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Divorce is what legally ends the marriage between you and your former partner resulting in a decree nisi and a decree absolute.
In CourtSome feel it is better if you represent yourself in court, using someone called a McKenzie Friend, who is a person familiar with experience of the legal and divorce processes. The Separated Dads Forum is a place where you can discuss relevant issues and concerns including Child Access, Maintenance, CAFCASS, Fathers Rights, Court, Behaviour or just have a general chat with other dads.
Please help us launch it and make it a great resource for dads going through difficult times.
H - Your Question:My wife and are are separating, where do I stand with the house, she cannot afford to keep it on but refuses to move out I cannot afford a second home. Miki - Your Question:I would like to know what rights a father has and what rights a mother has when getting divorved and there is a young child invloved.
In process of divorce a€“ all very amicable and thought we had it all sorted, agreement was she keeps the house and I keep my pension.
My ex made serious allegations concerning my eldest daughter that I got her with a belt and kicked her.this went as far as being interviews by the police and dos not see my kids whilst investigations were happening .
Hi All, my ex is attempting to prevent me from attending the schools sports day next year, is there anything legally that she can use to prevent my attendance. I claim A?40 per week for Child Tax Credit for their afterschool care whilst I am at work as my salary is below treshhold, and my ex claims Child Benefit of A?34.40 per week. I am really struggling to pay all of the bills.I am paying off the mortgage, kids' aftershool care, usual monthly bills, etc. Do I have right to any financial claims from my ex?I don't know what my rights are hence this question.Or, should I ask her to start paying for my daughter's activities? Her partner is also divorced and has two sons but only on 2 day basis, if that has any significance. In May 2015 they decided they would try again to make the marriage work, so my son spoke to his solicitor and put divorce proceedings on hold for six months. After splitting with my 1st wife of 14 years I used my 30% settlement to buy a new place with my new partner. Hi my partner of 7 years has lived with me for five in a property owned by his family.His wife who he hasn't legally separated from came over in an arranged marriage they have 3 children and she lives in his mortgaged house.
HI, I have been separated from my wife for almost 11 months and she has now booked a mediation session. I have been informed that the Mediation will suggest I continue to pay the mortgage as well as paying the Child maintenance charge, do you know if this is true ? My wife has said she is not after more money from me however I would like to understand if this could be the outcome. Once this flows through where is my legal standing regarding parental rights for my child as this is not outlined in the divorce. My concern arise from finding out my ex is looking to move out the country and when confronted about what would happen with our child she advised she would take her with her. My son is 7 years old his dad's been in prison for 3 years now and has another 12 years to go.
VljA - Your Question:Hello, My ex is refusing my 5 year old daughter go and see her grandparents with me and my partner. My son has an ex girlfriend who is already denying him access to scans and information for their unborn child. It can be simple, or a lengthy, contentious process, depending on the parties involved, and how they agree to divide property and assets.Concerning children, divorce can be equally straightforward or problematic. Others feel your interests will be better served by employing a solicitor to argue your case for you.In the case of an acrimonious divorce, you might find your ex making accusations against you. Due to living costs we have moved 20, instead of 5, miles away from my partner's daughter's home with her mother. Overlooked the fact that not all that easy to get my name taken off mortgage and I dona€™t much like the idea of signing the house over to her and staying on mortgage for next 20 years. She then said she did not want to pursue her allegations as Blake dos not want to upset the girls. He applied for a divorce and everything was going ahead amicablly and she agreed to joint custody and signed the divorce papers to say this, he has to work a lot of weekends and get rotered days off through the week so joint custody worked for them both with me looking after the boys when both parents worked.In May 2015 they decided they would try again to make the marriage work, so my son spoke to his solicitor and put divorce proceedings on hold for six months. Separated from wife of 9 years at her request, completely out of the blue, really struggled to get any sort of fair and decent contact agreement sorted out for our 2 young children aged 6 & 4. I currently pay the mortgage on the house that she lives in with our two children, whilst renting a property as well for myself. We are starting to go through divorce proceedings ang despite having a child her solicitor has advised that all that is required is a basic divorce of which I am prepared to pay half in order to save money.

