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Welcome back to Champaign, the Pauls are still in the house.  Quite literally, the House of Paign! Illinois and Boise State have a lot to live up to if they hope to be as exciting as this afternoon’s football game!
Right now, the Broncos are a little more athletic than I thought, and have some good speed in the game.  Their cuts to the hoop are sharp, and with the number of open looks from 3 that they are getting, the picks and screens have been really, really nice. However, they are remarkably deficient on the defensive end, and really on the glass as well, with the Illini getting a number of good putbacks. Interestingly, Some dude named Okoye (I think it was Christian) just rumbled in from the one-yard line for a score, and Noonan Noooooooonan just hit a driving slicing jumper to tie it up. The Illini need to improve on the defensive end, something I’m sure that Bruce Weber is making very, very clear right now.
Wowsa, quick start to the half, a Mike Davis put-back and a McCamey 3 puts the Illini comfortably up nine — and I use the word comfortably for the first time tonight. A McCamey 3 puts the Illini up 7…it makes me think that the Illini better be ready for Cames to play 40 minutes a night. I strongly disagree with that idea, but with the tremendous potential of DJ and Paul, I see where he’s coming from. A breakaway dunk, and then a sweet little jumper pushed the Illini lead to 10, and Keller really is proving his worth as a utility guy off the bench. Unfortunately, they are having trouble getting the ball in bounds, and just used their last time out.
And a 1 of 2 performance from the line for Boise State and then Tisdale hitting two bulges the lead to 82-77, and a probable Illini win. Check back for more after the post-game press conferences, with comments from Bruce Weber, the Illini and their opponents.
The Illini were a little subdued after the game, with Mike Davis summing up the disappointment best. The Boise State defense was stout all game, holding the Illini to just 45 percent from the floor — a respectable percentage, for certain, but not when you consider that they shot 50% from behind the arc.

Illinois head coach Bruce Weber wasn’t any happier after the game, as the players basically said that he was pretty angry in the locker room.
Filed Under: Illinois Fighting Illini Tagged With: boise state broncos, boise state not the football broncos, eff the WAC, How in the hell did Illinois win, Illinois, Illinois FEARLESS PREDICTIONS, Illinois Fighting Illini, Illinois Fighting Illini basketballIllini Win??!!?? After a short amount of time, however, the glow of a great victory has waned and left two very poignant questions to be asked. The first is whether this was a victory from an Illinois team finally playing up to expectations, or whether this victory can completely be attributed to the wheels falling off of this Michigan teams’ wagon.
The Wolverines are doing whatever the opposite of peaking is, winning only one game in their last five, with that win being against FCS opponent Delaware State. The second question is much more accusatory towards the Illini — Just where was this type of offensive production all season?? Unfortunately, those are all questions that only Ron Zook has the answer to, and no doubt he’s not giving anyone the answers. This team would have almost been better off playing horribly the rest of the season — this win only provides a ridiculous tease to an increasingly more disenchanted fan base.  While they were certainly placated during the second half, and most likely after the game as well, soon all of their minds will turn to these questions, namely, just where was all this effort all season long? If Zook can’t figure out what worked this week, and how to consistently squeeze this type of effort out of his team, remarkably, the win may end up reflecting worse on him than any loss would have. After committing to Kansas over Illinois, Cliff Alexander was asked why he picked up the wrong hat.
The 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee has arrived, reminding us once again it’s one of the most underrated events of the year.
The pass was a little bit errant, but Keller used his long arms to corral the pass and lay it in. That’s funny, yet another Bears running back who had a great rookie season, and then did NOTHING. They won the rebounding battle for the first half, and committed 6 turnovers to BSU’s 13. And from a defensive standpoint it looks like the Illini won’t clamp down enough to be able to do anything other than outscore them.

They are now in foul-or-die mode, though, and the Illini, typically a bad-shooting free throw team, aren’t half bad at it this year. With NCAA investigators descending upon Ann Arbor, RichRod looking dirtier than Rod Blagojevich and a best-case scenario of six wins (with games remaining against Purdue, Wisconsin and Ohio State, winning one would be an accomplishment), Michigan is definitely in disarray. Why, when they are 1-6, and 0-5 in the Big Ten, can Illinois suddenly move the football?  Why is the offense NOW able to create some opportunities?
They do, however show solid three point shooting — something that perennial WAC favorite Utah State is always good at. I would like to see the Illini build some momentum from the Clemson win, btw how cool was that scoreboard show before the game?
They have to be doing better than this against a WAC team picked to finish mid-pack there.  You HAVE to.
Why did it take so long for this team to finally get motivated and put up the effort which we all knew they were capable of? Illinois didn’t even manage that production against Illinois State earlier this season, in their only other win. He grabbed the Illinois hat during ESPNU’s college basketball recruiting, then put it back on the table and picked up the Kansas hat. It was funny how in the media room at the Bulls on wednesday, we were watching the Clemson game.
And even if Michigan’s defense (along with coordinator Greg Robinson) is terrible, Illinois still was great on offense, just like everyone thought they would be all season long. View Encounters Why We Keep Rediscovering the Flamboyant Godmother of Rock Read More Ideas " title="" rel="bookmark">The Magic of Squeezing Water Out of the Sky Read More Identities How America Invented St.

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did i win the illinois lottery 2013

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