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The TODAY show recently did a piece on this LSD-like medicine (it’s legal in Brazil) after Lindsay Lohan talked about drinking Ayahuasca tea after a miscarriage. The start of a Ayahuasca trip involves immense physical pain, severe vomiting, and other unpleasantness.
Speaking of idiots, as he did, James Scott would seem to have put himself right into the category. Smoking DMT or drinking ayahuasca often makes one feel as though there is a higher intelligence conversing with you. I have enjoyed dool for over30 years and i dont see how it will ever be the same with sami and ej gone.
And by the way he thought of leaving far before this trip and maybe he is not Cary Grant but he can do better than daytime soaps !
Singer and actor Justin Gaston has joined the cast of NBC daytime drama DAYS OF OUR LIVES in the contract role of Ben, Jordan Ridgeway's (Chrishelle Stause) brother. A casting call from last summer described Ben as "early-to-mid 20s… midwestern or southern (very slight southern accent) country boy.
On Wednesday, CBS unveiled its 2016-2017 primetime lineup, featuring three new comedies, five new dramas and 21 returning series. Melanie catches Nicole in Serena's hotel room and nearly tells Daniel when he happens to call.
Meanwhile, Melanie returns home, and Daniel questions her about the mysterious package she went to retrieve from Serena's. Hope and Aiden are surprised when Doug and Julie arrive early for the holidays, and Doug is not happy to learn that Hope is dating a new man.
Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week reveal that Sami finally knows about her fiance EJ and Abbyhaving an affair. Well, Sami is acting extra sweet, especially to Abby, whom she’s asked to help plan the wedding as well as serve as her maid of honor. It seems that Sami Brady is trying to lay a huge guilt trip on young Abby in hopes that she’ll crack and spill her dirty secret to someone, or she may be setting up for something much bigger.
Sami could be planning a very big extravagant wedding in hopes of revealing EJ and Abby’s affair in front of all their friends and family and publicly embarrassing them in the process.
This entry was posted in Characters, Latest News, Spoilers and tagged Abby Deveraux, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Days of Our Lives spoilers, EJ Dimera, Sami Brady. Days of Our Lives spoilers for this reveal that Sami Brady has officially asked Abby to be hermaid of honor in her upcomingwedding to EJ DiMera, but what is her real motive. On Wednesday, viewers watched as Sami pulled out photographic evidence that Abby and EJ did sleep together behind her back, and knowing Sami she’ll won’t let it go without a fight. Now fans are wonder how long Sami has known about the affair, and what she’ll do to get her revenge on Abby and EJ. Days of Our Lives viewers know that Sami Brady is not the kind of woman to just forgive and forget.
With Sami and EJ’s wedding plans coming together, will there be another terrible weddingday in Ms. After Abigail learns that Nick knows about her torrid affair with EJ, of course she’s going to run right to DiMera for help. EJ will promise Abby that Nick will not expose their affair to the world, namely his fiance, Sami, but can he deliver?

