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It is aligning your life with the answers to the questions like: Why do I get up in the morning? It is so important to recognize that people who are different from us will strengthen our perspective, our worldview, and our team. Is the man or woman we see in the mirror in the morning the kind of person we want to see all through the day?
A leader will assess the present moment in light of where they hope to be (both personally and organizationally) in the years ahead. Over time, the neglect of one’s inner life will show itself in one form or another on the outside. Vision is the compass that moves people through the barriers and conflicts we face in the moment.

I find myself wanting to express how meaningful your comments are and then to say more than just that. You are influenced and committed to a higher calling than simply caring for your own needs or personal success. If you lack vision, your leadership will be reactionary, rather than anticipatory or creative.
This means that your words, actions, and behavior will be consistent with the person you are on the inside.
Leaders who fail to nurture their own souls are like rudder-less ships, tossed about in their actions by the forces of public opinion or protecting their image. If you are struggling to find a sense of consistency or alignment between your inner life and your observable life, many of your issues can be worked out as you give yourself away in the service of others.

Without the substance that comes from the suggestions you make for reaching deeper, one IS only an actor. The greatest satisfaction in life comes from living out an answer to the most meaningful questions.
Some actors are better than others, and they stay in their roles for a longer period of time. However, leaders must also have the ability and desire to learn and to work with people, to understand the culture and to consider how to change the culture as necessary.

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developing your leadership in the early years

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