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Austin Mahone is an long play (EP) by American musician Austin Mahone introduced on June 4, 2013 from Republic Records only in Japan.
The tracks are manufactured by DJ Frank E, Mike Fresh, Trent Mazur, Bei Maejor, Austin Mahone, Bruce Robinson, Steve Mac, Matt Mahaffey. Austin is providing his Mahomies a once-in-a-lifetime chance with MTV’s Ultimate Fan Experience.

THE SECRET CIRCLE premieres on the CW this Thursday September 15th at 9pm (Friday September 16th at 9PM on MuchMusic in Canada) and stars Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Natasha Henstridge, Phoebe Tonkin, Logan Browning, Ashley Crow, Shelley Hennig and Adam Harrington. The extensive play was revealed just in Japan from Chase and Republic to advertise his tracks in the country. Simply click here to check it out and by all means free to thank us by returning to the comments below and letting us know what you think.

The luxurious variation back pack the very first 3 clips of Mahone, and a brief documental with a content for the Japanese fans.

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download the secret in their eyes

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