Of course, Nick will be shot this week, (Thanks May sweeps!) but will he still get the last laugh in exposing EJ’s indiscretions with Abby?
Since this is Salem we’re talking about, and anything can, and will, happen, we’re thinking the affair will be exposed eventually, but when, and by who? This entry was posted in Characters, Latest News, Spoilers and tagged Abby Deveraux, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Days of Our Lives spoilers, EJ Dimera. According to the latest spoilers, Sami and EJ will have a special delivery at the DiMera mansion this week in the form of incriminating photos.
As the couple are in full on wedding planning mode, an anonymous person will deliver an envelope full of photos of EJ and Abby making love to the house, and Sami will be right there to receive it.
However, as this week’s preview shows EJ also in the room will he intercept the photos before Sami can see them?
We want to know who took those photos, and if Stefano is behind it, or someone else is looking to cause chaos in Sami and EJ’s life, like Nick and Percy? While we totally called this weeks ago, it will be good to see Abby set her sights on someone who isn’t a DiMera. Will EJ become jealous of Abby’s new suitor, and realize his feelings for her are strong than he thought. This entry was posted in Characters, Days Couples, Latest News, Spoilers and tagged Abby Deveraux, Ben Ridgeway, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Days of Our Lives spoilers. This week, when Jordan’s mysterious brother Ben meets Abby, he’ll be smitten with the young Ms.
Will Abby and Ben find romance this Spring in Salem, and if so, how will EJ react to Abigail’s new relationship with the handsome Ben?
If Abby sleeps with Ben, and then later finds out she is pregnant, there could be a paternity crisis on the horizon for Salem.
This entry was posted in Characters, Latest News, Spoilers and tagged Abby Deveraux, Ben Ridgeway, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Days of Our Lives spoilers.
Abby and EJ will get the pregnancy test results this week, and it’s sure to shake things up. Everything rests on the pregnancy test results, and fans can’t wait to see what they hold, and where the story progresses for there.
The pregnancy test results are set to come in this week, and until then EJ and Abby will be living in limbo trying to figure out what to do in either situation. Will Abby bear a DiMera baby and be sucked into all the consequences that comes along with that?
Let’s not forget that EJ terrorized Sami when he found out she was pregnant with the twins, Johnny and Ali, (Only Johnny is EJ’s biological child.) and made her think that their youngest daughter, Sidney, was abducted and killed. So, if Abby is pregnant with EJ’s baby, she has every right to be scared, because when it comes to his family, EJ is a lot like his father, Stefano, and will stop at nothing to make sure their raised as true DiMeras. While “Days of Our Lives” fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see if Abby is pregnant with EJ’s baby, it seems EJ himself is in panic mode, which will be shown this week on the NBC soap. This entry was posted in Characters, Days Couples, Latest News, Spoilers and tagged Abby Deveraux, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Days of Our Lives spoilers, EJ Dimera. EJ and Sami have planned their wedding for May, however the odds are against them with this pregnancy scare news, as well as the photos of EJ and Abby kissing in the cabin on Smith Island.
Will Sami Brady have yet another wedding day disaster and find out that her fiance has been unfaithful to her?

Earlier this spring, Scott went to Peru, hung out with shamans, and smoked hallucinogenics. Facebook Official PageDays of Our Lives on NBCWhile waiting for the cable guy, Will (Guy Wilson) leans over the trash can and notices a red tie.
This means that Sami may indeed fully intend to marry EJ, and then exact some sort of justice on him after the wedding.
However, according tothis week’s spoilers, EJ will makeAbby a big promise, and we’re not sure if he can keep it. So far we don’t really know anything about Ben, and very little about Jordan, so it’s hard to say what they’re hiding, and if it could affect Abby if she gets involved with Ben.
It’s only a matter of time before Sami, and everyone else in Salem, finds out about the affair, and when they do, it should be interesting to see how it affects Abby and her budding romance with Ben. While the doctor told her that she wasn’t pregnant with EJ’s baby, it seems that could have been a lie since the doc was on Stefano’s payroll. Fans know that in Salem no secret goes uncovered for long, and with Sami and EJ’s wedding coming up there’s bound to be drama. DiMera won’t pressure Abigail into anything, and in fact, will be there for his child, if she is pregnant.
Apparently Scott’s was to walk away from a full time job as the star of a soap opera.
DMT is also produced in the human body for mostly unknown reasons, natural spikes in this is believed by Dr. This was the same tie that Ben shoved at the bottom of the trash bin and is the significant piece of evidence that will save Chad (Billy Flynn) from all the blame.Upon seeing the necktie, Will is shocked and Ben comes home. Being a DiMera, EJ has a strong since of family, and probably wouldn’t approve of his child being raised by strangers. Rick Strassman to be a valid explanation for spiritual experiences, out of body experiences and even alien abductions. Of course Will is now aware that his friend is the "Necktie Killer," and though it is unclear if he has plans of peeling Ben's mask off, Ben gets scared and thinks of the impossible.The two friends stare each other down and Ben goes frantic. When JJ reveals he knows the truth, Eve fires back that she knows JJ and Paige were secretly seeing each other. Later, Nicole goes over the old emails between Serena and Eric, and she is incensed to read that Serena thinks Eric is better off without Nicole. Maybe once the Ayahuasca wears off he’ll back at his station bedding blondes and doing dastardly things. Meanwhile, Eric and Serena share a nice moment after their dinner with Daniel - and Eric invites Serena to spend Christmas with him and his family. The supposed good friend starts to shake Will's neck and tells him he should not have gotten involved in the search for truth.It has yet to be revealed what Ben will do to make sure Will stays in silence forever and if he will make the same mistake with the wastebasket incident.
The outlet notes that Ben will most probably not hide Will's dead body inside his apartment since this will only add to the possibility that someone will spot his corpse.Meanwhile, Adrienne (Judi Evans) is about to get the results of her cancer screening tests.

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