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This International and Domestic Adoption App will guide you through the many steps & tasks that need to be complete before your Domestic or International Adoption is approved. A second main reason for the shift in orphanage populations is that domestic adoption has increased substantially in China. For many Western families, this news is often surprising as we had been told over the years that adoption wasn’t readily accepted in China. So for many families who are unable to conceive a child, domestic adoption has become a realistic alternative.
BUT – with domestic adoption, it is important to note that most Chinese families are looking for what the majority of adoptive families in America are as well:  they want children who are healthy, with few or no medical needs. Now when I visit orphanages, if there is a baby who has been admitted with no medical needs, I am always told immediately as if it was a rarity. The reality is that the vast majority of healthy infants abandoned in China today can find permanent homes through domestic adoption.  This is one of the biggest reasons why the wait to adopt internationally through the non-special needs path has stretched to six years. Within the past few years, we have seen China shift their focus towards developing their Waiting Child Program. If you would like to add this banner to your blog, please copy the code in the box to your blog's sidebar.Please don't link directly to the banner.
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This inspired her to create a mobile organizer & guide to help others who are going through their own Adoption Journey. Many people point to the Sichuan earthquake as one of the major turning points, as the topic of adoption was discussed extensively due to the number of children orphaned in the quake. Whereas even seven or eight years ago hardly any children in our programs were adopted domestically, now there are just as many who find permanent homes in China as those who go abroad.
We have Chinese families who visit our programs frequently looking for a possible baby to adopt.
After much soul searching, many parents have chosen this path as they desire to complete their family.
I am so glad to hear of so many children staying in China, however I don’t think it is fair they are required to pay more. It helps families stay organized through the entire process, and cuts down on some of that paper you have to keep track of in your Adoption Binder. Well, many people are not aware that infertility in China has increased rapidly in the last decade. Some will tell us they have been to orphanages all over Eastern China looking for a healthy child. Although it may not be the best option for every family, we at Great Wall want to be sure to provide your family with available resources to explore this option.

The CCCWA in Beijing (the national agency responsible for international adoptions) now has a separate department specifically for domestic adoption, although most are still handled at the local level. One recent study from China estimates that 40 million Chinese couples in child bearing age are infertile. In fact, many domestic adoptions in major cities actually cost more than the fees for international adoptions.
Doesn’t the Hague though state that when possible children should stay in birth country?
In Guangzhou, for example, some local couples have paid adoption fees of up to 50,000 rmb or more for a healthy child, while the international orphanage donation has remained at 35,000 rmb. Of course, this always makes me wonder how ANY NSN children are being referred out–when there are Chinese couples waiting for those children.
Premarital sex is on the increase in China, which exposes people to venereal diseases that could lead to difficulty conceiving. In addition, there has been a marked decrease in the sperm count of Chinese men, from 100 million per ML to just 40 million, possibly due to environmental factors.

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