You don't say whether you have children or not but I assume given the site you have commented on, you have. She is looking into whether the mortgage company will let her go alone on the mortgage which would be win-win for us both but Ia€™m not very hopeful they will agree a€“ just wondering what my options are? I retire from service in 2 years with a lump sum and basic monthly pension, no confirmed job from that point. I have been paying full amount of child support to her even though I have them as much as I do. The girls now have a social worker youth worker who will not speak to me and my ex stopping me seeing my kids eventhough they txt me periodically . We cant get socialhousingbecause of shortage norrent private because overhalf his income goes on the otherhouse and maintenance.
Specific Issue Orders, much like the name suggests, are orders sought from the family court to determine a particular matter in connection with the exercise of Parental Responsibility. Been through mediation if you could call it that, had to conduct it all via email because she refused to do it any other way, and I can only get contact 10 days a month, I'm in a position to share care of our children but feel like I'm being restricted due to child maintenance amounts she would get. Obviously I'm fed up of it all now as he gives all his wage to her and I am struggling to pay for 2.
I have assumed by paying the mortgage this goes towards my Child maintenance support costs. I have moved about 50iles away and see the children every other weekend and during the summer holidays .We had them whilst married so as I understand I have parental rights. You will have to Pay Child Support, or maintenance, which can be worked out with your ex or a monthly sum mandated by the Child Support Agency (CSA), depending on your income. If youa€™ve had contact with your children before the divorce hearing, keep a parenting diary with full details of the contacts, dates, etc adding photographs if possible.Where children are old enough to voice opinions, their wishes are taken into account by the court regarding contact and residence. Having children would make a difference and a court of law may allow your ex to remain in the house with your children until they leave full-time education, if your ex is the primary carer. It's not an unreasonable distance is it?Our Response:Twenty miles is not an unreasonable distance if your ex still has the same contact to your children.
One non-option is to sell up and split the profits, she loves that house and ita€™s the family home for my 2 kids aged 15 & 16 (who stay with me 3 nights of the week). She currently earns 10k a year more than me and this will only increase, she has 15-20 years left and her earning will only go up on pay scales.
You don't say how old your daughter is - but if she is over the age of 11, then her opinion will be taken into consideration whether she wishes to see you or not. Is there any way we can use equity from ex marital home towards financinga home for us and his daughter. These orders can cover a wide range of issues that you and your ex-partner cannot agree on, see link here. How complicated it will be considering i don't have a job but happy to start one and happy to do what it takes to support my children on my own. I've paid full CM since we separated nearly a year ago and some months have the children stay with me anything from 6 to 11 nights, she's not interested in making any adjustments to take into account the number of nights I have them and still find myself having to pay her to have them 7 nights a week, every week, plus feed and clothe them myself, she's got the house, the kids, everything we ever owned, child benefit, tax credits, my full maintenance, everything!
His reasons have been mainly not to upset his family and children but she also has a child to someone else which is a big secret.
Another important part of the proceedings is the Cafcass Report, where both parents, other carers, teachers and others are interviewed to reach a determination.
However, if there are no children involved, or they have left home, or full-time education, then I suggest you seek legal advice as you may be able to force the sale.
However, if you have moved your children's school etc, and your ex has PR, then you should have asked for consent before the move - this may be why there is some animosity. Problem with that is I work shifts and would only see them every 2 weeks or less some months. Is it possible I will not be granted divorce because my husband won't be be agreeing to it and because right now I don't generate any income? Can she does this after signing the papers?????Our Response: I'm afraid given the complexity of the situation your son would have to seek legal advice reagrding this question from the solicitor who was overseeing the case. I've done so much investigation and it seems to me there's no help out there for fathers that are forced out of a relationship, forced out of their home, forced into minimum contact with their children and forced to suffer financially!! And not coming to be with us , now I'm being told that my son is not coming either and he's going to a sleep over with a school friend . Your ex has no rights to try and restrict you , it is up to you where you decide to take your children to visit. If you cannot resolve your differences over this, try suggesting Mediation with your ex as a way of making sure you both still can share the parenting of your child.

