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Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that a new character is coming to the fictional town of Salem. Meanwhile, Melissa Archer will also have professional ties to Days of Our Lives, as her former One Life To Live co-star, Kassie DePavia has also moved to Salem as the character of Eve Donovan.
We’re excited to see what Serena will bring to Salem, and what secrets she’ll obviously be hiding. They both have had past relationships with the same man, and the tension between Serena (Melissa Archer) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) as they continue battling over Eric (Greg Vaughan) will hit a new high on Days of Our Lives. Nicole previously snooped through Serena's room after realizing she was Eric's ex, and believed there was something fishy about her-and found some emails she deemed to be suspicious. However, after her actions in Serena's hotel room were discovered, Daniel cancelled their date-which caused Nicole to seek out redemption so she could prove she was over Eric once and for all. And while Serena told Eric she was okay with what happened and didn't want to press charges against Nicole, she is still ticked off with her new enemy's behavior. The First Generation is calling the shots and that can only mean one thing - prepare for civil war.
She has been kept from completing the mission she was assigned upon her arrival in Salem, but now, a new threat will force Serena (Melissa Archer) to go through with finishing her task on Days of Our Lives. When Eric's life is threatened, Serena makes a big push to complete her mission on the Feb. Her unknown, unseen accomplice has become increasingly desperate for her to finally snatch Eric's (Greg Vaughan) elephant statue and replace it with the one she has. Now though, her accomplice will up the ante against her, giving her more reasons to try and complete things quickly. Meanwhile, the reverberations are still being felt around Salem from the truth about Paul (Christopher Sean) and Will's (Guy Wilson) affair.
Now, a disheartened Paul has realized what he did (he was unaware Will was Sonny's husband), and will seek out Marlena (Deidre Hall) for guidance-though the confession will rock her as well because she is Will's grandmother. Romantic relationships are never easy, and things are only going to keep standing in the way for some of the Salem couples on Days of Our Lives. At the opening of Victor's new club, Nicole and Serena get into a heated exchange on the Jan. Will (Guy Wilson) and Sonny's (Freddie Smith) marriage has been tense for a while now, ever since Will left to go to Hollywood. However, Paul was the subject of Will's story-and not knowing what one another meant to Sonny-the two wound up sleeping together and were also nearly caught by Sonny as well.

Meanwhile, everyone in town is making plans to attend Victor's (John Aniston) big club opening-including Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Dan (Shawn Christian) and Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Serena (Melissa Archer). Things have been tense between the foursome, especially after Nicole was found guilty of snooping in Serena's hotel room to see if there was information on her that would make her a threat to Eric. However, the tension between the two will flare up once more at the club, after Nicole bumps into Serena and accidentally spills a drink down the back of her dress-resulting in a full-out catfight between the two that could affect both their relationships. Everyone has believed her to be an innocent bystander who has been mercilessly attacked by Nicole (Arianne Zucker), but the truth about Serena (Melissa Archer) could finally be revealed on Days of Our Lives. Since her arrival in Salem, Nicole was suspicious of her motives and wanted to make sure she wouldn't hurt Eric (Greg Vaughan)-which resulted in her snooping into Serena's personal life to find out information.
However, her revenge plan failed on her as well, after she tried to prove Serena was a phony-only to find out the source who was giving her information was the actual fake and was mentally troubled. However, the secrets about Serena could finally come out as she continues to seek a specific piece from Eric's collection of African art.
Thursday on "Days of Our Lives," Eric told Nicole that Serena might know about their secret.
At the hospital, Serena said that Eric has a secret, but Brady didn't want to hear it and warned her to stay away from his brother. In the square, Paige got a call from Kyle and Bev overheard her agreeing to go on a date with him. Elijah Wood, best known for his role as Frodo Baggins in "The Lord of the Rings" movie franchise, revealed that high-powered predatory "vipers" are making rounds in Hollywood and taking advantage of young talents who are eager to jump-start their careers. Actress Melissa Archer, who formerly played Natalie Buchanan on ABC’s One Life To Live, will now be coming to Salem as Serena.
However, it has been revealed that Serena will have some ties to a Salem resident, but who? Whether it's celebrity news, new music, or her favorite TV shows and books, she'll be there to report on all of your guilty pleasures. But while she doesn't trust the new woman in Eric's life, she has decided to make a conscious effort to move on from her former fiancé by trying to have a relationship with Daniel (Shawn Christian)-and she was doing so with their plans to spend the New Year together. When her annoyance with Nicole is coupled with the fact that she also wound up ringing in the New Year without Eric by her side, she will decide it's time to face-off against her enemy-and she will wind up blasting Nicole for what she did-possibly causing even more tension as they both try to move on with the men they want. And while Serena has gotten close in the past to doing what she was dispatched for, her efforts were thwarted when she tripped in his apartment and was seen by Nicole (Arianne Zucker). Her accomplice will threaten Eric's life in an attempt to get Serena to complete things quicker-and though she may not genuinely want to rekindle her romance with Eric, she does still care about him and doesn't want him to get hurt-and she will be spurned into even greater action to try and switch the statues.

Sonny (Freddie Smith) remembered the truth after Paul paid him a visit in his hospital room, and ordered his ex-boyfriend out of his life-and is currently planning how to confront his husband about his infidelity. Their secret is so far safe-but Will could continue feelings immense guilt over betraying his marriage vows, and will reach out to Paul once again.
Nicole promised Daniel she would leave the situation alone after that, because she genuinely wanted to move on from him and forget about her former fiancé. After she was caught however, Nicole swore she would stay away-but the issues between the two women only escalated, and after a fight at Victor's 9John Aniston) new club, Nicole swore revenge. Since then, Serena has continued to inch closer to what she wants without being detected-and Nicole has lost everything-including Daniel (Shawn Christian).
It is still unclear just why she has been so intent on finding the piece and potentially trying to smuggle it away from her ex-but an unexpected obstacle could arise which will expose the truth about her-and exonerate Nicole from being considered the guilty party in their battles.
Elsewhere, Clyde requested for a tour of the hospital, and Anne flirted with him while they walked. After he hung up, Jenn confronted him, and JJ told her that he was doing some undercover work and said that she had to keep quiet. To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser. After lying that the thing she was hiding was a present for Eric, she was unable to finish the task. Will has been busy writing a top-secret story, while Sonny has been struggling with his plans to open a new club and drained all of their savings.
Things could go less than perfect however, if the two give in to their attraction and wind up in bed once again. She may have found some more information about Eric's new flame, but has so far kept it to herself. He told her that he would like to donate to the prenatal care unit and said that his wife was pregnant with their son when she died in a car accident. In addition, Sonny's ex-boyfriend, Paul (Christopher Sean) is back in the picture, since his return to town where he informed Sonny he would do anything to win him back. Eric said that he's happy for her and added that he should have married her when he had the chance.

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