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Days of Our Lives spoilers and rumors are flying that Stefano DiMera may be hiding a baby created by Abigail Deveraux and his late son EJ DiMera. This entry was posted in Latest News, Spoilers and tagged Abigail Deveraux, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Days of Our Lives spoilers, EJ Dimera, Stefano DiMera. Justin had another affair that resulted in the birth of a child and his problems with unfaithfulness seem to have continued.
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Day of Our Lives spoilers tease that the week of December 8 – 12 will be full of exciting episodes, and rumor has it DOOL fans won’t want to miss a minute of the NBC soap.
Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that during the week of December 8, DOOL fans can also expect sparks to fly when Rafe confronts Clyde.
Clyde clearly isn’t rattled by Rafe, because after their confrontation he continues his scheming and reaches out to his future daughter-in-law Abigail and decides to help her out. So, Days fans, do you think Nicole is really over Eric, or is she going to be upset that his old flame Serena Mason is in town? Days Of Our Lives Spoiler: Brady Learns Theresa Put John In A Coma Then Framed Him – Kristen and Daniel Hooking Up?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Christopher Sean Debuts As New Character Paul, Love Interest For Theresa Donovan? Could Stefano have taken the embryo from Abby when she thought she was pregnant during her affair with EJ? Tori Norita (Hira Ambrosino) recently objected to her son’s decision to come out and she’ll be in town to convince him to head home. Adrienne (Judi Evans) has a hunch that Justin hooked up with a hot, young attorney at his law firm. So, last week when EJ was shot and killed in the Salem park, Days fans weren’t completely shocked when it occurred. DOOL spoilers tease that in the last few minutes of the Monday, October 14 episode of the NBC soap opera, Stefano called Kristen DiMera and sent her on a mission after warning her that “time is of the essence.” Kristen snuck in to the morgue where her brother’s lifeless body was lying on a table, and injected something into his arm out of a syringe.
One Life To Live alum Melissa Archer just made her Salem debut as Melanie Jonas’s friend, Serena Mason. The two men have quite a bit in common, like Clyde’s new girlfriend, Kate, and his step-daughter Jordan. And, DOOL spoilers also tease that during the week of December 8 fans can expect to see Stefano continue to harass Kate, and JJ heads to therapy to try to work out some of his issues.
Do you think Jordan and Chad make a good couple, or would you rather see her get back together with Rafe? Now that Sonny (Freddie Smith) knows Paul slept with Will (Guy Wilson), Paul probably feels like he doesn’t have much of a reason to stick around. It’s possible that Tori had a fling with Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) or John (Drake Hogestyn) during one of their many business trips. We know for a fact that EJ is exiting Days of Our Lives this month, but maybe his exit is a little more complex than we thought it would be. Perhaps he and Sami will get the exit fans have been hoping for and will run away from Salem together? The writers just need to come up with new material very soon and if they can’t come up with that then the writers should just quit the show. But Melanie isn’t the only old friend Serena has in Salem – according to Days of Our Lives spoilers, on Monday, December 8 Serena will pay her ex-boyfriend Eric a visit. In other Days of Our Lives news, Rafe may be trying to play the part of Jordan’s knight in shining armor – but it looks like she has officially moved on from Rafe and isn’t looking back.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of our Lives spoilers and news. If Paul turns out to be related to Sonny, it would certainly be a surprise for the former lovers as well as viewers.
And, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that Kristen and Stefano have what it takes to bring someone back from the dead. Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers. The writers needs to get rid of there deadweight characters on the show like Anne, Theresa and Bev. DOOL spoilers reveal that on Thursday December 11 Chad DiMera and Jordan make love for the first time. Stay tuned to “Days of Our Lives” to learn who Tori knows in Salem and discover why she doesn’t want Paul to stick around. Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest “Days of Our Lives” spoilers and news. How could the writers just kill him off via a boring old shooting in the park, by a character we have known for just a few months?
However, Tori may have a deeper motive than protecting her son’s feelings and the “WilSon” relationship.
And, let’s not forget, Kristen just got her hands on a miraculous medicine that woke John up from his coma. The real reason why the writers is having them on the show since from January up til now is because the writers want them to destroy the others storylines.
The characters on the show have a good storyline and the writers just want to destroy every character storyline for stupid reasons.
This show is going to be downhill by January 2015 if the writers doesn’t come up with some new material.

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