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Apart from exciting episodes this week, fans should definitely look forward to "Days of Our Lives" 50th anniversary, spoilers and cast updates teased.
For this weeks' spoilers for the iconic soap opera "Days of Our Lives" will focus on Brady's desire to find the woman of his dreams.
The mystery woman has been appearing in Brady's dreams ever since he received the heart of his best friend, Daniel, notes Celeb Dirty Laundry.
As a result, Theresa will be worried about Brady's decision since he still needs to recover so she decided to follow him in California. On the other hand, Belle will be anxious about her relationship with Philip as written from another Celeb Dirty Laundry report. Although Philip had given much attention to her, the website stated that he is not happy with Belle's decision but he will still respect it. Adam Mayfield, a former "All My Children" actor, will now join the cast of the NBC hit soap opera, Days of Our Lives.
According to Cross Map, Mayfield recalled his fondness for the "Days of Our Lives" as an avid fan. Rumors began circulating before that Mayfield will play the Role of EJ DiMera who was formerly played by James Scott. Celeb Dirty Laundry initially reported that these rumors began circulating around the message boards and social media when Adam Mayfield begun filming scenes with the NBC soap.
Spoilers of Days of Our Lives teased the fans that Nicole grew jealous of Eric's new love interest and decided to investigate Serena's actions since she was last seen with the ex-preacher.
Singer and actor Justin Gaston has joined the cast of NBC daytime drama DAYS OF OUR LIVES in the contract role of Ben, Jordan Ridgeway's (Chrishelle Stause) brother. A casting call from last summer described Ben as "early-to-mid 20s… midwestern or southern (very slight southern accent) country boy. On Wednesday, CBS unveiled its 2016-2017 primetime lineup, featuring three new comedies, five new dramas and 21 returning series. Days of Our Lives spoilers teased an EJ and Sami reconciliation for weeks, and now that it is finally here, it seems Days fans are the only ones celebrating, EJ and Sami’s families are not thrilled with their latest romantic decision.
According to DOOL spoilers, Stefano isn’t the only person EJ should be on the look-out for, his little brother Chad wants him out of the company as well. Days of Our Lives spoilers also reveal that during the week of October 6 fans can expect to see Paige continue to try to get to the bottom of Kayla’s rape confession, and even quizzes her about JJ’s dad. So DOOL fans, do you think that Stefano will kick EJ out of the family business for reconciling with Sami? Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Eileen Davidson Returns As Kristen DiMera – Which DOOL Character Will She Kidnap?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Molly Burnett Returning As Melanie Jonas – Will She Be Chad DiMera’s Love Interest?
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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Molly Burnett Returns To Play Melanie Jonas – Will Chad DiMera Return As Well? The cast of Days of Our Lives is dropping like flies and several characters have already exited the canvas or are in the process of doing so. A recent story line on Days Of Our Lives set the stage for Melanie’s return: it was revealed by Gabi Hernandez before she shipped off to prison for killing Nick Fallon that she was actually responsible for Melanie’s kidnapping and had hired Andrew to stalk Melanie. According to Soap Opera Digest’s June June 23rd edition, the rumors are indeed true, and Molly Burnett is definitely returning to Days of Our Lives. Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Theresa Warns Daniel About Liam – Jennifer Rescued by Eric and Daniel? Pingback: Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Eve Donovan Returns - Abigail and EJ Caught Together? I love Molly Burnett as Melanie she’s been my favorite character for a while welcome back! Pingback: Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Billy Flynn Headed To DOOL - Cast As The New Chad DiMera?
He cannot contain his curiosity, he will be flying to California in order to find the girl and ask about her connection to Daniel.
As what the website noted, he is "eager to figure out" the real story despite the lack of details. According to the website, she will go on to tell him that she is not yet ready for a romantic flair. Belle, as what the site stated, does not want to make her life more complicated since she still has unfinished business with Shawn, so she will not rekindle her bond with Shawn as well. Hailed as the longest-running TV show in the world, Days of Our Lives has seen a lot of great actors join their cast and Adam Mayfield will be filling an important character in the show according to Christian Post. He said that he was a fan of the show and he will be honored to join the as their newest cast. Christian Post reported that when EJ Dimera's character was killed off in the fall of 2014, the viewers witnessed Kristen DiMera, EJ's sister, injecting something into his body before it was sent to Stefano Dimera, their scheming father.

However, it was confirmed that Mayfield will join the show to portray a different character and not as a recast of EJ DiMera.
Mayfield's character may be shown in the succeeding episodes and he may be linked to Serena's live according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. When Will sits down to interview Chad DiMera for his next article in the newspaper, he is taken aback by how passionately Chad hates his own brother and some of the cruel things he has to say about EJ.
How do you feel about Chad DiMera, are you a fan of his womanizing and scheming, who’s side do you think he is really on, his dad’s, brother’s, or Kate’s?
With big names like James Scott and Alison Sweeney saying their good-byes, it only makes sense that TPTB at DOOL are going to have to bring in some new characters — or some old ones that we haven’t seen in a while. Jonas is well-known for her relationship with Chad DiMeras and her frienemy Gabi Hernandez. With the man that killed her father now dead, and her ex-BFF who had her kidnapped off to prison, Salem seems safe for Melanie Jonas to return. Stefano is not happy that his son is betraying him and sleeping with the enemy, and is considering ousting him from DiMera Enterprises all together.
When Chad isn’t scheming against his brother EJ during the week of October 6, he’ll be shamelessly trying to charm both Abigail and Jordan. She feels like John and his family are forever indebted to her because she “saved” him, so she makes a move on Brady and is confident that he won’t turn her down. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, one of those returning characters will be Melanie Jonas, played by soap actress Molly Burnett. In 2012, Melanie suffered a series of traumatic events when she was kidnapped by a man named Andrew and then the man that killed her adopted father, Nick Fallon, returned to Salem.
Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.
Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Days of Our Lives spoilers. Meanwhile, John Black is back to the land of the living and extra feisty, and he has a shocking announcement to make. Yes, viewers get upset and then before you know it those actors are long forgotten, until you see them in a movie, T.V.

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