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JJ apologizes to Paige for pushing too far the night before, and Paige concedes she may have overreacted. Victor offers support to Jennifer regarding the lawsuit and hopes she and Daniel can find their way back to each other. Will blasts Paul when he finds him with Sonny, accusing him of making excuses to stay in town. Kate stokes Ben's jealousy of Chad by suggesting that the young DiMera is now free to pursue Abigail now that Jordan is gone.
Kate complains to Lucas about Stefano's treachery, but Lucas calls her on her own machinations. Jennifer, Abigail, and Paige are stunned when Roman shows up to investigate an anonymous tip about JJ dealing drugs again.
Meanwhile, Chad makes a connection with his old flame when he shares some quotes he found about Jack's book.
Before John can reveal he has a newfound son of his own, Paul shows up, and Brady and Theresa are extremely rude to him.
Kate wonders if Lucas has opened his own company, and he twists the knife, revealing he's back in the driver's seat at Countess Wilhelmina.

JJ can’t bring himself to tell her the doubts he’s been feeling about how much he’s really like Jack.
At the hotel, he's knocked out by an unknown assailant - who is revealed to be working for Kristen! Later, Ben's pride is wounded when Abigail seems to be avoiding giving him an answer about moving in together. There’s instant tension between her and Eve, and Eric gets that Eve and Jennifer aren’t on good terms. Daniel confirms that is indeed possible and tells Kristen to knock herself out in uncovering proof. She then confides to Maggie her suspicion that Brady's attack and Theresa's pregnancy scare are somehow linked.
After John and Paul leave, Sonny slams Will for focusing on Paul's motives instead of Will's own mistakes.
He flares when he sees Chad emailed Abigail the quotes and makes a hurtful remark to Abigail about EJ. He assures Eve he takes people one at a time and won’t judge her, despite his friendship with Jennifer.

However, if she plans to use this to get Brady back, she’ll have to come through Daniel first. Maggie gets a call from Sarah, and Melanie remembers her grandmother was once a surrogate - and this privately sparks a crazy theory.
Meanwhile, Adrienne and Lucas discuss their sons' marital discord, and things get a little testy.
Both Brady and Theresa turn their attention to their baby, and the doctor tells them they'll have the results of his latest tests soon. Later, Eve overhears Theresa and Anne talking about John, and she wonders why Theresa is so concerned about John waking up. Later, Paul expresses his remorse to Adrienne, while Sonny learns from Chad that it was Paul's blood that saved his life.

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days of our lives recap weekly

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