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Analyze service line anlaysis to improve the coordination of services, patient satisfaction. Maintain Strategic management system to track organization performance across financial, clinical, business process. Effective Back Office Call Log Management system make seamless and efficient communication with back office staff and clinic staffs. Software has been designed in such a way that even semi- literate operators can operate it. Customizable 'Patient Relationship Management System' boosts business and enhances the image of the dental surgeon.
Optimize decisions through availability of quality and timely information of all clinics even in your car. Maximize efficiency of clinic through improved communication among doctors, staff, lab and patients. I currently run a network of 8 dental clinics in Mumbai, located in Borivali, Malad, Andheri (Lokhandwala) & 7 Bungalows, Vasai , Dombivali etc.
In a 'nutshell' a Treatment Coordinator is someone in the practice who is available to spend time with the patients to answer questions related to treatment and fees.
Most dental practices today are very busy and often the entire team feel like they need more time to talk to patients about their dental care. Educating and discussing the dentist's treatment plan, after the dentist has diagnosed and reviewed the treatment with a patient.

Educating patients about veneers, implants, crowns, bridges, Ortho, Perio and any other treatment that was diagnosed by the dentist. The ideal situation is for the Treatment Coordinator to have access to an office where the fees and treatment can be discussed in private without interruption; taking as much time as is needed to answer all patient questions. 1.You will find that patients will refer more new patients to your practice as a result, because they will enjoy the attention they receive and will leave well informed.
2.There will be less stress when the entire team knows that there is someone who they can direct their patients to for an estimate and to discuss fees. 3.Your case acceptance will also increase when patients, learn more about the advantages of the treatment. When dental practices are understaffed there is no time to educate patients; the result is lost revenue. When there is no time to answer patients' questions, they will likely not accept the treatment; which results in lost revenue.
When there is no time to document fees, then collecting them becomes difficult; which results in lost revenue. When no one has the time to follow up with estimates and incomplete treatment; the result is lost revenue.
If you are planning on taking your practice to the next level of success, can you really afford not to have a Treatment Coordinator? Reviews of the best tool for your practice to make more efficient and easier for everyone at the clinic.

Competition and reality of dental clinics have changed and will change dramatically in the coming years. Someone who is responsible to ensure that patients leave well informed, with all their questions answered about treatment options, with alternatives and fees introduced. If you are offering patients not just the maintenance dental care they need, but also introducing more aesthetic and elective dental options, then you could benefit from introducing a Treatment Coordinator into your practice.
It is important that this person must be a team player, possess excellent organizational skills, advanced communication skills, clinical knowledge and be confident when presenting treatment. No more guessing, just use effective proven techniques that guarantees new patient bookings. The event promises to be a comprehensive and fascinating look at 21stcentury dentistry procedures, practices, and products.
The dentist must trust this person to give patients correct information, in an enthusiastic way.

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dental practice management videos

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