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Jennifer confesses to Eric that she's not totally comfortable with the lie Nicole and Daniel told Eric a while back (about being lovers). Aiden offers his support to Hope (and later to Jennifer) as Hope tries to figure out who shot Nick. The fashion show is over and it was a huge success - but alone in the soundstage, Theresa, Kate and Nicole have it out over Kate's attitude. At the hospital, it's controlled chaos as four patients are wheeled in from a catastrophic multi-car accident: Jennifer, Brady, Eric and Daniel - all in varying degrees of medical distress. Back at his hotel, Chad's in disbelief when Abigail tells him he - not Ben - is the father of her baby. Abigail reaches out to Chad, anxious to know how his hypnotherapy session with Marlena went.
Rafe gets a shock when Eve tells him he has another reason to want to solve Paige's murder: she was his half-sister.
Nicole has learned Kate is Theresa's "silent partner" and lays into her, vowing she will find a way to keep Kate out of Basic Black. Justin and Adrienne get together, each a little tentative about their potential reconciliation.
Eduardo meets JJ for the first time and questions the young man about his relationship with Gabi.
UP NEXT: Kate threatens to pull Theresa's designs from the upcoming Basic Black fashion show. Nicole and Eric start to give into the sexual tension between them, but a phone call from the bishop interrupts.

Jennifer comes upon Eve and Daniel in a fun, lighthearted moment and can't help but see history repeating itself in the worst possible way. JJ worries what Paige thinks of him now that she's learned more about his past actions with Theresa. Later, they decide to surprise their significant others, knowing Nicole is telling Daniel about her and Eric's engagement.
As Sonny and Will discuss returning the gun to Victor's, and they are almost caught by Gabi.
Kayla and Fynn are there to do triage and reel from what they encounter: while Jennifer mostly appears all right, Brady and Eric have suffered devastating injuries, and they're unconscious. The injured are sent to treatment rooms, Kayla and Fynn laboring to stabilize them before surgery. At the same time, Daniel confronts a blindsided Nicole with the truth about what she's been hiding. She pulls out all the stops, trying to get through, but Chad shuts down and orders her out. While Rafe processes all this, Eduardo spots Gabi with Arianna in the park, and he strikes up a conversation with Gabi, never revealing his identity. Maggie assures Julie she's not jealous of Caroline and Victor, but she's privately a bit shaken to see them close again.
Later, Eduardo urges Rafe to watch out for his sister, hinting there may be a threat from his past.
Jennifer has trouble believing Daniel didn't know how Eve was connected to Jennifer, and it leads to an all-out airing of grievances from both of them.

Sonny professes his belief that things will all work out, but then is brought in to be questioned by Hope.
But none of them are aware that, just across town, events are transpiring that will change their lives forever.
She admits even though the tension is ratcheting up with Jennifer, she likes JJ and doesn't want to ruin his relationship with Paige. Nicole can barely process what's happened to Eric before she's hit with the double-whammy of Daniel's condition.
Eduardo just wants a second chance to get to know his family, but Rafe makes it clear that's not going to happen. Maggie nearly collapses when confronted with this harsh reality, and Victor struggles to comfort her even as he grapples with what's happened to Brady.
She's looking for a protege, and she finds one when Claire stands out among all the Christmas carolers in the square. Brady has suffered severe trauma to his heart, while it was discovered Eric has an infection in his heart. Malcolm's burner phones, and she finds out the deceased doctor had a lot of contact with someone in Salem.
Chad, walking home, suddenly recalls more of the memories that have eluded him and does an about face, racing back to the hospital to tell Marlena.

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