How is this fair I want my children with me as much as possible but I know that they need to see their mum and that's why the 5 on 5 off shared contact was good. However, you also have the option to take this to court and let the court decide what it thinks is in the best interest of your girls. If the court granted it, it would supercede your ex's decision and the schools, should it get involved at the request of your ex.
Is there any way we can settle this in a fair way as I can't cope anymore watching her live for free in a 5 bed house while I work 3 jobs and live so poorly.He hasn't changed his bills either to my address as he has been trying to keep the peace as when she realised he can no longer live in this fake marriage she has threatened us both and to take his children from him.
However, at the same time, I imagine you do not wish for your house to go into arrears with the mortgage, so therefore you may need to ascertain whether helping towards it might be a possibility or not. We have no formal agreement through the the court , I always do all the collecting and dropping off and have felt unfairly treated anywayWith this . However, if youa€™re unhappy with any part of it, you can challenge that, or even request a new report by another officer.The tradition in contact tends to be every other weekend and half the school holidays with you, with your children spending the rest of the time with their mother. However, if for any reason it went in your ex's favour, then you would not be allowed to attend. The other is also engaged in out of school activities such as swimming, dancing, etc.For my older daughter I pay monthly and yearly fee for her swimming trainings.
You do not say what you are going to mediation for and whether, if you can't agree, the matter will be left to the court to decide. I thought I jade the right ( parental right)!to see my kids every other weekend but she is letting them decide .
However, ita€™s quite possible to suggest other arrangements, especially if thata€™s what your children desire. If you can't negotiate rules between yourselves, regarding access or talking to the children in a particular way then mediation may help resolve such issues, please see link: Mediation: What is it and is it For Me? Is her higher earning power meaning she would have to give me more assets, and could I even have a chance of spousal maintenance from her?Our Response:I can't speak for the assets as this can either be agreed between you, agreed through mediation, or decided upon in court. The mediator will have compiled a report that would be issued to the court which would help the court make an informed decision. Joint residency, for example, is a relatively new concept here, but one which is widely practiced in Europe and gaining traction in America.Things You Should DoKeep up your maintenance payments, making them on time and in full. He wants to look after his children financially plus has pressure to marry them off and pay for the weddings . This shows responsibility to your children and eliminates at least one legal hold your ex might have over you. However, if you become the primary carer then your ex may be the one to pay child maintenance. Please see link: The Different Types of Court Orders, here and here, which should help you. If unemployment or other factors make payment impossible, keep full records and present them to the court.If possible, create a co-parenting plan with your ex. There is also the house to be taken into consideration if you own; whether you are going to split it, or allow one parent to reside in it with the children until they come of age. If you read as many of the Separated Dads articles as you can this should help outline your best options.
Plus he doesn't want to sell his house he wants his children to live there settled till they are older which I am on board with. This can help head off any future problems and means you really are putting your children first.Finally, never use your kids to pass messages to your former partner.
The Separated Dads Facebook page may also give more information, particularly the answers to the questions posted.
He feels pressured to pay everything out of guilt as there are two big families involved in this alliance which he never wanted in the first place . The court is likely to suggest Mediation first, so perhaps this is something you can offer your ex, then if she refuses you would have the option to take it to court.
The fact she has a partner and what he earns and what they earn together has no recourse legally, as I assume you have shared-care of your children. However, you may appeal to her better nature and if you can't find a resolution between you and you see this as an ongoing issue, then perhaps you could try mediation in order to try and sort this out.

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