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Abby is panicked about Nick knowing about her affair with EJ and wants to tell Jen the news before she hears it.
Sonny and Nick have a heated run-in, and after Sonny heads to the DiMera mansion to get a gun.
Jen finds the necklace in the cabin, while Daniel finds the evidence against Nicole in the woods. Sonny grapples with Will's move, each finally admitting it may be harder on them than Will thinks. Kristen laments to Daniel the irony of how telling the truth has finally ended whatever chance she had with Brady. Andre pulls out all the stops to convince Chad that Stefano is missing or worse - and they owe it to themselves to find out what happened.
Ciara can see Hope's rattled, and Hope admits what she's been accused of (though she does not admit guilt). Jennifer and Abigail spend a quiet evening at home as Abigail looks up houses for her and Chad to buy.

On Tuesday, December 28, 2010 Sami and EJ both arranged to bring Allie and Sydney to the doctor to ensure they were not genetically predisposed to retinoblastoma after Johnny’s life threatening encounter with the disease. Kayla makes a surprise return to Salem and was under the mistaken impression that the truth about Parker’s parentage had been revealed.
You may see the full video of Days of Our Lives December 28, 2010 in the video player to the left.
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Days Of Our Lives SPOILERS (New!), Day Ahead - Dayscafe - Days of Our Lives spoilers, previews, Days of our Lives in Detail,.
Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Abgail Leaves Show, Storyline - Days Of Our Lives’ Abigail has taken a bold decision of leaving the show at this point of time when fans really want to see more of her.
Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Steve And Kayla Make - “Days of Our Lives” (DOOL) spoilers tease that Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) will continue falling for Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Steve and Kayla will finally . At first, Victor is belittling, but when Philip challenges him, Victor backs down, apologizing. Jennifer tries to deal with her back pain without using prescription meds, but in the end, she decides to take a pill.

Keeping track of all things pop culture she brings the best in the latest NBC television viewing experience to her readers. She mocks his pain over losing Jennifer, and their heated argument ignites their long-simmering sexual tension.
Brady shows up at Daniel's apartment - just as Daniel and Kristen move their passion to the bedroom.
Ciara waits until Hope leaves the room, then places a call to Rafe, telling him it's important he come over. Meanwhile Andre has spies out in town and collects what information he can to prove his case.
He's intrigued to learn Rafe has been taking an elaborate route home, which takes him past an abandoned warehouse.

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days of our lives recap may 28 2015

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