ways he never thought possible and he will continue to pay for all eternity. Soap Opera Digest reported in late 2009 that Patton had finished filming, and that the role had been recast to facilitate a new storyline. I want what is best for WilSon!" However, on August 23, 2013, it was reported Massey had left the show effectively immediately, and that the show would go ahead with a recast due to the character's current storyline. Massey said that Will cannot help but admire these qualities in Sonny as "they are rare to see".
Amelia Proud from Daily Mail reported that the storyline's inclusion was part of the series focus on attracting a younger audience. The character had a lot to deal with and throughout his life "he has put his sexuality on the back burner and hasn't really dealt with it." Massey said that the storyline would reach a "big audience" and hoped that it would promote tolerance. Lucas is worried about Will, he is worried that he may be persecuted because of his sexuality and fall victim to hate crimes.
He said that Will's scenes with Marlena were "nice" because Massey and Hall have "terrific chemistry". Will is happy that his parents are in happy their new relationships, but when Sami and Austin separate again, Will cannot cope and runs away to Chicago. As Will enters into a relationship with Sonny, Gabi pretends that the baby has been fathered by her new boyfriend Nick Fallon (Blake Berris). Will's absence and Sonny's financial troubles with his new club have strained their relationship, and Will plunges himself into his new career as a journalist. On October 9, 2015, Ben strangles Will to death with the tie Sonny is ecstatic to get Will's message, and intends to return immediately to put things back together. In September 2009, Stefano blackmails [Kate Roberts]] into marrying him after helping her get out from under attempted murder charges. On January 11, 2016, Hope kills Stefano, shooting him three times after he taunts her about Bo's death.
Stefano tells Chad he is a good boy and to be the man he wants to be because nothing is stopping him now. Pascal Parvis of Tetu noted that Will and Neil's kiss was "not a little" and said "What could be better" than the serial's first gay kiss lasting two episodes. Sami fears that he has been kidnapped and goes onto the news to plea for his safe return, which prompts Will to come home. He begins interviewing injured star baseball player Paul Narita (Christopher Sean), whom Will soon realizes is gay but closeted.
He is devastated to hear of Will's death, and returns to Salem to bury his husband rather than reconcile with him. Eugene's sixth sense caused him to leap at Roman, and saved him from a bullet that would have hit Roman. When Tony learned about this they fought, and Andre met his demise in a patch of quicksand. Madeline left Eugene, and with what little money he had left he and Calliope married on December 31, 1985. Hope and Rafe remove all evidence implicating her in Stefano's murder, dispose of Stefano's body in an old abandoned building, and set up Andre as Stefano's killer.
Before he took over the role, Massey watched as many episodes of the series as he could find to familiarize himself with Will. Will is left feeling "vulnerable and exposed" when he finds out that Lucas is resuming his relationship with Sami. Online blogger Perez Hilton described the scenes as "incredible" and "absolutely wonderful". Not wanting Will involved in the coming baby's life because he is gay, Nick discovers that Will had shot EJ years before, and blackmails Will to sign away his parental rights. Meanwhile, Paul reconnects with Sonny, the love of his life whom he let slip away to pursue his career. Meanwhile, Ben has made sure Chad DiMera is the prime suspect in the murders, but Ben becomes increasingly violent and unhinged as his relationship with Abigail self-destructs. Tony gave the necklace with the prism to an island girl, but Stefano managed to get the prism back. In February 2013, Soap Opera Digest confirmed that Massey's younger brother Christian Massey would portray Will in flashbacks. He praised the serial and NBC for not "bowing down to bigoted pressure" and showing a "hot steamy make-out" session as opposed to a kiss. After Will is later shot while trying to save Nick's life, Nick relents; though Nick and Gabi are married, Will is named as baby Arianna's father on her birth certificate. Ben is arrested and publicly revealed as the Necktie Killer after nearly murdering Chad and Abigail. Soon after moving in Letita was found dead, and Eugene became the prime suspect, though he blamed it on the Bradford curse. Roman Brady showed up, and fought with Stefano atop of a nearby cliff as Bo watched from below. A columnist for The Huffington Post said that it was fortunate that the "much-hyped" scene was more than a kiss.
Not knowing their mutual connection to Sonny, Will and Paul fall into bed together in January 2015, and Will is immediately remorseful. Sara Bibel of Xfinity said that Will and Neil got the "full soap treatment" because other soap operas pan the camera away during same-sex kisses.
Sonny finds out about Will and Paul, but is stabbed in the park before he can confront them. When Roman Brady rigged his death in an explosion Eugene agreed to let Roman hide in his house, but warned Roman that Trista was haunting it.
Bibel said that the subject of homosexuality is no longer "taboo or groundbreaking", but said it was a development for a soap that is usually "socially conservative". Sonny's memory is impaired while he recovers, but when he remembers what Will did, Sonny rejects Will and leaves Salem to convalesce. After Roman moved in he figured out that the ghosts Eugene was seeing was actually a computer hologram that Stefano DiMera had rigged to make Eugene crazy, Stefano was after Eugene's family Talisman. When he returns, they struggle to mend their relationship, but Will's indiscretion is made public and the Kiriakis family turn against Will.
Desperate to repair his marriage and terrified of losing Sonny to Paul, Will does all he can to get Paul to leave town.
Eugene's Talisman was the key to diffusing the bomb Stefano planted at the hospital charity gala. Will discovers that Paul's mother, Tori Narita (Hira Ambrosino), is keeping a secret from Paul, and threatens to tell Paul if Tori does not convince him to depart for good. Sonny is furious when he finds out about Will's machinations, and leaves town again, ostensibly to take care of Kiriakis family business. We have categorized all quotes with different topics and tags like love quotes, inspirational, motivational, life, friendship, success, smile, achievement and belief quotes.
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