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Kenyon's practical experience managing complex international crises has been channelled into the world's leading program of specialist training for emergency response and crisis management. Kenyon's 100 years of practical experience managing complex international crises has been channelled into the world's leading program of specialist training for emergency response and crisis management.
The corporate center for managing crises is only as good as the team that gathers to lead, communicate and manage resources. Kenyon's Crisis Communications training courses have been developed to prepare staff at head office or at remote locations to face the news media as a spokesperson for the company after an accident or major incident. Many organizations choose to run their own emergency call centers to manage communications to and from concerned family members, staff and the general public following an emergency incident. This training is for emergency response planning staff to help them understand the current best practice for the design, content and management of emergency response plans. Humanitarian and Family Assistance Centers are central to the provision of care to family members following an accident and often double as a general operations or logistics center for recovery operations. Leading a Humanitarian Assistance Team requires additional skills and knowledge to ensure that the team members have all of the information, support and encouragement that they require.

This workshop-based training provides the overview and the detail of the full scope and scale of response operations following an aviation accident. This training, for employee-staffed response teams, will help prepare team members and their management to operate effectively away from home-base.
Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS)Disaster Management Training have been providing MIMMS courses since 2011 with a faculty who have been engaged in MIMMS training since 2000. This suite of training has been developed by the Office of Emergency Management, Risk Management Services. Training supports the development of risk management through effective, engaging, relevant training with real-life applications and critical thinking skills.
Additional Courses: ICS 200 and 300 are also available for CMT members in supervisory roles. Public health emergencies are caused as a result of threats such as storms, epidemics, accidents, several other unforeseen calamities and also due to biological, chemical, or radiological disasters. Kenyon can provide training courses for all levels of staff, in most world countries and in many different world languages.

We are proud to run the international range of MIMMS courses designed by the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG.org).
Although each one is different and require unique responses, preparing and learning about public health emergencies can help equip and protect your family.
Threats strike when they are expected the least and because of this, preparation is the way forward in this kind of disaster. Learning more about these disasters, diseases, treatments and how these may affect your family is a big step.

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disaster management course module

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