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Annet is an excellent copy writer and always challenges herself to deliver high quality work.
Meer weergevenMinder weergevenAnnet and I worked together at DHL Parcel Benelux for one year. CartaSi da sempre guida l’evoluzione del mercato e oggi si distingue arricchendo la propria offerta con soluzioni all’avanguardia come l’app MySi che include un mobile wallet e permette acquisti non solo online, ma anche fisici, attraverso la tecnologia hce. Comarchis a global softwarehouse specialized in the design, implementation and integration of solutions for all sectors of the economy. GFT Italiafa parte del Gruppo GFT Technologies AG, provider mondiale di soluzioni IT per il settore finanziario, bancario e assicurativo, con sede principale in Germania e uffici locali in undici paesi. Con una presenza globale, piu di 120.000 dipendenti e un fatturato GAAP nell’anno fiscale 2014 pari a 38,3 miliardi di dollari, Oracle propone alle aziende uno stack tecnologico completamente integrato e ottimizzato, costituito da sistemi software e hardware. Da alcuni anni, l’azienda ha fatto evolvere la proprie soluzioni di CRM verso la Customer Experience e oggi vanta un’offerta completa che parte dalle applicazioni per Modern Marketing tocca l’automazione della Forza Vendita e si spinge al Customer Service.
Despite her being a junior, she exceeded my expectations about her broad knowledge of brand management.
With its headquarters in Poland, the company employs more than 4,200 professionals, has been helping customers to achieve greater profitability and to advance in their specific sectors with a wide range of innovative products for sales process management, loyalty programs, exchange and management of electronic documents and business information.

Comarch offer includes also Sales Force Automation systems – mobile and web solutions designed to manage and streamline sales processes: application for sales agents, distributors management system, multichannel sales platform with Engagement. I now think of making the best choices of words and I recognize wrong, passive and meaningless phrases. Annet is keen to be sure that everything, text and image, is carefully synchronized for proper and consistent communication. Online marketing assistant Manutan Nederland juni 2014 – juli 2014 (2 maanden)Analyze and improve the visibility of the webshop with search engine optimization (SEO) and writing landingpages and social media posts for business customers and consumers. Communications officer Office Cabling Systems juli 2013 – juli 2014 (1 jaar 1 maand)Responsible for all (online) marketing communications with business customers, after having developed and designed a new corporate identity and communication strategy. Marketing and design officer Florijn Business Solutions, Florijn Entertainment BV januari 2014 – mei 2014 (5 maanden)Responsible for (online) marketing communications with customers of multiple businesses by developing mailings, websites, social media content and print media. Allround employee Ahold september 2012 – september 2013 (1 jaar 1 maand)Servicing customers (as a substitute shift leader) at the cash desk, in the store, and at the bakery.
Domestic assistant TSN Thuiszorg juli 2008 – augustus 2013 (5 jaar 2 maanden)Providing support to elder people by performing household chores such as cleaning, bed changing, shopping, and having a chat with them. Online communications intern Natuur & Milieu februari 2013 – juni 2013 (5 maanden)Utrecht en omgeving, NederlandVoluntarily contribute to the development of crossmedia campaigns for consumers with full responsibility for one online campaign.

Additionally I wrote my graduation thesis on commercialization of non-governmental organizations. Communications and marketing intern JAG Sports and Education Foundation maart 2012 – juli 2012 (5 maanden)Kaapstad en omgeving, Zuid-AfrikaContribute to (online) marketing communications and attend sportprograms and events in townships.
On own initiative I independently produced a magazine on the influence of sports on the development of children in townships. Administrative assistant Mobeye januari 2011 – februari 2012 (1 jaar 2 maanden)Performing general administrative tasks such as processing invoices and payments and preparing reports. Parttime.Opleiding Utrecht University of Applied Sciences Bachelor, International Communication and Media, 8 2009 – 2013International study on communications and media within a global market environment.
As Head of Design I led a team of six designers to realize the production of the annual Sporttop Magazine.

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