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You are already a great leader, or at least you have it inside of you, now you just need to tap into that source.
While recently reading The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model, I was again reminded about how each and everyone of us already has the traits to be a successful leader in our own right. If you can’t do it on your own, find someone who can help you identify what’s not working?
You’re more in control of influencing the situation than you might have originally thought. DISCLAIMER: (1) The material on this site in no way represents the opinions, views, policies or anything else to do with my past, present or future employers or clients. Please join the conversation by responding to one or all of these questions in the comments.
Looking for additional resources?  To view all the posts in this series, please visit our Multisite Resource page here. Leadership programmes allow participants to be aware of his or her leadership styles, capabilities, strengths and development areas. Using these skills, they will be able to prepare themselves, team and organisation to succeed in Singapore’s Healthcare Landscape.
Eventually, ILTC leaders will be able to operate effectively within this changing environment and prepare their organisations to seize new opportunities. Leaders will also be imbued with strong sense of commitment to build excellent ILTC organisations and therefore improve the sector as a whole. The INSEAD Executive Education Scholarships are dedicated to promoting leadership education in the healthcare sector and aim to groom outstanding leaders to serve the ILTC sectors.

The Asian region has rapidly developing volatile markets, changing regulatory structures and widely varying government systems. LPP is a customised programme that exposes participants to unique insights into the policy choices and institutional capabilities that enable ours to be a world-class healthcare system. INSIGHT Leadership is a customised leadership development programme for the senior management and leaders of the ILTC sector, based on ILTC leadership competencies model endorsed by the ILTC Manpower Council.
This program provides exposure to a spectrum of leadership frameworks and facilitates a reflective experience for each participant concerning their approach to leading and the capabilities they need to develop as leaders.
This program will provide problem-solving toolkits for functional areas, such as corporate strategy, marketing, human resources, finance, accounting and operations. As long as you can become passionate about something, and share that passion with someone, then you will find that you can always create an opportunity to find like-minded audiences who will follow your lead. I often tire of reading leadership updates that profess to have found the next new revelation. This prevents conflict of interest, and stops you from having to think too hard about how to behave when a decision needs to be made. That’s where people typically have the challenge, tapping into their natural leadership state in order to become an authentic leader. However, I will do my utmost to ensure that the core message will always be within the integrity of the example itself. The fact that leadership development continues to occupy a top position on the greatest challenges for multisite churches was no surprise. He serves several Leadership Community Directors and oversees the organizations publishing partnerships.

It is specially designed for the Asian business context; this program sharpens analytical skills with a powerful suite of tools that will enhance your effectiveness in decision-making.
During his time at LN, he has also directed the Multi-Site Churches Leadership Community, Leadership Training Network and spearheaded strategic services for the organization. The Asian International Executive Programme prepares executives for senior management challenges, helping make the transition from specialist to generalist a successful one. It’s a matter of authenticity, and people are too smart to be fooled by anything less. Greg is also one of the authors of The Multi-site Church Revolution and A Multi-site Church Road Trip. Stories that are relevant to whichever audience you’re wanting to move to action & join you?
Prior to joining the LN team, Greg was responsible for creating and directing the United Methodist Campus Ministry at Southern Methodist University in Dallas for seven years. At the core, it’s the same in business, you just need to carry over those traits and express them in a business format to obtain the same results. Do you need to make some adjustments in your team because you’ve simply hired the wrong people?

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development of leadership skills pdf

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