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The character of Jennifer has been well received by critics, with TV Squad praising Reeves for, "being one of the most beloved actresses to ever star on Days of Our Lives".
Jennifer Horton is one of the earliest characters to be invented by executive producer Betty Corday, and scriptwriter Pat Falken Smith.
As Jennifer is introduced on February 9, 1976, the role was originated by child actress Maren Stephenson until August 8, 1977. On October 9, 1985, the show wanted to bring the character back onto the canvas and cast former Santa Barbara actress Melissa Reeves in the role. In early 2000, rumors started swirling that Melissa Reeves would be returning to the show, due to the series crumbling to fill the void left by the departures of front-burner cast members Vivian Alamain, played by Louise Sorel and Eric Brady, played by Jensen Ackles. In 1989, Jennifer becomes an intern reporter at the Salem Spectator, working under the tutelage of publisher Jack Deveraux. Jack is sentenced to serving life in prison for the death of Peter, and Jennifer vows her eternal love for Jack every day. Jack and Jennifer are just beginning to enjoy their married life together again and hosting "In the House," a show that was a wedding gifts from Jennifer's father Bill to her and Jack. Desperate to hold on to the last part of Jack she would ever have, Jennifer refuses to terminate her pregnancy.
In June 2010, Jennifer returns to Salem after receiving the news that her grandmother, Alice Horton, is very ill and does not have much time left. After seeing a passport at Chloe's mother Nancy's place, Daniel figured out Chloe's scheme, with help from Rafe, and reconciles with Jennifer, who also got her job back at the hospital. Jennifer was created by scriptwriter Pat Falken Smith, and executive producer Betty Corday. She is a member of the original core family, the Hortons, around which the soap was originally structured. For storyline purposes, the role is briefly taken over by Jennifer Peterson from December 1, 1977 to July 4, 1979, until the character was written out of the show upon completion.
In 1979, her mother's mental state deteriorates and she puts little Jennifer Rose in danger by putting her on a bus alone. She befriends Sally, a pregnant homeless girl who gets herself arrested so she won't have her baby on the streets.
Jennifer is then dealt the harshest blow of her life when Jack is struck down in an alley behind Salem Place by the Salem Stalker, and Jennifer is forced to make the choice of taking him off life support and donating his organs. With the help of her new tenant and friend, Patrick Lockhart, Jennifer begins looking forward to a new life with Abby and the baby. Jennifer gets to say goodbye to her "Gram", but is distraught as one of the closest people to her and the woman that raised her died. The women's prison that Hope is staying at, however, is trafficking human organs that came from dead inmates, and the doctor that Jennifer had been seeing at the time is helping Warden Jane and the DiMera family. Chloe said she repents and leaves town for treatment, leaving Parker with Daniel and Jennifer.
Wallpaper and background images in the Days of Our Lives club tagged: sami brady elvis ej james scott ejami alison sweeney couples dimera. The role has been most associated by actress Melissa Reeves who played the role of Jennifer on and off for nearly 30 years, premiering on October 9, 1985. A main reason is that her mother, Laura Horton, had been shipped off to a psychiatric facility and would not be able to care for her.
Her relationship with Jack Deveraux prompted the couple to be pronounced a supercouple for the daytime drama. In 1985, Jennifer returns to Salem as a teenager in deep trouble who dressed in a style similar to Madonna at the time.
It is soon revealed that Jack was the one who had allowed the toxic waste dumping and was responsible for Abigail's illness. Abby is unable to forgive her mother until Jennifer realizes she is pregnant, but tragedy strikes again when Jennifer learns that her baby will have serious mental and physical deformities, and Lexie advises her to terminate. When she is nearly full term, Jennifer gets a message on her computer, supposedly from Jack, and takes off to find him. While in Salem, Jennifer tries to provide guidance to Bo and Hope, inferring that she thinks it is best if they reconcile.

