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A powerful Law of Attraction tip to help you attract what you want and to become true in your live. Are you wondering why  the Law of Attraction does not work ? I want to be able to say to my daughters and to my partner , “Let’s go out for dinner tonight” and not have that thought in the back of my head that we have to go to a cheap restaurant or pick only cheap items on the menu of the nice place.
By David HamiltonHave you ever tried to use the law of attraction…but somehow it didn’t really work all that well for you? Because I would wish, will or want something into my reality and I didn’t see much evidence of it happening. Something scientific needs to be done with objective mindset, and experiments that are done need to be reproduced and repeatable.
Yes – thought alone can make something much more probable to occur in reality, and scientific experiments as mentioned in this video by Thomas Campbell, show that around 80% of the time, using though influences reality directly.
This is very important to remember, we live in a shared reality, where many consciousnesses are wanting things to happen.
Visualizing and creating the feeling of the situation you want works very well, and actually can be done very quickly and on the spot. Getting to this state can be done with meditation, and even easier with a healing meditation like Quantum Entrainment.

Simply imagine how you would be and what the situation you want to create, what it would look like, feel like, etc.
The reason I stress this is because you can come from a greedy place when asking, and you may get what you want, but it will come along with all kinds of difficulties, or you may really struggle getting it at all. If you’ve done this, things will start to show up VERY, VERY QUICKLY into your reality.
Which brings me to the next step, which I believe to be the hardest of all, and probably the most important. It is mentioned briefly in the movie by teachers like Michael Beckwith, in terms of what you want consciously and UNCONSCIOUSLY will manifest into your reality. It is the unconscious…places where we are run by fear and on automatic that trip us up the most. But the more willing you are to dive in deep, become intimate with your greatest fears, the easier your life will become, and the easier manifesting what you want will be. Anyone telling you that is full of it, and are just trying to make a quick buck from you with a law of attraction product, and could care less about teaching you how it works. You can start manifesting very quickly, but the more ego work you do, the easier and smoother things will go in your reality, no matter what the challenge that comes up.

It is my hope you’ll dig deeper and deeper, and do the work to figure it out for yourself. And yes, IT WILL GET EASIER, BUT WORK IS REQUIRED to fully integrate the skill set of deliberate reality creation into your life. And actually what solidified it was a blend of quantum physics and spirituality and experiments that are in that field of study. I’m very, very glad that I never just bought into it, because it has allowed a skeptic like me to learn it, and to teach others having issues with it. Actually, it’s an even better place to live from, rather than just doing it only when you want to try to manifest something. If this is the case and we find what we look for through questions, then no wonder that affirmations suck! That’s the bad news, and maybe you already knew that, and probably have experienced this.

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does the law of attraction work in relationships quotes

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