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In fact, I have even read Ann Brashares' junior-high novel that your movie is adapted from. Whether your moms would like the film - well, they might raise an eyebrow on the scene where you guys come together.
On the other hand, it's refreshingly devoid of easy solutions and tidy resolutions, and the pants are not supernatural.
Here, their magical qualities are not the result of Earth passing too close to a comet or a visit from the Old Navy fairy. I think the message, however unintended, is that less attractive girls get to deal with real-world problems - girls like Tibby, who spends summer working at big-box discounter Wallman's (a surprisingly pointed poke at another retail empire) and making a serious-minded documentary without much focus. It happens in a clothing store during a lazy day of shopping (which I am like totally up for).
Brashares seems a bit like Judy Blume in that heavy issues get coached with a light hand that looks coy to older people but feels warm and understandable when you're 12. They're a useful metaphor for the bonds of friendship and more interestingly, a reminder all females are different, regardless of whatever painfully starved body type the culture is promoting at the moment.

Lena spends her summer in Greece with distant relatives who never forget a decades-old grudge; this is not helpful when she hooks up with the hunky son of a long-begrudged fisherman. She meets a little girl named Bailey (Jenna Boyd) who tags along and has a dark secret (and it's not why little girls in movies are always named Bailey). For instance, I am very determined: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, your new film that opens today, has the worst title since Final Destination 2, yet I am undeterred in my quest for admission. Though to be honest, the women who play you guys are natural and yet bland enough to be the Sisterhood of Vaguely Familiar WB Actresses.
And that small detail - stripping in a store, completely unnoticed by the rest of the store - is odder still because Sisterhood, the film, is sunny and inoffensive and takes pains to avoid even a mention of sexuality. Also like Blume's young adult novels, the Sisterhood movie is laden with incident and life lessons where smaller, slice-of-life moments would be more meaningful.
It's here I should mention how you guys met: Your mothers were different too, of course, with one thing in common. He probably should have mentioned the new wife and kids before she came - and that his new family is less Latino and more Von Trapp.

They're more traditional beauties and Sisterhood, adapted by Delia Ephron and Elizabeth Chandler, doesn't do any favors by giving them storylines revolving around boy troubles.
Though for the record, if the Sisterhood were to consider my application, please no plot lines about alcoholism, ethnic cleansing, or plastic surgery. If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse. It's just a gentle fantasy for upper-middle class suburban girls, with a few thoughtful touches.
Same with lilting Lena, a beanpole who is modest enough to go behind a curtain and slip those jeans on.

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divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood film review

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