After Bo helps Hope escape for the jail after being nearly beaten to death, Jennifer uses her journalism background to get a job at the prison to try and save Hope and expose the illegal scam at the prison.
The supposed truth came out at Parker's baptism in front of family and friends that Philip Kiriakis was Parker's father, leading to the end of the marriage between Chloe and Daniel.
Wallpaper and background images in the Days of Our Lives club tagged: shawn shawn douglas shawn d jason cook belle kirsten storms couples shelle black brady. Despite coming onto the show as a rebellious teenager, she has transformed into one of the show's most historic heroines. She was nominated for an Emmy award in 1992 for Outstanding Younger Actress in a television drama.
Laura's exit was prompted by the fact that her portrayer, Susan Flannery, wanted to leave the show to pursue other things.
Reeves stayed with the serial until she abruptly quit on December 15, 1995, at the insistence of her husband, Scott Reeves. After six years on the serial, Reeves departed again on September 21, 2006 to spend time with her family. She also gets to reunite with her old friend, Carly Manning, who she had not seen in years. Warden Jane and Lee, however, discover Jennifer's true motives, and removes Jennifer's heart from her body with the intention of giving it to Dr.
Having lost him, Chloe sank into a state of post partum depression and tried to commit suicide. Jennifer is known throughout the soap world for her (popular) pairing with Jack Deveraux, most popularly portrayed by Matthew Ashford.
The show's matriarch, Frances Reid who played Alice Horton died of old age on February 3, 2010. Jennifer leaves Salem after Alice's funeral and after an altercation with Vivian Alamain, and returns to London to be with her family. Upon returning to Salem in January 2013, Chloe attempts to reestablish her relationship with Daniel, revealing to Daniel that Parker really is his son and that the earlier supposed DNA test results had been fake. The pairing of Jack and Jennifer, known as "J&J" to soap fans, have become one of the soaps' most infamous supercouples. Although Emilio pulls away from Jennifer when she is threatened by the gang Emilio once belonged to, Jennifer soon finds herself torn between Emilio and Jack. She is thrilled when she reunited with Jack, and together the two begin planning a future for Jack Patrick Jr. She, however, returns to Salem in November of that same year to help Hope, who was in prison after confessing to the Salem Muggings.
Hoping she could get Daniel back, Chloe blackmails Jennifer into rejecting Daniel by threatening to keep Daniel from seeing Parker.
By the following year she gives up on her runaway lifestyle and moves back in with her grandparents, Tom and Alice Horton.
Jennifer's mother Laura sees Peter with a lowlife by the name of Leo as the two of them scheme to make it appear as if Laura is having a mental relapse. Chloe goes so far as to have her mother Nancy prepare to take Parker to Brazil without telling Daniel, so Jennifer felt she had to publicly reject Daniel and leave the hospital to protect Daniel from losing access to his son while never revealing her true feelings. It was announced later that month that Reeves would return permanently in the role beginning on November 12.
During the summer of 1986, she begins a non-intimate romance with a high school classmate Glenn Gallagher. She flees to Ireland with Abby, where she ends up getting herself in trouble, and then has to come back to Salem with Bo. Jennifer tries to move on with her life, but finds it difficult because Abby can't forgive Jennifer for Jack's death. Jennifer is almost preparing to move on when a miracle occurs and Jack is back home for real. Jennifer initially pushes Jack away and concentrates on relationships, first with Brandon then Colin, but she and Jack can't resist that certain something that has always been between them. Together, Jack and Jennifer work on rebuilding their family, which is complete now that Abby are getting along much better with her mother.

Without hearing a word from her husband Jack, Jennifer decides it is best if she divorces Jack and moves on with her life. Later, when on a class trip, Jennifer and Frankie discover they have feelings for one another.
During the Cruise Of Deception, however, Jack saves Jennifer's life, and they make love for the first time.
After the divorce is finalized and after flirting for months, Jennifer and Daniel began to date, much to the dismay of Jennifer and Daniel's good friend, Dr. Jennifer believes that Lawrence thinks she is Katerina, the heiress to the Von Leuschner fortune, due to a confusion going back to when the real heiress (Carly Manning) and Jennifer were teenagers and they had switched dates. Jack catches Peter with a syringe meant for Jennifer so that Peter can drug her and then take her and Abigail out of the country.
In July 2011, Jennifer discovered that Carly had been using drugs and had become addicted due to her life falling apart and Jennifer being with Daniel, the man she feels she wants to love. After a hurried wedding, Lawrence rapes Jennifer, admitting that he knew her real identity all along. Jennifer rebels by becoming engaged to Frankie; however, she breaks the engagement when she learns of her mother and grandmother's mental problems, thinking she'd develop the same problems and pass them on to her own children.
They reunite briefly, but Eve (who has a crush on Frankie) spills the beans about an affair Frankie had while separated from Jennifer.
Jack and Jennifer became engaged, but he calls off the wedding because he feels alienated from her.
Jennifer is still unable to handle intimacy and is too ashamed to tell Jack that Lawrence raped her. Although Jennifer and Abby are upset at his absence, he reveals that he was held prisoner in Afghanistan while covering the opium trade there, and that a British friend he had there was killed, giving him PTSD.
Wanting to support him, Jennifer gets closer to Jack, and the two realize that they still love each other. Unable to make a choice between Daniel and Jack, Daniel breaks up with Jennifer and leaves Salem. Kimberly and Jack are able to record him confessing to the rape, and Lawrence is then sent to jail. When Daniel returns, Jennifer asks him if they can be friends, and he tells her they can, while he begins a secret romance with Nicole Walker. When the tunnels explode underneath Salem, Jack saves Abby from being trapped in a broken elevator.
Broken, Jennifer allows a pregnant Nicole to live with her, in order to keep Daniel happy and so that Victor Kiriakis doesn't have to let her live with him. Nicole reveals her relationship with Daniel, which makes Jennifer uneasy and argumentative with Nicole. After Nicole sees a close moment between Daniel and Jennifer and later loses her baby, she gets in a fight with Jennifer, ending with Nicole falling down some stairs and "miscarrying." Nicole blames Jennifer for the fall, but the truth is revealed that Nicole knew her baby died but was keeping it a secret so that Daniel would take her to Hawaii. Knowing that Daniel will love Jennifer and will never love Nicole, Nicole apologizes for her wrongdoings and leaves the duo alone. Daniel agrees to still be her friend, and he and Jennifer forgive her, not pressing charges. Daniel saves Jennifer's life after, admitting that he loves her, by removing her appendix before it bursts, with Nicole's help.
She forgets afterwards, however, but is glad that Daniel's hand tremors are gone thanks to the treatment she found for him. Later, she remembers what she told him, and, with Abby, says goodbye to her old life with Jack. Daniel and Jennifer reunite with nearly everyone's blessing, but Jennifer's half brother, Lucas Horton, doesn't approve of the reunion due to his bitter past with Daniel.

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