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The problem the crude divorce rate is that it fails to consider that the people getting divorced in a given year were not married in the year they were divorced. Support Independent BookstoresUncle Bush's Live Funeral is now available locally in Atlanta at Bookmiser and in Knoxville at Union Ave. This book tells the incredible true story of Felix "Bush" Breazeale, a feared hermit who attracted ten thousand strangers to the funeral he held while still alive in 1938. I had begun researching Get Low as an outsider, a New Yorker married into a skeptical East Tennessee family. In that episode, one of the statistics that jumped out at me was that the divorce rate in the US has actually been declining steadily since it’s peak in 1981.

It comes from taking the number of marriages in a given year and dividing it by the number of divorces. If you are thinking about getting married, and this statistic scared you off, please rethink it.
I also cowrote the film Get Low and am a Lutheran pastor at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church outside Atlanta.
They opened doors that allowed me to finally learn why Bush had his funeral while he was still alive, and why so many people came. I found the moving story of a man trapped by his culture and past, desperate to rewrite his life's story before it was too late.

Uncle Bush's Live Funeral shows that any outcast can find acceptance, and any label can be overcome, available now by clicking on the picture above.

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divorce rate in us states

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